University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Sanctuary Campus - Letter
Contact Information:
Cindy I-Fen Cheng,
Laura P. Minero,
Sergio M. González,


Rebecca Blank, Chancellor
Sarah Mangelsdorf, Provost
Lori Berquam, Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students
Patrick Sims, Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Dear Chancellor Blank, Provost Mangelsdorf, Vice Provost Berquam, and Vice Provost Sims:

In the wake of the recent presidential election, we - University of Wisconsin students, faculty, staff, and alums and Madison community members and organizers - call for you to implement a plan to declare our campus a sanctuary for undocumented and DACAmented students, staff, and their family members who face imminent deportation.

We see this as a concrete action the University can take to support and protect the people within our community. We have reason to believe that, without the permission of the University, police officers from both the Madison department and UW-Madison department cannot enter any campus facilities (i.e, classroom, libraries, university housing). Similarly, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are subject to restrictions based on a 2011 memorandum regarding places of worship, schools, and hospitals (See

Given that many students and their family members now live in fear of deportation threats, we urge the University of Wisconsin-Madison to immediately develop a protocol to reinstate itself as a sanctuary campus, as it once did in 1985.

If we do nothing, then our stated commitments to defend our shared values of inclusion, justice, and humanity will reveal themselves to be empty promises.

Awaiting Your Action,

Cindy I-Fen Cheng, Associate Professor, History and Asian American Studies
Laura P. Minero, Graduate Student, Counseling Psychology
Sergio M. González, Graduate Student, History
Dreamers of UW-Madison, Registered Student Organization
Teaching Assistants' Association (TAA) (AFT 3220)
Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A) Student Organization
Latino/a Law Students Association
Ariel Eisenberg, UW-Madison alum (2014)
Francis Gourrier, Graduate Student, History
Charles L. Hughes, UW-Madison alumnus
Jeff Tischauser
Alina Dillahunt
Troy Englerth
Laura González, UW-Madison alum (BS, 2009; MD, 2014)
Liz Wendt
Brianna McDowell
Sarah Hall-Mackenzie
Amanda Panas
Zoe Nissen
Christopher Healey
Will Kramer
Julie Persin
Ross Nufer
Sanauz Alaei
Brooke Evans, McNair Scholar '17
Edward D. Vargas, PhD - Post Doctoral Trainee - School of Medicine and Public Health
Mariana Pacheco, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction and Chican@ and Latin@
Studies Program
Carolina S. Sarmiento, Assistant Professor, School of Human Ecology
Matthew Rehlinger
Frances Bartolutti
Jesse Lyne - Alumnus
Kayla Pfeiffer-Mundt, Undergraduate student Biology and International Studies
Laurel Schmidt
Thornton J. Albertz
Aiman Ghufran
Kaitlin Marquardt, UW Alumnus
Sarah Engel
Sepideh Shokri
Grisel Tapia Claudio
Jean Marie Kammer
Cynthia Burnson
Caelyn Randall, Graduate Student Worker
Hannah Kasun
Caroline Jackson - Graduate student, History
Ben Boyajian
Marcel Granetzny
Judy Tokie
Chance P. McMahon, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature
Aracely Becerra
Viridiana Benitez, Postdoctoral Researcher, Waisman Center
Paulla Belle Santos
Joseph Rasmussen, Graduate Student, Geography
Keri Brown
Kiela Doss
Moisés Herradón, Graduate Student, Mathematics
Katherine Charek Briggs, Associate Director (interim), LGBT Campus Center
Jessica Nunn, Madison Resident
Cori Simon
Eva Elduque, Graduate Student, Mathematics
Lev Simmons
Isaac Lee, Undergraduate Assistsnt, Dept of History
Lori Lopez, Assistant a Professor Communication Arts
Allison Metz, undergradute and PhD alumnus
Working-Class Student Union-GSSF RSO
Phuoc Nhan
Amanda Groves student parent
Marissa Fernholz, Graduate Student Worker
Charis Zimmick, J.D. Candidate
Erika Marks
Anudari Davaakhuu
Danielle Rieger
Cheryl Thomas
Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz
Rachelle E. Eilers
Kavin Yang
Daniel Hast, Graduate Student Worker, Mathematics
Elisha Ikhumhen
Pa Her
David DeShazer
Joel Morales
Russ Castronova, Chair, Dept of English
Lauren Ayers
Aaron Bibb, UW Law School JD candidate, May 2019
Sandra E. Vega-Semorile
Erika Mendez
Daniel Guadagnolo, PhD Candidate, History
Jess Mullen Graduate Student Curriculum and Instruction
Colleen Dunlavy, History faculty
Maria D. Velazquez, PhD Student Educational Policy Studies
Denzel Bibbs
Wangnan Zhong
Alejandro Cruz Gonzalez
Cynthia A Marquardt
J. Leigh Garcia
Jorge F. Rodriguez Ph.D. Candidate, advanced Opportunity Fellow School of Education Curriculum and Instruction
Karma Palzom, PhD student, History
Keith Woodward, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography
Mollie A. Cahill, Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies
Katelyn Grout
Jessica G. Perez-Chavez
Alyssa Myers
Natalie L. Mendez
Tyler Banh, UW '14
Julissa Ventura, PhD Candidate, Educational Policy Studies
Tom Caw, Music Public Services Librarian, Mills Music Library
DJ Bruce, Grad Student - Math
Erica Wojcik, alumna
Cody Sorlie Theis, concerned Madisonian
Rita Lester-George
Diana Pavon
Diana Gallardo
Brianna Lafoon, PhD candidate History and EPS
Soumya Sankar, Grad student - Math
Kilian Harrer
Jose F Gonzalez
Nancy Gomez, 2014 Alumni
Karan Singh
Aparna Kalra
Alex Fusco
Cory Kitt
Betty Grotophorst
Kathryn Boonstra, PhD Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction
Rachel Haynes
Evan Heiderscheit
Jesse Benn, J-School TA & PhD student
Whitney Gent, Communication Arts
Kayla Bowers
Taylor Lyons
Mary Murphy
Gabriella Gaus
Megan Maguire, PhD student, Mathematics
Alex Kulstad, Legal Studies
Luisa Gregori, PhD student
Elizabeth Nielsen
Nina Koretoff
KC Councilor
Elisa Findlay, Graduate Student, English
Stephanie D'Costa, PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology
Chelsea Zielke
Peggy Choy
Sedate Kohler, Undergraduate & Masters alumni
Hanbing Chen
April R. Haynes
Hayley Posner
Josue Velazquez
Mike Lind
Jenna Rebolledo Frahm
Cody Fearing, Posse Scholar, C&E Sociology Undergrad
Aida Levy-Hussen, Department of English
Phillip Warsaw, graduate student
John Moen
Nina Alhadeff
Allen Kannal
Cecilia Moog
Emilee Lund
Jacquelyn Wong
Anthony Hernandez, Ph.D. Student Educational Policy Studies
Carolyn Adams
Fikriye Ozmeral
Hannah Sedgwick
Alex Allweiss, PhD Candidate, Educational Policy Studies and Curriculum & Instruction
Anna Jordan-Douglass, PhD Student, Curriculum & Instruction
Corinna West
Amanda Dambrink
Britany cuatepotzo
Spencer Evans, Alumnus, Computer Science, MBA
Sandrine Pell
Lupe Salmeron
Irene Toro Martínez, PhD candidate, History of Science and Medicine
Debra Klebesadel, Alumnus
Jonathan Isaac, PhD student
Sophia Silva
Brianne Pitts, PhD student Curriculum and instruction
Haley Pollack
Nathan Royko Maurer
Daniela Hernandez, UW Law School JD Candidate, May 2018
William B Noseworthy, Department of History
Alessandro Puglielli
Carter Kofman
Mercy Agyepong
Steven Frets, MLIS
Amy Ebbert
Brigitte Fielder, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Veronica Lazo community member
Helen Rose Miesner, EPS
LeAnne Kramer, 2016 Alumna
Jennifer Stitt, PhD Student, History
Erica Ramberg , PhD candidate
Jennifer Martin, J.D. candidate 2019
Johnny Uelmen
Zoe Hansen
Eleni Schirmer, PhD Candidate, EPS and C&I
Fanya Valencia
Taylor Laemmli, Graduate Student, Sociology
Jennifer Jones, May 2015
Alexandra Lakind, Doctoral student
Sarah Hagedon - School of Nursing Staff
Megan Kennedy, Graduate Student, GNS
Hunter Goucher
Miriam Thangaraj, EPS
James Barnes, Graduate Student, Department of History of Science
Aliyah Keval
Aimee Cardon PhD candidate
CV Vitolo, Director of Debate, Doctoral Student- Dept of Communication Arts
Matthew Coker, J.D. Candidate 2017
Daniel Liu, PhD alumnus (2016), History of Science, Medicine, & Technology
Judith Shaffer
Laura Frye-Levine, PhD Candidate, Sociology & Environmental Studies
Elayne Juten
Evan Moss
Keith McNamara, PhD student, EPS
Shea M. Ramey, Faculty Associate, Dept. of Chemistry
Caitlin Tyler-Richards, PhD Candidate, History
Jori Ruff
Alex Hanna, alumna
Carly Wilson
Owen Karcher, MA, 2008 alum
Hannah White, Graduate Student, Library and Information Studies
Jessica's M Pankratz
Corie Marshall, PhD student
Hana Masri, alumna
Cortney L. Finley
Rowan Calyx
Meg Marquardt, Graduate Student, English
Liliana Loera
R. Kirk Anderson, PhD Candidate, Educational Policy Studies
Mohammed Rafi Arefin, PhD Student, Geography.
