KILIFI NEW YEAR 2019 Press, Film and Photography Application

Kilifi New Year 2019 is ready to welcome applications for all Press, Film crews and Photographers.

Kilifi New Year is participatory event – it is the amazingly creative volunteers, artists and attendees who have made this festival what it is today. Therefore, we would LOVE you to join us and help us capture the beauty and magic of the event.

If you would like to apply to join the event as Press, Cameraman or Photographer, please fill the Form below. Please understand that demand is high and spots are limited. Once your application is received, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your spot will only be considered as confirmed after the contract is agreed to.


1. Prior to the event, we will be hosting several warm up events at Distant Relatives Eco lodge & Backpackers. While it is not compulsory that you cover these events, it would be hugely appreciated. We will offer you free entrance. Please keep in mind this is a different location (about 5 km away).

2. Kilifi New Year event will run at its fullest on 31st December and 1st January until mid-day on the 2nd. The Burn will take place on the night of the 1st (time to be confirmed).

3. Setup: All press, photo and film crew should be available at 2 pm on the 30th for a Film, Photo and Press meeting with a liaison person from our team for site tour and last minute questions. We will send you name and contact details of this person once you have been confirmed.

4. Kilifi New Year will provide:
- One free ticket. Possible extra tickets for film assistants if genuinely justified.
- Promotion of your work after the event
- A safe storage area for your equipment with access to power for charging equipment
- One staff meal per day in staff area
- 1000 Kshs drinks voucher
- Free camping for as long as you like (you must bring your own camping gear)
- A member of our staff as a liaison between all film, photo and press crew

*Due to a limited budget, we are unable to meet travel, accommodation, and further subsistence expenses for accredited media.

5. What you will provide:
- All your own equipment
- Reliable and consistent coverage of the event
- All your raw footage
- Selection of your footage ready for sharing on social media (with your own editing)

6. We will use your article, photos or film footage to promote the upcoming Distant Relatives’ events – this might be in social media, newsletters, printed and online articles. We will always credit you as the author.

Applicants will be accepted based on their ability to provide excellent coverage of Kilifi New Year. Kilifi New Year takes no responsibility for the damage or security of your equipment or any other personal belongings at any time even if those are stored in our safe storage area. Last but not least, you must give Kilifi New Year full rights to use your photos and footage for promotion of Distant Relatives events in the future.

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