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The InnovateHer online programme is now available for free to a limited number of girls who fit the criteria, thanks to donations from some individuals and companies.

The Tech For Good Foundation course teaches girls essential digital skills such as design, User Experience (UX), ideation and pitching. Girls are guided through the content each week by real-life industry mentors who inspire and connect girls to the world of tech.

The course content has been created alongside local tech businesses so that it will not only be fun, but relevant to the real-world! This content is not currently taught in schools as part of the curriculum.

We want to reach a wide range of girls, especially those who wouldn't consider themselves interested in technology. The criteria for gaining a free place are:

Whether your child is eligible for free school meals / pupil premium?
Whether your child is aged between 13-16?
Your postcode area - we want to have a wide geographic distribution amoungst those who have access to the course.

If you don't have access to a suitable device for your child, we have partnered with the Princes Trust to provide devices in some areas, so please indicate this on the form. We can also provide WiFi access via dongles preloaded with a data allowance.
Terms and conditions apply: The Princes Trust can only currently offer this in the Greater Manchester area for those aged 14+. Do let us know if you are in need and live outside of this area as we may still be able to help source a device for you.

This form is for submitting an application for your child to attend the 6 week InnovateHer programme online. There will be 6 sessions plus a 'meet your mentor and group' intro session. The guided sessions last for 30 - 45 minutes each week and students will be set homework challenges to complete in between the sessions.

Girls who apply should be available to attend each session online as they are not stand alone sessions.
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For instance if your child has done a coding course before, please tell us (this does not affect your application, it's just good for us to know)
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Data protection statement: Data collected by InnovateHer will be used to enlist girls to participate within our educational programme. This data will be stored by InnovateHer on our domain. It will be shared with official project partners such as The Princes Trust for the purposes of sourcing devices for participants or other related requirements. This data will be manually deleted periodically at regular intervals by InnovateHer. Do you agree to data being held as described? *
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