River Bullock, PhD Candidate, Art History
Chali Pittman, Undergraduate Student, Philosophy, Political Science, Art
Cynthia Shumway, community member
Kate Quigley
Adrienne Pagac - UW-Madison alumnus
Kristin Prewitt, Alumna (2013)
Troy Meikle, 2016 Alumna and Posse Scholar
Jocelin Estrada
Samantha Arriozola
Alexandria Huebler
Shui-yin Sharon Yam, PhD, 2016
Arnulfo Rebolledo González
Annie Menzel, Honorary Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities
Ornella Hills, PhD Student, Communications
Tyler A. Lehrer, Ph.D. Student, History and Gender & Women's Studies
Joy Bosco
Rob Timberlake, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies
Anjali Bhasin, Public Services Librarian, School of Library and Information Studies
Stephanie Elsky, Assistant Professor
Kate Onsgard, MS Student, Counseling Psychology
Andrew Chen, 2013 Alumni
Sigrid Peterson, MA Student, Journalism & Mass Communication & Library & Information Studies
Leah Ruth
Claire Whitmore
Asmahan Sandokji, PhD student
Liz Valeo
Sophie Crispin, JD Candidate
Karen R. Shevet Dinah (B.S. 1970)
Jennifer Vazquez
Zach Baumgart, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
Kristopher Stewart
Michael Feinberg
Ari Conterato
Kelly Jetzer
Garrett T. Pauli, First Wave Scholar
Phil Sorensen
Kathy Villalon
Kayla Naus
Beth Huang (B.S. 2013)
Nicole Fadellin, PhD Candidate, Spanish and Portuguese
Kathleen Conti, doctoral student
Kristin Hoffschmidt MSW '98
Thomas Ellingham, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
Lily Khadempour, PhD candidate, Zoology
Gerardo Mancilla, UW-Madison Alum (B.S. 07, M.S 10, Ph.D 15)
Christopher Hommerding, Graduate Student, History
Zack Barnett-Howell
Trevor Young-Hyman, alumni
Austin Patrick, PhD Student, Dept. of Medical Physics
Stephanie G. Keys
Barbara Weiss BS 74
Scott Gordon
Jamie E. Kallan, BA (2009), MD (2014)
Karina Ovalle
Karma Tsedon, MSW student
Ayellet Pelled, PhD Student, Mass Communication
Claire Hintz
Jodi L Muerhoff
William Doty, host of XX_DIALOGUE_SQUAD_XX
Maliya Lor, Alum '16, McNair Scholar '16
Chinar Raul
Shelby Knuth, B.A. 15
Jazmin Vargas
Catriona Miller, Graduate Student, History
Phil Sorensen
Wendy guan
Jumana Dahleh
Phil Sorensen
Stephanie Hubbard
Lindsay Ehrisman
Mary Klehr, PhD 09
Karen Perez-Wilson
Zhe Yu Lee, Graduate Student, Geography
Natasa Baumhak
Catarina Colón, JD Candidate 2019
Matt St. John, PhD student, Communication Arts
Allice Dang, Assistant Faculty Associate, Department of Chemistry
Jacob Fleming
Meredith Newby, MSW
Hilary Emerson
Elizabeth Martinez, PhD Student, Counseling Psychology
Estiven Zhen Mulian
Mary Schmelzer, Alumnus
Josh Swentzel
Kylei Parsons
Maggi Earle, Graduate Student, Social Work
Sandra Strebel Ph.D. student
Chloe Haimson, Graduate Student, Sociology
Nora Laine Herzog, First Wave & Russian Flagship Scholar
Jordan Krieger, Graduate Student, Public Affairs
Maria Suastegui
Neal Cragg, UW Alumnus
Eric Stanko, MSW '14
Jesse Gant
Ya-Fang Cheng, Curriculum and Instruction
Leigh Elion, PhD Candidate, English
Hildy Joseph
Valyncia C. Raphael, JD PhD
Jorge Alva-Huerto BA (2012)
Katie Pilarski
Jenna Swartz residence life coordinator
Miriam Barcus, PhD student, Sociology
Emma Carpenter, Graduate Student, Social Work
Catarina Colón, JD Candidate 2019
Silvia Gomez de Soriano, Bilingual Bi-Cultural Resource Coordinator, MMSD, Latino Student Union Advisor-East HS
Denise Mjelde
Crystal Moten (MA, 2006; PhD, 2013)
Catarina Colón, JD Candidate 2019
Lester Rodriguez, B.A. 10'
Jacqueline Goldman
Leslie Bow, Professor of English and Asian American Studies
Michelle Gonzalez, 2016 Alum
Sarah Cooper, MS Library and Information Studies
Elsa Noterman, Graduate student, Geography
Tyriek Mack
Richie Breidenbach, COE graduate student
Lauren Primuth
Danielle Standiford
Martin Brubaker, Associate Research Assistant, Population Health Institute
Charles Urena, JD Candidate
Genesis Rodriguez
Robin L Sereno MS LPC, Counseling Psychology
Sami Stein Avner, 2008 Alumnus
Elizabeth Olsen, Alumna
Annaly Babb-Guerra, PhD student, Curriculum and Instruction
Selah Agaba
Simon Fisher, PhD Student, History
Diana Trujillo
Travis McArthur, Ph.D. candidate, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Nadya Ponce González
Cristal uceta
Vefa Goksel, PhD student, Department of Mathematics
Emily McFadd
Alison Ward
LéAndrea Vernon, Alumni & Employee
Ashley Smith, Ph.D. Student
Chaitannya Agni, UW Senior
Nick O'Connell
Dustin Michael Cohan
Brenda G. Vazquez
Lydia Hartlaub, J.D. student
Lenai Johnson
Claire Chen
Emily Gullickson M.A. '11 & M.S. '15
Christa Olson, Associate Professor, Dept. of English
Lewis Kunik
Pedro Henrique Koeler Goulart
Caitlin Benedetto, PhD student, Anthropology
Nicole Ki
Cecilia Figueroa
Kristin Destrampe, 2007 and 2009 Alumna
Ben Krueger
Jennifer Huerta
Rafael Martinez-Salas
Sam Schauvaney UW Alumn
Leora Mirkin, MSW Student
Faron Levesque
Katherine Hill
Margaret Ray, Alumna, Anthropology
Rachel Hyatt
Carlos Ortiz, PhD Student, Spanish and Portuguese
Michael Roy
Guillermina De Ferrari, Professor, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
Tianyu Yao
Jeffrey Raymond
Justin Bergin
Walt Hetzel
Janelle Pérez, PhD Student
Shreenita Ghosh
Andrew Shaffer, Graduate Student, History
Abby Beneke, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies
Megan Bailon, PhD Candidate
Lauren Lopez Gonzalez-Alumna
Linda Marie Pheng, PhD Student
June Jeon, Sociology
Daniel Rodriguez
Matthew Venker, Ph. D. Student, Anthropology
Sheltreese McCoy, Social Justice Educator, MSC and LGBTCC, PhD Candidate Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Amy Salinas Westmoreland
Tiffany Neman, Ph.D. student
Karma Tsedon, MSW student
Julie Kallio, PhD Student
Erich N Pitcher, PhD alum '12
Lucero Hermosillo
Lauren Shimanovsky, Alumna & MSW Student
Omer Arain, ASM Shared Governance Chair
Lia Ocasio, JD/MA 2014
Robert Lundberg, JD/MS Student
Marin Laufenberg, PhD Student, Spanish and Portuguese
Jenifer Bizzotto, J.D. Candidate
Leah Rolando, M.S.W. student
Selene Muñoz
Matthew Griffin, PhD Student
Karen Huerta
Corinne Ehrfurth
Alan Mauricio Meza
Sam Coady
Cecil Leigh Wilson, Graduate Student Worker
Gregg Mitman, Vilas Research and William Coleman Professor
Hana Lee
Camden Hutchison, Ph.D. Candidate
Naman Siad, JD candidate
Danielle Rendina
Nathan Seltzer, PhD Student, Sociology
Leeza Perez
Cody Goetz, BM in Piano Performance/Spanish
Emily Karch, MSW Student
Sylvia Rosenthal, alumni & faculty
Shalon Atwood
Sarah E Farr, Sociology PhD Student
Katie Timm
Phil Sorensen
Paula Caviedes
Tony Jackson
Lauren Vedal, Ph.D. (2010)
Elena Hight, PhD Student, Sociology
Chloe Wardropper, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Alexander Christian Lovendahl
Michael Kielty
Jacob Perlson
Jamie Hogberg, Academic Staff, The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Deena Whitwam
Ruben Garcia
Martin Zettersten, Graduate Student, Psychology Department
Madison Laning, UW '17
Melissa Charenko
Heather Rosenfeld, PhD Student, Geography
Caitlin Quintenz
Sebastian Daniel
Patricia Castillo Venegas
Jasmin Sanchez, Human Development and Family Studies '17
Emily McBride Brown, Environmental Conservation MS Candidate
Jennifer Seelig. PhD candidate Ed Policy Studies
Michael Billeaux, PhD student, Sociology
Annelise Resende
Martin Martinez
Megan Raby, UW-Madison alum
Molly Minden, graduate student
Varun Ramesh, PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Weitzel (BS '98; MS '10)
Alicia B Navarrete
Rachel A. Johnson
Austen Chase Matsui, Phd Student, Counseling Psychology
Eric Williams
Courtney Robinson, MS Candidate
Anna Horstkotte
Lauren Kelly, Alumna
Rose Nadler, MSW Student
Zachary Eastburn
Daniella Emanuel
Darcy Davis
Adam Musser, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction
Vedant Vijay Bodke
Anderson Ruppa
Kora C. Schultz
Claire Downes, RN BSN, UW '15
Adam Lopez, '12
Yair Kaldor
Brooke Mulcahy, MSW student
Jordan Hsu
Yidong Wang, MA, Journalism
Erich N Pitcher, PhD alum '12
Margaret Bertucci Hamper
Alvaro Tejada
Alex Cole, graduate student
Hiram R. Perez-Reyes, '09
Megan Diaz
Elizabeth Wisden
Oona Mackesey-Green, UW-Madison '15
Jara M. Rios Rodriguez
Susan Lee Johnson, Professor, History and Chican@ & Latin@ Studies
Jadid Hernandez
Kathryn Humphrey
Stephanie Larson, Graduate Student Worker, English
Micah McKay, PhD Candidate, Spanish & Portuguese
Elisa Cruz
Ana Maria Porras, Ph. D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Taylor Poisson
Rachel Dyer, undergraduate, House Fellow
Molly Breitmün, Madison community member
