2018-2019 Senior Check List
Check list of senior college application process.
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Do you have a FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Student Aid) ID? *
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Have you received a FAFSA Verification? *
Have you completed the TASFA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid)? *
For those that are non-US citizens but are residents (green card)
Have you applied for housing at your college? *
Have you registered for a college New Student Orientation? *
Have you sent your Meningitis immunization records? *
Do you qualify for the Texas Hazlewood Act *
One parent enlisted in military ONLY within Texas
Are you planning to go the military?
If yes, type in which branch under the "other" option
At what colleges have you applied? *
if haven't put "none" & list colleges you want to apply to in parentheses. Ex. none (UTSA, TAMUCC)
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