Good Grief Network "FLOW" Facilitation Training
NOTE: We are postponing our "FLOW" Facilitation Training program until Fall 2021. Aimee & LaUra are currently writing a book about their creation of the "10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in Chaotic Climate" program and are focusing their attention and energy on that.


We are taking sign-ups for the "FLOW" Facilitation training for Fall 2021.

Aimee Lewis Reau & LaUra Schmidt created a unique step program that helps participants metabolize feelings like grief, anxiety, despair, and anger in the face of large systemic issues (climate emergency, ecocide, unequal wealth distribution, rampant racism and oppression). This program has been proven to help folks re-discover their personal agency and reinvest their energies in meaningful ways.

GGN provides a structure and modality for the 10-Step program, yet there is much wildness in these circles. A FLOW facilitator is one who has been trained to respond with a deepened connection to their intuition. We guide these circles in ways that help participants process their painful and heavy feelings over the state of the world, build community, and maximize emergent possibilities. We aim to minimize harm as the external world grows more chaotic, creating more tension and frenzy in our internal worlds. Just as a river flows but is confined by the banks of a river, so too do our facilitators flow from step to step, creating brave spaces for participants to experience the edges of their imagination and quiet their fear responses to enable them to live meaningful and connected lives amidst the chaos.

The FLOW Facilitator Training will be a 12-week course hosted on Zoom with live teachers once weekly (for two hour sessions).
We will employ an inverted classroom where the materials will be presented for the students to learn on their own time and we'll meet weekly to deepen the materials and connect with each other.

We know facilitating isn't easy. It requires us to do some interior work before creating safe and brave spaces for others to do the same. We have to know how to respond when someone triggers us, or another person in the group. Together, we'll learn process for creating and maintaining a container ripe for emergence through personal/collective growth, shared wisdom, and inspiration.
We will cover GGN's best practices, time management, technology skills, and also community-building techniques.

***This training is designed for folks who intend to facilitate for the Good Grief Network organization as a FLOW Facilitator and/or to deepen their understanding of the 10-Step philosophy and facilitation. Participation in this course does not guarantee one a spot on the GGN facilitation team. This process is done through an application process. However, the FLOW Facilitation course is the first step required to join the team.

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