Jaclyn Wypler, Graduate Student, Sociology
Luis Sanchez-Artu
Andrew Schulting
Jennifer Zarrinnam, Madison resident and Badger parent
Lily Hlavacek (BS '09; MSW '14)
Heather Kleinberg
Erika Rosales
Maryann Corea, '15
Denise Majka
Caitlin Beduhn
Victoria Dexter, Alumna '15
Courtney Beene (BA '11)
Sophia Hackman
Kelly Nickell
Nora Jungbluth MSW '17
Kilian Murphy, UW Law '16
Edith Flores, Alumna
Carol Diaz-Diaz, Ph.D candidate, METc
Theodora Varelis
Swetha Saseedhar, '17
Lauren Lauter
Carmen Gosey
Alaina Murphy
Erin Danen ('10)
Jamie Tolmatsky BA '13
Shalicia J Johnson
Kathryn Kirchgasler, Ph.D. Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction
Rachel Maffitt (BA 2011)
Liliana Lule
Eden Armstrong
Amato Nocera
Anna Schmidt
Hilary Barker, PhD candidate
Peter Ramand
Katherine Chmielewski, Alumna '14 & '16
Cleda Wang, Asst. Director Residence Life
Y'Noka Bass, Posse Scholar
David Pontes
Dagoberto Cortez, PhD Student, Sociology
Luke Gangler '16
Eric Yanisch
Ivette Alvarado
Khaled Ismail, Social Justice Educator, UW-Multicultural Student Center
Jeanelle Uy
Saul Castillo, BS History
Jacob Waro
Taylor Jackson
Kenneth Seligson, Honorary Fellow, Dept. of Anthropology
Benjamin Blohoweak '11
Maisee Thao, UW Madison Alumni
Melissa Maldonado
Scot McCullough
Sasha Reyes
Hannah Frank
Gary karagodsky
Jacklin Bolduan, BA Gender and Women's Studies 2010
Jia-Hui Stefanie Wong, PhD Candidate, EPS and C&I
Gloria Ladson-Billings
Shannon Davis, BSW, MSW Candidate- School of Social Work
Lucero Serna
Lindsay Wengloski
Kelley King, BS'89
Lydia Huck
Natalia Lucero, PEOPLE Scholar
Nima Cheraghi
Revel Sims, URPL & CLS
Eric Larson
Hannah Serwe, Alumna
Renee Piraino
Melissa Biagtan
Gwen Baxley, ELPA
Vanessa Villasenor
Ginamarie Nieves
Caleigh Guoynes, PhD student, Psychology
Abigail Wanserski, MA student, Library and Information Studies
Amy James
Jessica Jurkiewicz, Undergraduate Student
Najja McCoy
Cora Allen-Coleman, PhD Candidate, Statistics Department
Isidora Finkelstein, class of 2013
Britny Smuk, MSW '17
Kathryn Jones, Horticulture & Environmental Sciences
Sophia Friedson-RIdenour
Jasmine Sola '15
Jillian Slaight
Nicole Bieno
Serah Kivuti
Danielle Johnson, UW-Madison Alumna
Laura Aiken,
Adriana Salgado '10
Chiara Packard, PhD student, Sociology
Tori Rogers, BA '14
Sandy Xiong, '16
Ben Davis, BM '14
Colin Shekem (BBA '13)
Jennifer Gregory, Law Student
Sandra Arteaga
Kathleen Adams '05
Alexandra Little, graduate student, MSW
Evan Hurley, Doctor of Pharmacy Student
Courtney Deisch, PhD student, Sociology
Devin Abraham '13
Aida Farrokh Ebrahimi
Emma Robinson, PhD candidate
Tania Ibarra, CPA President Latino Professionals Association
Marissa K Dempsey
Amanda Rosalez
Marisol Gonzalez-Castillo, Law student
Kelley King, BS'89
Samuel Park, '18
Kelley King, BS'89
Daisy Castillo
Gaoza Jennifer Xiong
Kelley King, BS'89
Jessica Graser
Nivedita Sharma, Alumni/Faculty Assistant
Kelley King, BS'89
Edgar Valles, Phd student Education Policy Studies
Veronica Franco, Graduate Student
Donna Vukelich-Selva (PhD, 2011)
Julia Sheahan
Marrisa Mora, UW-Madison alum (B.A. 2013)
Laura Leavens
Paige Broeckel
Hannah Saalsaa
Dylan Kaufman-Obstler
James Wozniak, Doctor of Musical Arts Candidate, UW-Madison
Greta Becker '14
Alice Coyne
Laura Block
J. Amanda Kim
Christopher C. McCallum
Jennifer Mans
Jazmin Kelly
Gethsemane Herron, BS 2014
Lauren Krauth
Sophie Cohen, class of 2012
Gabriela Negrete
Namuun Byambadorj
Diane Carol Gooding, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Leon Epstein Faculty Research Fellow
Jennifer Barth, graduate student, School of Library and Information Studies
Ingrid Alvarez
Stacey Lee, EPS
Megan Humphreys
Nicholas Santistevan, Graduate Student
Ryan Jelinek '16
Katelynn Healey, BSW, PEOPLE Scholar
Adrienne Wood, Graduate Student
Caitlin Rhoten
Olivia Alston
Gwynna Norton, Undergraduate Student, Mathematics
Jonas Gomez Tijerino
Nicholas Strohl
Emily Braun PhD student Curriculum & Instruction
Tasia Winston (MSW, 2011)
Janaina Saad
Margaret Strader
Jordan Pope
Irene Ann Resenly
Rubén Medina, Professor Dept of Spanish & Portuguese
Araceli Arevalo
Anne Egan-Robertson
Bryn Evans, Graduate Student
Ryan P. Adserias, BA '09, MS '11, ELPA PhD student
Jenell Johnson, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Fernando Umanzor
Dora Monroe
Shereen Yousuf, Graduate Student, Communication Arts
Alejandra Torres Diaz
Hannah Kinsella (BA Poli Sci 2015)
Michael B Dando - Curriculum & Instuction, PhD candidate
Devin Judge-Lord, PhD Student in Political Science
Grace Handy
Tonya Ellis-Tharpe
Robyn DeVries, UW-Madison alumni (MS, 2016)
Jake Leow
Cassidy Schroeder
Brandi Grayson
Austin Wellens
Amy Lavender
Nathaniel Haack
Sarah Franco, PhD Candidate
Caleb sims
Kadin Henningsen, UW Alum (MA GWS 2016)
Jaekwan Yum
Marla Delgado-Guerrero, PhD Candidate '16 Dept. of Counseling Psychology (UW-Madison Alumna BS '05; MS '08)
Anna Thal
Jane Salazar Olson
Alec Schumacher
Evangeline McGlynn, BS 2007
Juniper Lewis, PhD Student, Anthropology
Jennifer Knackert, GWS Alum
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Morgan Russell
Alexander Latham
James Duncan BA '11
Daisy Lopez, Class of 2017
Eliott Nardi
Catherine Yu
Alina M. Tylinski
Matthew Cone
Mandi Hildebrandt
Shannon O'Donnell
Sarah Adumay
Ryan Platt, JD 2015 alum
Nadia Salvat
Sarah Baisley (PhD, 2013)
Sarah Adumat
Sarah Chrostowski
LaSeanza D Griggs
Anthony Wright
Stephen Parent
Florencia Mallon, Professor, Dept of History
Matthew Walker (UW Alum, BA, '96; Ph.D. 2010), Visiting Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
Tara Affolter (UW alum, PhD, Education Policy Studies, 2006
Steve J. Stern, Professor, Dept. of History
Alayna Hronek - UW Alumna B.A. 2014
Gabrielle Li
Precious Woodley, M.Ed
Kelsey Rahe
Dora Monroe, Madison Wisconsin
Kyira Hauer
Esmeralda Tovar
Jenna Mann
Maria Munoz, class of 2010
Tullia Dymarz
Nicole Desautels '87
James Monroe, Madison Wisconsin
Leanne Chan, BA '15
Lola Sophia Bovell
Stepha Velednitsky, MS Candidate, Geography
Sarah T. Roberts, Ph.D. (1997, 2009)
Cathryn Pjouybanhdyt
Bhanubhatra Jiitiang, PhD Student, Sociology
Taslin J. Kimball, Chancellor Scholar and UW Alum
Tangela Roberts, M.S., (UW Madison Alumna 2013)
Melissa Marver, graduate student, Population Health Sciences
Jadid Hernandez
Salah Algabli
Laura Chern
Megan Slife
Jenny Jeong, PhD candidate, Spanish & Portuguese
John Voorhees
Alex Mok
Brianne Coffey
Ryan Wherley, BA '05
Guadalupe Diaz - UW-Madison Alumnus
Collin Eckburg
Gisela Sanchez
Kai Nakano Rasmussen
Kathryn Messenger
MaryJane Baxter
Egal Warsame
Andrea Larson
Veronica Ramirez
Stephanie du Chatellier, Ph.D Student, Anthropology
Leanna Mata
Kate Westaby, Associate Researcher, SMPH
Kathy Lipke, Alumni
Jeffrey Fleig
Susanne Breckenridge
Andrea Lindberg
Christina Lorino
Karen Godinez
Elizabeth Hennessy
Eugenia María Highland Granados, UW Alumna Life Sciences Communication. Community Member.
Erica Case '92
Elizabeth Clawson
Mark Dennison - Alum 2014
Richard H. Cresswell '69
Jacquelyn Laitsch
Daniel Meloy, MSW '12
Liz Morrison
Megan Diaz
Alexys Hoppman
Susan H. Case, UW-Madison Law School, '76
Thomas Valtin-Erwin
Cathy Toll
Jessi Havens - UW Undergrad
Michael Sullivan, Academic Advisor, UW Madison
Michael Olneck, Professor Emeritus of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology
Selina Armenta Eleuterio
Jacob Wolbert, alumnus
Katherine Luethcke, DVM/PhD student, CBMS
Kate Turner, PhD candidate and TA
Kassia Shaw, Graduate student Composition & Rhetoric
Tiffany Green, BA alum 1995
Jon Iftikar, PhD student, C&I
Carly Schmitting
Erica Gottschalk - UW Madison Alumni 1998
Katherine Reinemann
Kristina Alpire, UW-Madison '12
Madeline Thomas
Hector Salazar, 2015 Nursing Alumnus
Haley Watson
Maya Webne-Behrman, UW-Madison Undergraduate
Dr. Juerdo Tiatsgo MD (2015)
Claire Taylor
Dana Lange
Elise Swanson, 2013 alum
Jasmin Becerra
Douglas Prado Nacasato
Katrina Morrison
Monica Nakielski, B.S., 2000
Rita A. Henderson
Duane Campbell
Loredana Valtierra, 2016 alumna
Diamond Robinson
Jasmin Becerra
Douglas Prado Nacasato
Katrina Morrison
Monica Nakielski, B.S., 2000
Duane Campbell
Loredana Valtierra, 2016 alumna
Diamond Robinson
John Yaggi
Frank Hernandez - Alumni 2005
Jessica Gallo, BS, 2002; MS, 2011; Ph.D., 2013
Scott Burkhardt, Academic Advisor, Dept. of History
Elaine Wellman
Jesus Lucero
Lauren Thill
Nichole Zirba
Selena Lucero
Alessandro Martina
Josh Rosenbloom
Kelly Douglas, Alum '01
Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
Michelle Carson, PhD Candidate, C&I
