JBF The Woodlands & Conroe Valet VIP Request Spring 2024
We are currently full for Spring 2024, but you can email Jessica about potential availability: jbfthewoodlands@jbfsale.com


What is valet, or VIP tagging service? 
You hand over your gently-used, sale-ready kids items with a local, fellow JBF consignor to prep, tag, and drop off your items for you! Our valet taggers are veteran consignors that have extensive JBF quality knowledge and superb sell-thru rates.This service is great for busy moms, those that feel overwhelmed by the consignment process, or those that are out of town during the event.

Benefits of using valet tagging:
  • You get to sell your items and make money without doing much work
  • You get the expertise of someone who has tagged for multiple sales and understands quality standards and the pricing "sweet spots"
  • You won't have piles of clothes and toys all over your house until you can find the time to tag
  • You won't have your kids continually asking you if they can get those old toys out of the JBF bins
  • You won't have to worry about bringing your items to drop off
  • You + 2 guests get to shop early during consignor shopping times

Program overview: 
  • Consignors earn 30% of the total sales of their items.
  • Consignors who bring 4 items detailed in 100% bonus will receive a $40 bonus on seller check. Taggers will take care of all required steps.
  • All items will be required to go half price. 
  • Consignors may choose to donate all remaining items that do not sell, or pick them up Sunday, March 10th from 7pm-8:30pm.
  • Consignors will have a $13.50 consignor registration fee that must be paid prior to being assigned a valet tagger. This registration fee is waived if you choose to DONATE ALL items. 
                  Pay your registration fee before Feb 1st and receive $3.50 off. Use coupon code: WORM
  • Taggers will be paid directly by JBF, so there are NO UP-FRONT service or supply costs (besides registration fee) 
  • Supplies are provided by the tagger and will be charged through a supply and battery fee that will be subtracted from your payout.
  • Taggers are responsible for all pricing. 
  • Payment will be emailed to you in the form of an eCheck, no later than Monday, March 25th.
Supply Fees: There will be a $15 supply fee that covers supplies for up to 100 items. An additional $5 will be charged per 50 items (rounded up). The supply fee covers hangers, safety pins, tagging barbs, cardstock, painters tape, ziplock bags, tie wraps, ink, etc. 

Battery Fees: A separate fee of $1.50 will be charged for every battery the tagger must supply. Please check to ensure all of your items have working batteries prior to dropping off your items.

"No thank you" Fees: All items that are not on our accepted item list or do not meet JBF quality standards will be rejected and donated to a charity of the tagger’s choice. You will be emailed a detailed non-acceptable items list within 3 days of completing this form so that you can pull non-accepted items. Consignors will not be charged a "no thank you" fee if 5 or less items are rejected. However, each item rejected after the 5th item, will incur a $0.25 fee. 

10% Excessive Handling Penalty: It is the consignor's responsibility to carefully inspect all items and ensure they are clean, complete, current, and compliant. It is NOT the expectation for taggers to separate out your accepted items from non-accepted items, OR to clean your items. If 25 or more items are rejected because they are not clean or up to JBF quality standards, an excessive handling penalty will be applied to your tagging job and you will forfeit 10% of your total sales. If 50 or more items are rejected, the tagger will have the option to reject the entire job. If the job is rejected, the consignor fee will not be refunded and you potentially won't be allowed to participate in the valet program in future sales.

Sanitation Fee: If any item requires cleaning and sanitation of urine, stool, or excessive pet hair, the tagger has the choice to clean the item or reject it. If the tagger chooses to clean it, there will be a one time $25 sanitation fee. Documentation will be provided if we have to assess this fee.

