LS Lunch Menu M - Th Weekly/Yearly Order Form
Students and parents now have the option of online ordering Monday through Thursday, either weekly or for the year.

Online orders MUST be received by 8 am the morning of the order. All Meal Combos are $4.50 and include entree, vegetable, side salad/vegetable cup, drink choice (white/chocolate milk or lemonade) and dessert of the day. Please note:

- Your student may still order by paper form or in person for a daily or weekly order.

- The online form is for the convenience of those who wish to order in advance for the year, or who may like the convenience of paperless communication.

- Any student who forgets to order a lunch will be provided with a meal; however, the extra meals available for those students may not be their first choice.

- A la carte drinks are available for .50,

IMPORTANT: If you have a weekly or yearly order, and your student is absent, please call the Lower School Office at 706-433-2510, or email A call or email by 8 am ensures that you are not billed for the meal that day.

For those wishing to order Friday Pizza orders, please follow the link below to the form.

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