Katherina Payne, PhD '13
Andrew R. Ruis
Christina Tran, Chancellor's Scholar alumnus
Danielle Acker
Dennis Gotkowski, Doctor of Musical Arts candidate
Joanna Pauline Martinez
Kendra A. Norton Dando
Anna Beck, UW Madison graduate student
Maame Adomako Graduate Student ( Educational Psyhcology)
Rebecca Tillman
Tiffany Lowe-Power, PhD Student, Plant Pathology
Meaghan Connell
Kyaw Win Tun, PhD candidate
Sarah Neddo 2016 Alum
Amelia Royko Maurer '02
Annetta Wright, MS, 1997
Julie Walsh
Mary Quandt, MPH candidate
Rani Hacohen
Erin Pasquinelli
Emily Curtis
Linda Villagomez
Brook Tylka
Kevin Hicks
Walter P. Parrish III
Rachael Lallensack
Cinthya Covarrubias
Pamela Oliver, Professor, Department of Sociology
Mounir Nessim, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant
Vipulya Chari, Graduate Student, Communication Arts
Isabella Annan
Sydney VanBerg
Valerie Grant, Neuroscience MS '11 NSF GRFP fellow
Alondra Delgado
Jessica Vo
Cat Arbegust
Mayela T. Murillo-Finol
Melissa Vasquez (Alumna)
Jessica de Groot
Samantha Estrada
Erika Marin-Spiotta, Professor, Geography
Anne Colville MSSW '87
Julia Eklund Koza, Professor
Carolina Ortega, UW Alumna, B.A. 2013
Noreen Jeglum
Annie Yao
Valeria Lopez
Emma Schell
Jill Gurtner
Jillian M. Bodden, DNP Student
Tina López
Estefany Armenta
Yousra Mohamoud
Alexi Brooks, Graduate Student, Computer Sciences
Mariluz Gonzalez-Guerrero (UW Alumna, B.A. 2006)
Lane Hanson
Brittany Baumler
Kimberly Crow
Joyce Jimenez
Melissa Roberts
Alexandra Huneeus
Akshat Sharma, MS
Ian Disjardin UW Alum
Betsy Wilcox
Matt Ricchetti, CPO at PerBlue (local company founded by UW grads)
Melissa Quiles-Murphy, UW Alumn '03
Sarah Nelson (MS 2014, BA 2012)
Mary Curtin
Derek Field, Graduate Student, Public Affairs
Martin Alvarado, UW Aumnus B.S. 2016
Nia Cayenne
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Jeff Burkhart
Margaret Huskin
Hannah Park
Maria Schirmer
Katrina Olsen
Katie Ackley, P-K Scholar, UW Alum, Madison resident
Sandra Zettersten.parent grad student
Bic Ngo
Grant Rosenbaum, UW alumnus 2016
Madhuvanthi Sridhar
Julia Garrett, Composition & Rhetoric
Tiffany W (UW- Madison alumni)
Annie Allen, alum
Tamara W (UW-Madison alumni)
Jessica L. Jones
Prenicia Clifton Class of 2004
Mayra Madrigal
Nicole Adrian
Elena Barham
Rebecca Kyser
Micahel W. Apple, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies
Francisco Reyes
Mariah Mell
Sierra Nolan, UW Madison Alum, Madison resident
Aisha Louise Miller Coursen
Anton Sederquist
Lilliana Patricia Saldaña, School of Human Ecology, 2010
Caitlin Kampschroer
Rachel Byington
Iva Ugrcic
Emily Guse - Education Undergraduate
Michelle Brandemuehl - UW Law J.D. Candidate, 2018
Jenny Braunginn, Field Faculty/Lecturer School of Social Work
Tai Chaiamarit
Clara Ashwood, 2001
Jessica Marie DeMotto, 2015 Alumni of the UW Madison SOE
Josafat Gonzalez
Leah Webb-Halpern, PhD candidate, History
Miles Walser
Kenzie Kacmarcik
Bill Dunn
Nancy Rost
Camilo Hernandez
Sofia Rebollar
Rohany Nayan, UW Alum 2013
Isha Hammad
Theresa Sanders
Sarah Brundidge
Lisa Webne-Behrman
Samer Alatout
Irma Fuentes
Juliana Mesa
Morgan Smallwood, PhD Student, School of Human Ecology
Lesley Bartlett EPS
Niabi Schmaltz
Julie Gocey, MD. SMPH
Luke Leavitt, Graduate Student, Geography
Phil Gasper
CHAVIN BUASAKDI, class of 2020
Eva Maxwell- 2010 alumni
Ellen Lindgren
Houa Vang
Ibrain Marcano
Naomi Dubin, graduate student
Jacob Levine
James Ryan
Daniel Boettcher
Laura Lang, Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis
Jenni Geurink
Greg Bartley
Paula Buege
Rebecca Cowan
Kyrie Sellnow
Inger Toraason
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Pat DiBiase
Emmanuel Ankomah
Jenna Swartz residence life coordinator
Santiago de la Cerda Harlow
Madeline M Lucius
Nathalie Guevara
Mary Parmer Cosper, 2009 Alumni
Susan Schaefer, School of Veterinary Medicine
Heather Synold, 2005
Diane Kohrs, UW alum 1987
Gabe Grunwald
Kate Vieira, associate professor, English
Dana C Showers, 2003 & 2006 Alum
Jinda Karnjana Moore
Rama Shoukfeh
Danya Al-Saleh
Kala Grove
Genevieve Daniels
Melissa Hill
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Steve Kurr M.M. Musicology 1993
Adeena Guyton
Linda S. Balisle
Olivia Lopez
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Brian Hamilton
Janet Cruz-Olivares
Kathleen Grabowski, B.S. Class of 2012
Jordan Zweck, Assistant Professor of English and BS '03
Pamela Camejo
Thang Nguyen
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Farah Elakhaoui, 2011 alumna
Na'ndi Hambrick
Karen Kuhn
Jennifer Knackert, GWS Alum
Nicole Stephan
Bethany Brent, UW-Madison Alum 2013
Sofiya Wan Mohd Nor- Alumnus (2012)
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Lisa H. Cooper, Associate Professor
Daniel Adams
Joe Orovecz, PhD Student, Counseling Psychology
Mariana Castro
Michele Marti Graduate Student, Art Department
Hugh F. Schmidt, UW-Madison special student
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Rob Trachtman
Ben Doverman 2001 Biology Alum
Katerine Quintana
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Leah A Varnadoe
Taina Collazo-Quiles, PhD, Curriculum & Instruction, Alum 2016
Laura Rosales
Jennifer Knackert, GWS Alum
Jessica Johnson, Professor of Piano
Jason Geissler
Mary Jo Sanford
Rebeca cerda
Emily Hawkins
Jennifer Gray
Emily Hawkins
Chris Kirchgasler, Curriculum & Instruction
Anahí Sánchez Sandoval
Alexa Bertz
Daniel Friedrich, PhD, UW-Madison alum
Lauren Peterson Graduate Student, Rehabilitation Psychology.
Isabel Roman-Roche
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Arielle Mitchell, College of Letters and Science Honors Program
Lynette Davis, UW Art Alum 2010
Ellie Colbert
Christopher Logel, JD Candidate
Erin Bailey, BS '09, Graduate Student
Jennifer Knackert, GWS Alum
Cecilia Soto
Sarah Elsner
James Fitzgerald
Jill Richardson, graduate student, Sociology
Bryan Brandt
Shannon Tervo, BA (2002), BSN (2013)
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Brett Dvorak
Simandeep Gosal
Lisa Velarde
Kirsten Fruit, BS '94 MS '00
Maya Delcid
Ian Kauffman
Lisa Charron
Rose Worden, UW-Madison Alum 2012
Caitlin Brecklin, graduate student, Educational Policy Studies
Elizabeth Watson
Marco Castro, UW Alum 2015
Greg Richardson - MS candidate, UW-Madison
Diamond Spikes
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Morris Young, Professor of English
Sara Busche
Javier Diaz, Chicago Posse 14
Catherine Conrad MSOT
John McCall
Kathryn Hartfield
Jacob Perlson
Elizabeth Hardy
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
MollyJo Bautch, Graduate Student in ELPA
Mark Adkins
Melina Recalde, Chicago Posse 14
Laura Oppegard
Claudia Santana, Chemical Engineering and Environemtal Studies Student
Sloane Oxley-Hase, 2015 Alum
Kayla Roman
Emily Curtis
Amanda Oleson
Asha Nandam, UW Madison 2011
Annie Hinkle-Wszalek, Education alum - 2004
Susan Graham, UW-Madison alum
Ann Brickson, BA 72, MSSW 83
Anne Terrien, UW Alum 2016
Debra Albers, Volunteer, Voces de la Frontera
Ketzhally Lopez
Jessie Nixon, Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction
Katrina Spencer, Steenbock Memorial Library
Patrick Johnson II
Ellen Krebs
Michael Rosen, Ph.D., alum 1970, president AFT Local 212/MATC
Sara Siegmann
Virginia Hesness
Emily Hill Lewis, UW Alum 2005
Matthew Boxer, MS '05 PhD '13
Corrie Cronson
Margo Ptacek, Alumna
Nick Zeller
Samina Hossain
Zahiah Hammad
Alyssa Ivy
Allison Gilley
Becca Mosier 2004 Grad
Hannah Gibson
Rachel M Sauer
Sarah Baker
Robin Brooks
Loren Eadie
Aileen Aragones, 2007 Alum
Allison Ebben
Thomas Koss
Kelsey Rahe
Amy Louise Bennett
Fatoumata Ceesay
Jason Weiss
Maria Ahmad, Assistant Director Multicultural Student Center
Chloe Brown, UW Alum 2014
Miriam Hasan
Noreen Jeglum
Robert Gudea, graduate student, double masters
Kendall Ferguson, UW Alum 2014
Jazzmyne Montgomery
Adrienne Vogelsang, UW Alum 2015
Carlos Canela, Alumni
Laura Oberwetter
Brett Stratton
Diana L Zavala
Merly Klaas, M.S '16
Hilary Wilson, BA '09
Tierra Merritt
Chad Alan Goldberg
Danyelle Wright: Doctoral Student ELPA
Katherine Boardman
Sekani Allen, MD Candidate
Bayron Naveda
Jocelyn Alday
Helen Yan
Edwin Solache
Kelsey Rahe
Douglas Larkin, UW-Madison Alum–2010
Kelsey Rahe
Emily Curtis
Isabel Anadon
Jordan Gruel
Pamela kimario
Antonique Brown, Posse Scholar
Robert Fritsch
Tia Tanzer, BS 2014
Caitlin Rhoten
Emily Callaci
Courtney Nicklaus
Caitlin Rhoten
Kia Vang
Nina Rembert, BA '14, MPH student
Ivan Delgado
Kurt Robert Schneider
Lauralyn Rosenberger, student athlete
Mathew Caamal