Program Process:
1.  Start cleaning out your closets and playrooms and find all those new or gently used items you’d like to sell. Make sure all items are in working order and free of stains, tears, etc. Please reference the non-acceptable item list and item limit list . Working batteries must be included in all items as they are not included in the supply fee, and will incur extra charge. Once you have all of your items gathered, fill out this form so we can pair you with a tagger. 
2. Make sure you are registered for "The Woodlands/Conroe" sale under "my events." You can register here:  www.jbfsale.com/myjbfprofile 
3. The valet tagging coordinator will follow up with an email within 3 days with a link to pay your $13.50 consignor fee and receive a QR code that will be your ticket to shop. The consignor registration fee must be paid (unless you mark ALL to donate) prior to being assigned a tagger. Once we have a tagger available, we will email you to introduce you to your tagger. Please respond within 48 hours with a good time to exchange items. It is important that you respond in a timely manner. Failure to do so, may result in your place in line being lost. 
4. Meet your tagger to hand off your items. Please be transparent with your tagger and tell them how much you are bringing, how many large items you have, and how much space it will fill. If you are needing to make more than one trip, please let your tagger know before you meet. All items must be given to your tagger by Friday, February 23rd.
5. Items will be hung, secured, and priced by your valet tagger. If you have items you would like to enter and bring to the sale yourself, you will need to create an additional account with a different consignor number for those items. Any item tagged under the account listed on this form, will be paid out under this agreement. 
6. You will be notified when the valet tagger has inspected your items and entered the item descriptions and prices into your JBF tagging account. Once notified, you will have 24 hours to review the items. You have the option to change up to 5% of your item's prices (100 total items = 5 item's prices can be changed). You WILL NOT change any prices yourself. You will inform your tagger of which items you would like to change and they will change them for you.
7. That's it! Your tagger will take care of storage and drop off for you.

You may log in to your account at www.jbfsale.com/myjbfprofile and monitor your sales throughout the event. If you have any questions during sale week, please contact the valet coordinator. He/she can get your issue or concern in front of Sarah if necessary. 

If you choose pickup, pickup your items on Sunday, March 10th from 7pm-8:30pm. At 8:31pm, all items remaining will be donated.

Valet Tagging Coordinator - Jessica Krause 
281-928-2466, jbfthewoodlands@jbfsale.com
Please text or email Jessica with any questions relating to the valet program. 

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I am participating in the Spring 2024, Just Between Friends (JBF) – The Woodlands & Conroe sales event as a consignor. I am acting in an ethical manner, and agree that I am not attempting to learn the business practices of Just Between Friends (JBF), operations techniques or any other business matter that may or may not be trademarked, registered or proprietary in any way. I am willing to sign a confidentiality agreement and will do so if asked by a representative of JBF. I understand and agree that Just Between Friends (JBF) is not responsible for fire, loss, theft, or damage to my sale items. *
I understand that I will earn 30% of the sales of my items minus a supply fee (detailed above and below) *
I understand that there will be a $15 supply fee for the first 100 items ($5 per each additional 50 items rounded up) and that it will be subtracted from my payout. 
I understand I need to thoroughly inspect my items and make sure they are in sellable, good condition, ready for the sale. I understand that my tagger may reject items for stains, worn out, out of current style, or out of season. I understand I will be charged $1.50 per battery my tagger must supply.  I understand that I will be charged rejected item fees after the first 5. I understand my rejected items will be donated. If the tagger has to reject more than 50 items, I understand the tagger may choose to reject the whole job. I understand that I have 7 days to pick up my items from my tagger or they will be donated if the job is rejected. I understand that I may be charged a $25 sanitation fee if my tagger has to clean urine, stool, or excessive pet hair. I understand that all of these fees are avoidable. *
I understand that I could forfeit 10% of my sales if I have more than 25 rejected items, meaning I would only earn 20% of my sales. *
I have read the consignor guide and understand what is accepted and what is not. *
I understand the valet tagger will price my items as fairly as possible and that ALL MY ITEMS WILL BE REDUCED FOR THE DISCOUNT SALE DAYS. I also understand I will have 24 hours to review and request a modification to no more than 5% of the tags. I understand that “modify” refers to a change of price. I agree to notify my tagger on this form whether I would like my items donated after the sale or if I will be picking them up. I understand that any items remaining at the sale after the pickup time will be considered donated. *
Consignor Pickup is Sunday, March 10th, 7pm-8:30pm. I understand that any items not picked by Sunday,  March 10th at 8:31pm will be donated to JBF – The Woodlands & Conroe’s non-profit charity partner.   *
I agree that, as a condition of selling items in a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale, I represent and warrant the following to be true and correct. 
1. I am the owner of the items to be sold and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me for sale.
2. Each item offered for sale by me is in good operating condition and is not defective, broken, missing pieces or damaged in any way. 
3. Any repaired item was repaired by the original manufacturer or in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program. 
4. Each item complies with applicable laws (https://www.cpsc.gov/cpsclist.aspx), and is not the subject of any recalls, pending recalls or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection enforcement action. 
5. I know of no reason why any item offered for sale by me would cause injury to another.
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