Executive MBA Open Day: Longevity and Robots- How to survive digital revolution, 10.09.2019
Are you interested in taking up MBA studies? Would you like to enhance your competencies regarding management, technology, enterpreneurship or personal development? Join us for an open day regarding the newest edition of the Executive MBA Katalyst programme!
The Open Day will start with a lecture given by Jowita Michalska*, Founder & CEO of Digital University.

Do we really have a revolution? Many people ask about it because they haven’t seen any significant changes in their daily lives yet. They go to work in the same place, they do shopping in the same market they did for years and they spend their free time in the same way they used to.

And yet the world is changing at an exponential pace. Many experts believe that technology will never develop so slow as it does today. Many also say that you cannot stop the revolution and you should better adapt to it and became a tech-friendly person because that’s the only vision ahead of us.

Is future uncertain?

Ray Kurzweil – the most important futurologist in the world, whose predictions reaches the 86% level of effectiveness, shares his forecast on new technologies and their impact on the world in the next 20 years.

Drones, robots, virtual reality, longevity, and omniscient AI – those are the things we’ll meet in the future

So what’s now? Since there’s already a robot which is able to serve 2000 meals, an AI-lawyer, autonomous truck, and Alexa, where is the place for humans and how should they prepare for a new reality. Should we all learn how to code? Definitely not, but the way we leave and work will change dramatically and we should know how to embrace those changes.

The speech prepared by Jowita Michalska in the spirit of storytelling will touch all the issues mentioned above as well as present specific people known as “future-proof”. Jowita is the founder of Digital University and Singularity University, ambassador.

Where? Warsaw University of Technology Business School, Koszykowa 79, Warsaw
When? Tuesday, 10 September, 6:00 P.M.

We hope to see you there!

*Jowita Michalska is a manager with more than 20 years’ experience in business strategy, technology-influenced business models, new consumer and his impact on global economy.
Today she is CEO of Digital University, foundation dedicated to strategic digital competences development which cooperates with Harvard Business School, Stanford University, MIT and many independent speakers and lecturers. She organizes biggest and brightest tech conferences in Poland among them Masters and Robots which gathers more than 1000 c-level managers and 35+ new technology speakers from around the world covering subjects including: artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, blockchain, IoT, Smart Cities etc.
She represents US-based educational think-tank Singularity University in Poland which educates, inspires and empowers leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.


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