Ricardo J Rivera, UW-Madison Graduate Student
Giovanni Rodriguez, UWMadison Alum 2015; MD candidate 2020
Wendy Cooper
Andre Tan (BS Anthropology, 2013 alum)
Keffrelyn Brown, Ph.D. 2006
Dorcas Akinniyi
Mary Franke
Farhat Bhuiyan
Lirio Patton, PhD, UW-Madison 2014
Emily Lobenstein
Katherine Broz
Aaron Dowdall, PhD in History
Mia Hicks graduate student, C&I
Armani Davis
Diana Delgado Cornejo, RSHM Social Justice Scholar
Tracy Schlax
Jordan Anderson
Andrea Niño de Guzman Ramírez- PALMA Chair
Fabiola Diaz
Kent Mok
Alicia Bingen
Ana Gonzalez
Kaitlyn Fochs
Helga Jónsdóttir
Price L. Davis, MSSW '95
Lirio Patton, PhD, UW-Madison 2014
Danny Estrada
Jessica T. Canela
Marcia Lovett
Niklous Koehler
Aaron Miller, BS '13
Hilda Medrano
Evelyn Jackson
Syaza Nazura Noor Azmi
Bailey Schuldt
Michael Radloff, UW Alum 2014
Kate Mickle
Ketzhally Lopez-UW Madison undergrad
Claire Toraason
Carla Oppenheimer, 2013 Alum
Karli Wagner
Lena Batt, Graduate Student EPS
Katherine Hayden- 2016 ELPA Masters' Alum
Jessica Lehman
Evan Knop
Esteban J. Quinones, Doctoral Student, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Jacob Perlson
Dema Jaber
Jill Jacklitz
Marie Gorman
Olinka L. Clark, Graduate Student
Marcy Doelp
Sophia Diamantis
Joshua Gross
Kate Mickle
Alberta M. Gloria
Juan Ruiz
Corin Carranza
Dr. Camille Bernier, Advisor & Alum 2010
Jennifer L. Foubert, Doctoral Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction
Kristen Schumacher, 2012 Alum
Kate Mickle
Jennifer Utz
Sophia Burroughs
Laura C. Chávez Moreno, Curriculum & Instruction PhD Candidate
Latifa Barti
Samuel F Dennis Jr
John Brunn
Steven Pomplun
Lisa Vang, UW 2014 Alum
Mary Dueñas, PhD Student, Counseling Psychology
Amy Kloosterboer, BA '09, MD '15
Molly Blake
Vianca Pichardo
Jason Lor UW 2014 Alum
Ofelia Delgado, 2000 Alum
Eugenia Ogden, UW Alum. 1979
Fam Boon Lee, UW-Madison Class of 2012
Cory Hayden - MS candidate
Jessica Kuxhause, MD Candidate, UWSMPH
Chelsea Coulthart
Bailey Nandory
Amol Goyal
Hannah O'Hare Bennett MFA Candidate, UW-Madison
Amol Goyal
Giordano Mazza
Timothy Yu, Professor of English and Asian American Studies
Sydney Prusak
Carole Hsiao, PhD '05
Kelly Monahan, UW Alum '16
Bri Deyo, Research Specialist, Dept. Family Med & Community Health (BS 2010; MPH 2015)
Natalie Cotter
Caitlin Silberman (PhD candidate, Art History
Mischa Salkind-Pearl
Tia Nowack, BA 2012
Erin Goelden -School of Education Alumnus
Tavishi Gupta
Vatsalaa Jha
Abhay Venkatesh
Bradley Baranowski
Yiyu Chen
Katherine Hale, BBA 2013
Kate Mickle
Marilyn Feldner
Jamel K. Donnor, Ph.D alumnus 2005
Laura Klunder
Rachel Kornfield
Lei Zheng, Curriculum & Instruction
Caroline Van Lanen
Will Flanigan
Alex Hoeper
Camilo Villouta
Hannah Stahl
Cassie Pilarski, UW Alum 2014 and ESL Teacher
Dorothy Ward
Kaitlyn Biester, Graduate Student and 2016 Alumna
Christine Fojtik, UW-Madison alum (2013)
Ann Imig
Kathy DiGiuseppe Gomes, Italian 201
Alayna Oby, PhD Candidate CP
Tangela Blakely Reavis
Althea René Miller, BA '12, MS '18
Hunter Mickelson
Oliver Soler
Benjamin Olneck-Brown, lifelong Madison resident
Summer Abdoh, UW Chicago Posse 5
Alysia Vang
Minhtuyen Mai, Alum
Jessica Draws, Master's of Social Work Student
Jordan Gaines
Virginia Schwarz
Brielle James, Class of 2015 UW-Madison Alum
Christina Vechsathol
Rebecca Arends
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
Lei Zheng, Curriculum & Instruction
Daniel Bornstein
Finn Enke, History and GWS
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Bridget Reichelderfer
Livia Rowell-Ortiz
Youhang Her
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Yesenia Villalpando-Torres
Lucas Wiscons, sociology graduate student
Sarah Oren
Ethan Young
Jonathan Padway '13
Isabelle Gallagher
Nicole Sandoval
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Monica Rodgers '13
Lu Liu
Melissa Behr
Myra Michelle DeBose, UW Alum 2003,2008,2010
Muhamed Sadiku, TA, Graduate Student
Brian Allen, PEOPLE BA '15
Ling See Ang UW-Madison alum 2011
Kristen Bongard (2003 & 2007)
Mel Freitag, PhD 2014, Assoc Clinical Professor in School of Nursing
Sophia Lawrence, PEOPLE '13
Thomas L Eggert
Julia Nepper, Biophysics PhD candidate
Jessica L. Fleischmann
Anna Hundt Golden, PhD candidate Spanish & Portuguese; MS candidate SoHE
Andrea Beer, Alum
Cailin O'Connor (MS 2004, former academic staff, SOHE)
Colleen F. Moore, Professor Emerita, Psychology
Quinton Westrich, Mathematics Graduate Student
Uyenthi Tran Myhre, Chancellor's Scholar and BA '06
Margaret Rislove
Loretta K. Allotey, 2014 alum
Michelle Bass
Taewee Kahrs
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Miriah Barger, PEOPLE, BA (2012), MS ELPA candidate (2017)
Faye zemel
Lisa Marvel Johnson, Graduate Student, English
Margaret (Reisch) Kieler
Samantha Garlock
Erica Kanesaka Kalnay, PhD Student
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Kimberly Dinh, UW Alum 2015
Abigail Staples
Nicole Truesdell, Senior Director OADI Beloit College
Christian Hernández , M1 MCW
Martha Aracely Lopez
Megan Diermeier
Emma Shakeshaft
Dawn Sherman, MD student
Kristi Hammond, BS '13, MS '15
William C. Hammond
Rodrigo Umanzor
Pamela Jimenez
Joanna Racho
Raquel Garcia Posada, J.D. Candidate
Jacob Perlson
Carla Cornette, PhD candidate
Maxine McKinney de Royston
Tara Affolter (UW alum, PhD, Education Policy Studies, 2006
Amy Hetzner JBA 93
Lillian Feingold Picard '47
Kristin Nordeen
Stephenie Zhu
Mayra Ceballos
Connor Brown
Meloni Williams, 2010 Alum
Tuyet Nguyen
Shelby Petta, Class of 2018
Amand Velez, 2012 Alumnus, Powers Knapp Scholar
Abigail Graf
Alex Shebesta
Lily Mitchell-Luft
Sandie Thao
Mariah Flynn
Chong A. Moua, UW Madison, PhD Candidate
Hannah Dillon
Maimee Vang
Aaron Hynds, M.M. '13
Chue Feng Yang
Shannon Walsh
Sher Thao
My Nguyen
Sarah Arbaje
Chloe Prosser, MA student, SLIS
Gabrielle Johnson
Leanna Worrall
Meredith Lowe (MA 2008, Current academic staff)
Robert Koulish (Ph.D. Alum, 1996)
Leonard Taylor, Jr; BS 09, MS 11
Abert Vang
Mia Alafaireet, PhD student, English
Laurie Gebhard
Van Lac, PhD Candidate
Megan Ryan Kaiser, UW alum 1998
Emily Sauter
Bee Yang, concerned Madisonian
Caitlyn Tracy, alumna BA 2016
Anastasia Knight
Jennie Hernandez
Meagan S. Sobel, M.S. Anthropology
Shulhi Sapli, UW Alum 2011
Lucia Anderson
Patrick Arite
Jonathon Hawkins
Daniele Forlino, PhD student
Lauren Smith, BSW '13
Oona-Ife Olaiya
Samantha Schmid
Katy France, BS '96, JD '05, current on
Jennifer Bobzien
Erin schulenberg
Lucas Laibly
Shari Weinstein
Cody Ostenson, Class of 2014
Katy France, BS '01, JD '05, undergraduate advisor staff
Joshua Morey, MSW alum
Jackie Julius
Laura Rodriguez
Nadia Swanson
Jill Anne Peters
Rebecca Penticoff
Molly Galinson
Marissa Gehrke
Marcus McCrary
Tianna Garcia
Amy Piaskowski, BS 2001
Mathew Felton-Koestler, PhD '10
Amy Kue, 2006 UW Alum
Paige Sanduski
Jess Main
Spencer Peh, PharmD Candidate
Maiyeng Thao
Gilbert Jose, PhD Microbiology 2012
Jolene Heinemann, UW Alum 2010
Jess Pachon
Kathryne Auerback, MA 1996, MBA 2007
Annalee Good
Maleeha Abbas
Kathrin Zippel, Alum 2000
Molly Oberman
Mikala Durham
Cindy Abrajan
Orsen Gomez Parra
Zach Brommerich, UW Alum 2013
Jan ONeill
Kimberly Inthavong
Emily Byers
Lauren Gonitzke '17
Hugh Mungus
Jason Lor
Lisa Vang
Mary Zuidema, Curriculum & Instruction
Houa Lee
Maiyeng Thao
Suriani Kempe, UW Alum BA (2004) MA (2007)
Jess Main
Isabel Monti
Chloe Doberstein, BS '14
Tanya Kirtz
Tasneem Hamdan
Emilie Homan UW Alumna 2014
Sabrina Sánchez
Mohammed K. Abbed
Julia Johnson
Anjali Misra
Kaela Bright
Mao Thao
Ting-Hong Wong, UW Alumni 1999
Felix Thor
Synclair Brown
Lorena Diaz
Ben Hinkle-Wszalek, BSME 2004
Josh Levin
Brady Chalmers
Kalyn Taylor, MS Candidate UW-Madison
Devon Hamilton
Charles Wang
Kim Buskager
Megan Meyer
Kristi Parsons
Shahanna McKinney Baldon
Bridgett Willey, Dissertator, Curriculum and Instruction
Jessica Dean Turner
Tehan Ketema
Charles Wang
Araceli Esparza, alumni, LaFollette School of Public Affairs
Tori Lord-White
Min Yu
Dannira Kulenovic
Nicole Metko
Rebecca Kaye, UW Undergrad
Thomas Yonash
Kanwal Ladhani
Steven T. Birchall, D.M.A.
Kesha Wilkinson
Nathaniel lake
Angela Greenman, Graduate Student, Kinesiology
Kanwal Ladhani
Sophia Jaffri, 2015 UW Alum
Goejoua Thao
Angela Stehle
Kelda Helen Roys, JD 2004, former State Representative
Wendy Steinmann
Kyra Stone
Jess Thompson
Darin Petesch
Coty Weathersby
Melissa Mael
Lauren Smith, BSW '13
Alyssa Paolocci
Noor Hammad
Jess Main
Jodi Lehman, UW Alum 1977
Wendy Steinmann
Dija Selimi
Kim Kearbey-UW alumni
Justi Mmmmmm
Carolyn Greenblatt
Justin Barham MLC.
Monica Madrigal, Graduate Student- Counseling Psychology
Dantrell Cotton
Harold Tran
Sima Sadeghinejad
Katharine Scott
Devonte Foley LA Posse 13
Aleesa Kuznetsov
Deirdre Hirschtritt, 2012 alum
Nicole Adrian
Paul Kelleher, Medical History & Bioethics, UW-Madison
Jay Botsford, School of Medicine & Public Health staff
Brad Kose, PhD '05
Richie Morales
Peter Goldie
Tyler Orcutt
Shakira Sulaiman, Alum 2012
Susana García Alumni
Vanessa Palomino Amaya, UW Alum '07
Maria L. Espino, UW Alum 2016
José Rea, City of Madison Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Brendan M. Fischer, J.D. '11
Danya Keller
Ashley Komula
Harold Tran
Jennifer Wustmann, BSW '11
Ariyana strong
Crystal Moten (MA, 2006; PhD, 2013)
Aubrey Hart
Caroline Student, 2013 Alumni
Michael Wong
Marcia Castro
Anna Montes
Joseph Darryl Monette
Judith Pena, UW Alum 2016
Carissa Bauer Gunderson
Joe Entwisle
Hannah Graber
Judith Pena, UW Alum 2014
Chetachukwu Agwoeme
Kris Gunderson
Courtney Hagan
Brendan M. Fischer, J.D. '11
Molly Groose, UW-Madison alum (BS 2006, MS 2008, MD 2012)
Katrina Morrison
Katy France, BS '01, JD '05, undergraduate advisor staff
Vigneswaran Veeramuthu
Matt Groose
Natalie Chapman, UW-Madison Alum 2009
Eric Murphy, alumnus
Nancy Ruggeri, BS (1988), MS (1992), PhD (2011)
Tammy Boyd
Anuj Dhingra
Alexis Farrington
Juliana Blond, UW alum 2011
Grace Little
Tim Berto
Molly Smiltneek '00
Lauren Zepp, MS '12
Theresa Vidaurri, Alum 2004
Karen Thompson, Undergrad Advisor - Dept of Spanish & Portuguese, BS 2000
Ceri Hughes
Ken Zeichner
Bess Van Asselt, PhD Candidate Curriculum and Instruction
Jon-Erik Jepson
Helen M. Kinsella
Ian Aley
Alejandro Velazquez, UW-Madison alum
Jane Richard, BS84, MA86
Taylor Newell-Smith
Cassidy Kortendick
Tararinsey Seng
Marilyn Feldner
Nadia Khan
Becca Nye
Tenzin Rapten
Maria Gates, Chancellor's Scholar
Joshua Ariel Biatch
Jazmine Zuniga Paiz
Laura Strugnell
Dayu Liu, UW-Madison Alum 2013
Kamini Doraivelu
Mary Perkinson (MM, DMA)
Megan Schliesman, Librarian, Cooperative Children's Book Center
Tolu Sanabria, 2001 alum
Ninoska Picon
Teresa Mendoza
Habgjian Zhao
Victoria Michalski, UW Alumnus 2016
Madison Ziegler
David Wilcher, BBA '11
Donna Fisher
James M. Brennan
Lucero Sandoval Ruiz
Heidi Ploeg
Julia Van Susteren
Hallie Houge
Kayla McDermot
Christopher Conti
Luke Johnson BFA '16
Jade Kochanski, UW-Madison BS 2016, Academic Staff
Zulmarie Perez, PhD '16
Jeanne Essame
Patrick Barrett, A. E. Havens Center for Social Justice
Elvis Vidal, New York Posse 5
Kyle Mianulli, 2011 UW-Madison alum
Hayley Pendergast
Sana Hamdan
Laura Strickland
Maria Cho, 2014 Alum
Holly Henderson
Christopher Guthrie, BA 02
Deneille Erikson
Tharelyns Campos
Nik Shier
Tessa Tsarong-Blomker, 2008 Alum
Dulce Solorio
Shengyan Thao
Megan Schreiber '09
Danielle Peters
Andrea Fowler, PhD student Musicology
Sharon Lee
Whitney Stevens-Sostre
Barbie Pietz, UW Alum 1994, parent of UW freshman
Jennifer Grabon
Emma Wathen
Susan moran
Daniel Bliss, UW Alumni Class of '15
Bianca J. Baldridge
Michaela Konrad
Jessica Langenberg, 2019
Quasia Heru
Jessica Langenberg, Alum
Alice Pawley, 2007 alumna
Marta Araujo
Katherine Craemer
Jacqueline Ferrer
Marj Kutsche
Wendy Yeong, Class of 2013
Jacqueline Nguyen, PhD 2008
Vishesh Kumar
Patricia Kelly
Rae Moors, GWS graduate student worker
Tricia Behling
Ana Jiménez-Diaz
Rachel Baruck
Andy Villanueva
Ibtisam Haq
Carlos Canela, Alumni
Ammu Menon, BS '06
Karla Esquilin, Graduate Student
Paige Brunett
Mary Jane Curry PhD 2000
Armando Antuna-Melendez
Tania Shook
Mindy J. Navarro
Penny Clark, 2000 Alum, University Staff
Mindy J. Navarro
Austin Hannah
Bari Pelton
Jeffrey Godecker
Athirah Idrus, UW-Madison Alum 2013
Ruttanatip Chonwerawong, Ph.D. 06
Jake Malloy, EPS PhD Candidate
Barbara Marshment
Arturo 'Tito' Diaz, UW-Madison '15
Bridgette K. Werner, PhD. Candidate, Latin American History
Saili S Kulkarni SOE PhD 2015
Bianca Bruch
Norma Cecilia Martinez-Gomez
Stephanie Benicek, CoE class of 2016
Esther Gómez
Brian O'Camb, PhD, alum 2009
Ya-Chin Lin, Doctoral student, Curriculum & instruction
Jingying Feng Curriculum& Instruction
Maria Sida - UW-Madison alum
Christine Kim, ISyE undergrad
Bonnie A Calkins
Jennifer Redding, Madison resident
Eujin Park, Educational Policy Studies
Yolanda Shelton-Morris
Tomás Clasen
Kyra Shishko, Alumnus 2012
Harriet Schachter McKinney Mandelman, Alumna 1964
Hannah M Pendergast
Emily Melcher, UW-Madison Alum
Rachell Caniza
Sarah Wilson, graduate student
Julia Levine
Larissa Duncan, Associate Professor, School of Human Ecology
Emily Robinson
Miriam Barcus, PhD student, Sociology
Lea Owens, UW Madison Alum
Diane Farsetta, PhD
Elizabeth Gokey, BS 2007, MSW 2013
Kush Patel, UW-Madison '16
Yeline Del Carmen
Marcus Cederstrom, PhD Candidate in the department of German, Nordic, and Slavic
Charlene Rivera-Bonet
Julie Kesti, UW Alum 2016
Juan D. Gonzalez
Rosemary Rodriguez
Emma Downing, B.M '14
Andria Rice, SLIS graduate student
Olivia Navarro M. Ed
Nasitta Keita
Lauren Sutter, UW Madison Alum
Caitlin Hamilton
Daniel Cubberly, Class of 2015
Danielle Stewart,PhD
Judith A Rubin, alum '63,'83,'90, 91
Molly Censky
Stephanie Ricketts, 2008 alum
Emi Passini
Adam Pergament
Iris Helm-Hernandez
Kathryn Thostenson, UW-Madison '15
Patrick Dielubanza, JD 2015
Chelsea J. Wilfong, Law Student
Jambul Akkaziev
Claire Townsend
Lorraine Rodriguez Bonilla PhD. Student
Ben Bradford, 2016 alum
Cinthya Salazar
Annalise Panthofer
Jordan Kusel
Michelle Ciucci
Christine M. Liu, DMA '10, BM '02
Martha Busse B.A. 1991 Alum
Grace Urban, UW-Madison Alum
Kaitlynne Roling --2019 undergrad
Elizabeth Penn
Kelly Schultz, DVM class of 2015
Ragita Pramudya, Class of 2014
Clarissa Zimmerman
Faustina Bohling, 1999 alumna
Jeffrey S. Hird, PhD, Senior Psychologist, University Health Services
Drew Hollender
Molly Miller class of 2020
Emma Cox
Elizabeth Welch, 2010
Ian Doherty
Ying Yang Youa Xiong
Logan Nelson
Natalie Kaminsky, Alumnus
Diana Famakinwa
Tim Gadzinski
Panhia Moua
Brendon Lapp
Tracy Saladar
Lauren Griffin Marica, 2006 alumna
Ebonee Johnson, Ph.D., 2012 alum
Abigail Wolf
Georgette Papageorgio Rodriguez
Ruth Sherman
Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, PhD (2008)
Genevieve Helene Globus, class 2016
Fadi Odeh UW-Madison alum 2006, UWLaw alum 2010
Samantha Ward
Amelia Cioffi
Courtney MacKenzie
Daniela Busciglio, Ph.D. (July 2015)
Ranza Veltri, PhD Student, Math Education
Jenna O'Brien
PaQabzib Jasmine Vang
Jairo A. Hernandez, JD Candidate
Deena Brazy 2004
Mackenzie Hammerly
Andrew Porter
Matthew Fledderjohann
Marilyn Feldner
Anna Rossa
Ginny Thompson (2009)
Jaime Jiménez
Angie Crawford
Andrea Noll
James Doing, Jr., Graduate Coordinator
Brennan Harris, 2016 alum
David Dickson, alumnus, local hip hop producer
Fatima Rivera
Dante Leone, Class of 2010
Karl Vachuska
Hayley Rozman
Anita Wager, Assoc. Prof. C&I
Lirio Patton, PhD, UW-Madison 2014
Kaija Zusevics
Isaac Schaefer
Pa Xiong, Alumna
Lea Gulotta
Daisy perez
Alan De la Cruz, 2016 UW alum
Madeline Hartjes, 2009 alum
Lauren Ngo
Comissioner Antoine Jennings
Phoenix Eby Melvin
Cassandra Garcia, PhD, 2011
Jeong Ha Choi
Rachael Wooten (2013)
Geraldine meneses
Sarah Ranallo
Alyssa Lentine
Katherine L Nguyen (2011 Graduate Alum)
Julie Sinistore, PhD alum, 2012
Victor Goldgel Carballo, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Lauren Andraski - alumni
Lorena Henao
Amanda Dombkiewicz
Katrina Morrison
Elizabeth Chan
Daanika Gordon
Ruth Gurgel, Ph.D. 2013
Lexa Dundore, Graduate student
Rosa Amador
Max Coleman, PhD Student, Sociology
Kari Klasen Lisi, 2003
Peggy Curtin
Libby Bestul
Jee Jee Kim, Graduate Student, Sociology
Rory Shiraishi
Halle Lambeau
Stephen W. Fusi, BS '97, MS '00
Noah Weber
Amy Williamson
Nick Molzahn (2014 alum)
Ambar Meneses-Hall
Jerry McDonough
Leah Misemer, English
Isabella Reichardt
Stewart Eskew
Kathy George
Allen Ruff, Ph.D. 1987 History
Lesley Wolf, SMPH
Tyler Dunbar, BS Chemical Engineering 2017
Joan Fujimura, Professor, Sociology
Kathleen Hoppe
Mai Seng Thao (2014 alum)
Alberto Aranda Jr.
Ryan Lee
Taylor McGee
Kirsten Brooks
Felix Nguyen
Erika Dallmann
Ana Wilson
Samuel Douglass
Yi He
Adela Cedillo, PhD candidate, History
Kurtis J. Ness- UW Oshkosh student
Nghia Le
Nick Lally, PhD Student, Geography
Diana Vázquez Parker
Isabel Finn
Alfredo Gutierrez
Sarah Nabong
Corinne Steffens
Julia Dauer, PhD Candidate, English
Silvia Gomez de Soriano, Bilingual Bi-Cultural Resource Coordinator, MMSD, Latino Student Union Advisor-East HS
Melissa Cowell, MD '06
Rebecca Raj
Megan J. Schroeder, BS '16
Kjell Doksum, Statistics
Lorraine Rodriguez Bonilla PhD. Student
Jen Liao, PharmD Student
Claire Johnson (2010 alumna)
Hailey Hultquist
Dominique Bradley- ELPA PhD Candidate
Jimmy Li
german jimenez
Marta Sells, retired MMSD
Dominique Bradley- ELPA PhD Candidate
Kathy Smith
Lori Creswell, community member
Maria Cho, 2014 Alum
Elisabeth Poi, MD, UW medical school class 1997
Jenna Nobles, Associate Professor
Michelle Robinson
Laura Farrell-Wortman
Felipe Rodriguez Jr.
Maria Cho, 2014 Alum
Melanie Buhr-Lawler
Keren Turton
Maria Cho, 2014 Alum
Liz Scheer
Morixzer-Elvira Rodriguez
Adey Assefa
Jacob Perlson
Katrina Morrison
April Alfaro
Hillary Gunn
Samantha Sinai
Fei Men
Ziyad Sultan
Christina Gomez
Katrina Morrison
Valeria Arteaga
Dominique Bradley- ELPA PhD Candidate
Madeline Harms, Post-Doctoral Trainee, Psychology
Heidi Weston
Jefry Rivera Prado
Brianna El Hallaoui
Grant Hoppel
Jennifer Lien, DMA '15
Tova Walsh, School of Social Work
Miles C Buob
Caroline Reddy
Dineen Seymour Nahn
Mohammed El Hallaoui
Liana Dalton, 2006 alum
Sami Boynton
Su Yang
Kezia Weigel-Sterr
Aili Tripp, Professor, Political Science & Gender and Women's Studies
Madeleine Pape
Yun-Wen Chan
Matthew Kopec, PhD (2012)
Carmen Yang
Rena Newman
Brandon Petesch
Jenna Walsh
Adelina Yankova, BA '16
Ashley Woodroof
Daniel Cox Class of 2011
Elizabeth Douma, alumna
Lisa Howser, CeO scholar
Analiese Eicher
Logan Mrozenski
Gloria McCahon Whiting, History Faculty UW-Madison
Jasmine Navarro
Ellen Samuels, Associate Professor
Paloma Celis Carbajal
Monica Grant, Associate Professor, Sociology
Matilda Msall
Martha Giese Vallon (B.M. 1980)
Houa Lee
Bridget Miller, Undergrad- English and Anthropology
Anna Paretskaya
Miriam Kelberg
Ashley Street: Office of Admissions
Jacob Perlson
Katherine O'Brien
Brenna Sharp
Jack Craver
Nona M. Gronert, PhD student, Sociology
Elizabeth Lampp, alumnus
Lorraine Rodriguez Bonilla PhD. Student
Heather L. Chun
Vianca Pichardo
Robert Fontella, School of Medicine and Public Health
Muhammad Hamid, BA (2007)
Nancy Mae
Ashley Xiong
Cerena Standiford
Christina Chou
Huyen Nguyen, BS (2001)
Aaron Knaack
Allison Madison, alumna
Zachary Gautier-Klos
Kayla Key, School of Nursing Alumni
Ruth Ginzberg, B.S. '83
Jonathan David Godinez
Sydney Wellenstein
Abby Letak, Graduate Student, Sociology
Janice Kroeger 2003 C&I Ph.D. grad
Jeffrey C. Guarneri, Doctoral Candidate
Aubrey Hart
Christopher Betagole
Paige Brunett
David Woken, Masters in Library and Information Studies alumnus '12
Eric ford
Amanda Vang
Jake Leow
Viswa Colluru, PhD, UW 2016 Alum
Thomas Kivi
Tracy Ryan
Ryan Quinn
JeongJin Kim
Emily Clarke, PhD student, Psychology
Jordan Chacon, 2014 Alumna, Posse Scholar
Terrence G. Peterson, PhD, 2015 Alum
Dakota Sullivan
Monica Mastin
Darcy Kerrigan
Gaspar Bruner-Montero (2015 Alumni)
K. Nicole Rudisill, BA '14, MA '17
Sophia Yackel
Katy Cao
Gabriel Schroeder
Mary Campbell, BS '88
Margaret Bergamini
Amir Moosavi, class of 2003
Seul Jean Lee
Hye Rin Park, 2016 Alum
James Viall
Calvin Parkin
Nathan Schulfer
Jessica L. Kirstein (PhD, 2016)
Angelina Londono, alum
Candice Cardoza
Sean Hinds
Lauren Heinrich
Noah Borchardt
Simon Goldberg
Jacob Bicknase, alumnus
Jill Gurtner
Alec Walker, BS '13
Seulgi Kang
Jacob Gardner
Stephanie Budge, assistant professor, counseling psychology
Youngjin Ki
Carolina Hernandez, SLIS '15
Kayla Blado, BA 2011
Norann Richard, PhD, School of Medicine and Public Health
Moya Roarty
Sowah Lassey
Catie Rutledge, BFA '15
Aaron Jaeck
Vianca Pichardo
Brian Copsey
Meg McMahon, Student
Jerod Reetz
Madeline Allen
Sarah Amundson
Anneliese Valdes, BA 2002
Jennifer M. Smith, PhD student, Communication Arts
Noemi Luna
Noah Gerber, Class of 2018
Kristen Welke, 2010 alum
Kayleigh Kehne
Ramona Field
Alondra marlen Quintero
Nicole Huang, Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures
Connor Sheedy
Deb Gurke, Ph.D., 2008
Maureen Armstrong
Ryan Thompto
Dan Wu
Craig Schulthess, BA 1992
Ellen Hebden
Kristi Ratley, UW Madison Alum
J. Andrea Carrillo
Gretl Satorius
Molly Occhino, alumna (2015)
Khuaten de Macedo
Alexis Blakey - 2015 Alum
Monica Diaz.
Stephanie Ulloa, BA '14
Gabe Strader-Brown, class of 2015
Emily Tran
Brooke Ward
Migdalia Molina
Elan Rodman, BA 2011
Valeria Martínez
Samuel finesurrey
Nira Scherz-Busch, M.S. Alum 1970
Deborah Neulander BA History 1995
Yessica Alzati
Nadhia Fernandez
Trisha Picard
Mariah Skenandore
Christopher Covington, Pre-College Advisor, PEOPLE
Andrew Daitsman, PhD (1995)
David Killoren, PhD 2012
Helen Breitenbach Cooper, 2003 alum
Tara Affolter (UW alum, PhD, Education Policy Studies, 2006
Ashley Marie De La Paz, alumna BA 2014
Patrick J Hansen-Schmitt - Alumnus
Kristi Warriner
Christopher Rozoff, Academic Staff, CIMSS/SSEC
Anne L Becker, MD '14
Ruby Blau, BA 2016, Current Masters student
Kristi Warriner
Sara Cunningham
David Lukhachi
Stephen Kantrowitz, Professor of History
Desiree Alva, BA '03, MS '06, PhD '16
Ayfiq Syazwan Bin Ahmad Kamil Shahperi
Scott Farley
Richard Aviles, Ph.D., 2016 Alum
Brandice Courtney
Ben Kasten
Ibrahim Akorede Raheem
Luke Huybrecht
Jackie Captain
Jennifer Lacy, PhD Student
Mohammed Saleem, Alumnus
Abigail Iverson
Susan Tran Degrand
Kaycie Stushek
Kelly Allison
Benjamin G. Clark
Aubrey Hetznecker
Heather Sutherland
Amy E Jones, UW-Madison Alum
Jesse Van Tol, 2016 Alumnus
katrina quisumbing king, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Bretton White, PhD 2011
Sharon M. Potrykus
Geoff Johnson, BA 2000
Nancy Rydberg PhD Candidate Educational Policy Studies
David Farrar
Tara Affolter (UW alum, PhD, Education Policy Studies, 2006
Leanna Worrall
Audra Knizelyte
Kim Kreiger
Megan Schliesman, Librarian, Cooperative Children's Book Center
Gina Bierman
Michael Godbe
John Hogue, PhD 2013
Jason Lee, School of Education
Morgan Menke
Carmen R. Valdez, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology
Alyssa M. Ramirez Stege
Massiel De los Santos, MA '16
Alison Strickler
Jessica Abegglen, MS, Alumni
Mario A Rodriguez
Martin Wolf
Billy Vermillion, PhD, 2011
Rebecca Paradiso de Sayu, '13,'08,'07
Bariah Hanafiah, Class of 2012
Mirabai Auer, BS 03
Alice Goffman, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Anna Kawennison Fetter
Rachel Ocampo Hoogasian, PhD, alumi
Bailey Nandory
Christy Clark-pujara, Assistant Professor, Department of Afro-American Studies
Abby Koberstein
Suzanne Menard, class of 2010
Jesse Van Tol, 2016 Alumnus
Rosamaría Del Águila-Laursen B.A. 2001
Neva Sills, BFA
Ellen T Arena, PhD, MIR
Beatriz Jimenez Cadilla, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2019
Mélanie Yœurp, PhD candidate
Megan Schliesman, Librarian, Cooperative Children's Book Center
Bruce A. Jones
Hanna Meister SoE '11
Emily Lutz, M.S. Urban and Regional Planning
Bill Fetty
Mariela Quesada Centeno. Alumni and community member.
Carrie Lierl
Alison Wendlandt, Ph.D. 2015
Maren Harris
Daniel Jameson, BS 2009
Joel Creswell, Ph.D. 2011
Elisabeth Olson BA 2000, MS 2006
Lavilla Capener (alum '06 and staff member)
Cassandra Meyer, BA 2011; Madison resident
Carrie Lorig
Guadalupe Silva, Conicet, Argentina
Stephen Jones, MA Student, Spanish and Portuguese
Jamie (Olson) Ames - Alumnus
Farzeen Mahmud
Christine Schwartz, Professor, Sociology
Haley madden, phd candidate in life sciences communication
Sibyl Siegfried, MD 2009
Bonnie Ohler
Renee Robinson
Jennifer Wittemann
Elizabeth Moua, 2011 Alum, MSW
Jill Cousino, BS '02
Stephanie Marshall
Imani's Gladden
Johanna F. Almiron
Choua Xiong, Educational Policy Studies
Anna Kaminski
Angela Zito, PhD student
Marilén Loyola
Amy Porter
Tammie Shaw
Steve Arnold
Mirnal Chaudhary
Bailey Nandory
Cheyenne linde
Lisa Bushby, BS '04
Erin Shattuck
Abbie Mannenbach, Graduate Student, Education; 2013 Alum
Ross Dahlin
Beth Sondel, BA 2001; PhD 2013
Sara Erdahl
Marsely Kehoe, MA 2006, PhD 2012
Autumn Shiley
Rachel Kilde MSW 2013
Jose Silva
Daniela rosas mora
Deborah Ehrenthal, Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health
Devin Coogan, 2015 Alum, MSW
Elijah Bernstein-Cooper, 2016 Alum
Bailey B. Smolarek
Kevin Oliva, Posse Scholar, Class of 2015
Lucia Muyolema
Kathryn Price, Alum
Kendra A. Norton Dando
Michael B Dando - Curriculum & Instuction, PhD candidate
Stephen Jones, MA Student, Spanish and Portuguese
Jiwon Kim
Tony Jennaro, Alumn, Graduate Class of 2016
Nancy Wettersten, JBA '81; JD '86
Stephanie Aguilera
Joshua Garoon
Lowell Ricketts, BS '09
Paolo Desiati, Senior Scientist, WIPAC
Terrance Green, PHD, 2013
Jennifer Moulton
Madison Speer
Paula Tran Inzeo, BS '08; MPH '10, PhD Candidate
Heidi Wilhelm
Robert Kaiser, Professor of Geography
Paula Tran Inzeo, BS '08, MPH '10, PhD Candidate
Francis Bradley, BA '99, MA '06, PhD '10
Amy Martin ('05)
Carlton Fischer '15
Licho López
Julia Koberstein
Maria torreszarate
Sarah Mickelson, MSW 2005
Danny Wells
Justin Lonsbury
Amy Soeun
Nhi Le, Graduate student
Luz Arroyo, BS in Education 2010
Pilar Gonalons-Pons, PhD 2014
Mari Olson
Carmela Diosana, Student Services, Botany Dept.
Valerie Lawrence
Dain Anderson
Jia-Jung Ho
Sarah Hein, B.A. 2016
Hillary Askew, BA '00
Hope Lawrence, BS English, 2007
Claire Warhus
Christopher Miller, MD 2009
Barb McDonald
Nicole Wilson, former student and Madison resident
Sadye Evnen
Nancy Mitchell
Martha Masters, MD, residency graduate 2016
Katerina Suchor
Michael Bell, Professor, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology
Mollie Barden, BSW '16, MSW student
Jaxs Goldsmith
Elisa Avila
Taylor Sonnenberg, BS '09
Elysse Chay, Alum
Jana Laughlin, BA 2007
Zachary Tracy LEED Scholar
Laura Braman-Wanek, alumnus 1992, 1999
Jared Brown, PhD Student, Department of Statistics
Sklkime Abduli, JBA, Class of 2005
Sadie Dempsey, Graduate Student, Sociology
Emma Allmann
Pam Mache
Seth Cross
Loreen Targos BA 2007
Jason B. Williams, B.S., 2009
Emmanuel Adams
Terri Gaillard
Megan Raimondi-Musser
Tori L. Jennings, alumnus 2010, PhD in Anthropology
Lena Lee
Young Lee, Graduate Student
Sara Lam, doctoral candidate, C&I
Jen Craver
Deejay Zwaga, Alum
Hannah DePorter
Zeeshan Mohammed, B.A. 2013
Corey Dahl
Christopher England, Lecturer, History
Meng Xiong, BS 2015
Natalie Brant, Alumnus
Erin Harper UW '16
Gina Schouten (2013, Philosophy)
Ellen Pfannenstiel
Nancy Herrera, Ph.D student in Counseling Psychology
Amy Krymkowski, BA '90
Maya Kadakia
Charles M Shain
Timo Seppalainen
Amanda Farrar
Kathryn Pfefferle, J.D. Candidate 2017
Meggan Woodbury Bilotte, Graduate Student, History
Michael P. Faust B.A. 2012
Sarah Mesick
Manohary Rajendram, PhD , UW Alum
Jillian M. Jacklin, Ph.D. Candidate, History
Jaxs Goldsmith
Mary L. Johnson, Graduate Student
Nikki Hunter
Rizza Pineda
Caitlin Stolzke
Cahrone Teasdale - Business Badger
Lynne Roberts
Asly Warren
José Armacanqui
Michael Messner, BS '02, MBA '08
Clare Haden
PuraCarina Gonzalez, Posse Scholar, B.S. 2010
Sarah E. Stumpf, BA 2006
Jeffrey Caulum, Journalism Alum 1991
Liza Palmer, UW Alum, MA, 2001, MA 2003
Pei-Ying Lee
Jessica Williamson, BA '00
Dwayne Myal
Elaine Steele, BA '05
Joel Rogers, Professor (Soc, Law)
Sarah E. Stumpf, BA 2006
Isabelle Drewelow (PhD, 2009)
Jenjee Sengkhammee MS '03, PhD '13
Alexis Johnston, BA 2010
Charles Mikulsky BS '99
Faith Hoenecke
Taucia Gonzalez
Ashley Johnson, 2011
Ricardo Montiel BA 2010
Darren Martin, BS '02 MS '04
Lena Law
Carmen Lugo
Albert Muñiz, Posse Program
Larry Hale, BA '85
Heather Laube, BA 1994
John E. Peck (UW-Madison alum, PhD 2007)
Cindy Diaz, BA '02
Martina S. Diaz
Gabriela Zepeda, B.S. 2012
Emily Fahl
Ken Love, International Socialist Organization (ISO)
Crystal Moten (MA, 2006; PhD, 2013)
Jess Main
Corissa Lotta, Faculty Associate Counseling Psychology ( alum BS '90, MS '94)
Alyssa Karklus, Vet. Medicine, Class of 2020
Stephanie Wild
Christina Teschendorf, BA '09 MSW '13
Carmen Lugo
Melissa Motew
Rebeca Covarrubias, B.S. '14
Ben Andert
Elisabeth Obbink
Aubrey Hellenbrand BS '10 MS '15
Branden Pfefferkorn, MD '08, MPH '09
Phyllis McGibbon BFA'83, MFA'88
Tal-Beth Cohen
Leah Frires, class of 2010
Chavameth Vinijtrongjit, 2006 Alumna
Mariano Arteaga
Gretchen Carvajal
Sydney Schlough
Heather Wells
Alexandra Norpel
Emmet Campos
Jess Main
Kathy Martinez
Mary Grace Wagner
Sierra Widule, BSW '16, MSW '17
Colleen Hamilton
Kristin Degeneffe, Class of 2008
Brian Miller
Alexandra Frank
Vanessa Arenas, MPH
Harold Schaut
Kirby R. Gibson, UW '13 and Chicago Posse Scholar
Nichole Francois, 2015
Naomi Salmon, PhD Candidate, English
Christie Moser
Jeremy Mendoza, BS 2015
Amy James
Sydney Kloster
Samantha Derzay
Alise Kumar
Darcy Poquette, UW-Madison Alum
Annie Chen (BA '06)
Jess Main
Shawn Campbell, BA 2005
Jess Main
LJ Alexandre-Strong
Shannon Jones BFA 2015
Angeline Juan, BS 2014
Andrew Wolf, PhD Student
Michael Kellum
Sarah Gamalinda, graduate student, French and Italian
Ashlee Nick, BA 2011
Aldo Ventura
Momodou Jammeh
Rolando Alejandre
Max Edmonds
Tiffany Han, BS 2012
Maricela Galvan
Alyssa Buss, BA 2010
Robin Macdonald Maxwell, M.S. '03
Ian Carrillo, Graduate Student
Jesse Van Tol, 2016 Alumnus
David Kreisman '05
David Rossing
Chelsea O'Neil Karcher
John Burns, PhD (2009)
Candace Peterson
Nicole Vafadari
Emily Dickmann
Ashley Zimmermann
Diana Wu, BA 2004
Amy Hilgendorf, Associate Director, Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies
Jane Salazar Olson
Hannah Jurowicz, B.A. 2008, POSSE Scholar
Emily Kao
Justin H Vassallo
Jaime Vargas Luna
Yen C Chiu
Jazmyne Navar
Levi Cross
David Gauch (BS, 2016)
Mizraim Belman Guerrero
Jamie Dawson, College of Letters and Science
Marcia Hall Innis BA '86
Louka Patenaude
Jennifer Fischer
Collin McFadden
Nathan Schwantes (BS 2006)
Elizabeth Quirmbach
Yolanda Arellano, BFA 2015
Jane Gronau, BA Anthropology, History, 1969
Jacqueline Goldstein
Heidi Chan
Lauren Lugo
Jacqueline Jerome
Bryttany Wissell
Randi Cartmill, MS 1999, current Academic Staff
Nicholas Oleen-Junk, M.A.
Ashley Kerst, MLS 1991
Vincent Lemery. B.A Sociology
Sarah Ann Wells, Assistant Professor
Michael Quinto
Demond Hill Jr.
Kim Bravo
Evan Morier
Ricardo Montiel BA 2010
Jill Cousino, BS '02
Aika Wojt
Ricardo Montiel BA 2010
Melissa Paton
Annie Peretz
Ricardo Montiel BA 2010
Besma Aly
Loren Peabody
Kevin Gibbons
Molly Romaniak
Mayra Alaniz
Cristobal Alday
Josie Lathrop, BS '04, JD '09
Hugh Roland, PhD student
SangYa Bae
Claudia Bustillo
Sam Johnson
Michele Besant, Assoc. Director, SLIS (iSchool)
Sabrina L. Johnson, M.S.
Vincent Cruz
Natalie Baccam
Emma Minkoff
Gillian Drier
Adan Reyes
Stephanie Hogue, MS 2009
Ross Levadi, BS '99
Kalin Kiesling
Alexandra Schnoes BS 1999
Nandi Sipengane
Diana Parker (05)
Kate Kassab
Flor Palos
Bri Schares
Jennifer Gaddis, Assistant Professor (Civil Society & Community Studies)
Kira Brenner, BA '08
Molly Jacobs, BA 2001
Ting-Chung Cheng, BA 2011
Connie North
Dalexain Marure
Alisa (Seitz) Roberts, BS '92
Yogev Ben-Yitschak
Adam Mandelman, PhD '16, Academic Staff
Kelly Cook BS 1985
Marlie Wilson
Etelbina rosas mora
Lesley Meza
Robert C. Rickman UW Alumnus
Juan Alvarez-Zavala
Saima Akhtar, BS 99
Diana A. Flores - Bedolla
Katie Quinn
Andrew Hartberg
Yusra Murad
Phoebe Kine
Phoebe Kimes
Andrea Esparza
Thomas Anthony Green, Madison resident
Mimi Khalili, UW alum '02, union organizer
Luis Hernandez
Samuel P. Porter, Graduate Student, History
Brian Nicolas Sandoval
Bernie Tennis BS 1975
Elizabeth Miller, MPA Candidate '17
Brian Christens, Assoc. Professor, School of Human Ecology
Sean Bishop, Creative Writing Prog Admin, Dept of English
Sagan Pizzingrilli
Yia W
Sergio Plazola
Anna Liska, BS '98, Art Ed '01
Linda E. Nelson, BS '84, MS '00
Maixia Thao, Alumna
Lowell Brower, BA '04
Jasmine Savoy
Caitilyn Allen, Professor of Plant Pathology
Amelia Krug
Jessica Franco-Morales, Political Science '17
Amy Wng
Allison Fujimoto
Dominic Ricci
Karol Vazquez
Anahi Mancillas
Cam Stanley, BS 2011 RPCV 2012-2014
Casem AbuLughod, BA '06
Michael Darnell, UW Alum, 2005
Frankie (S. Frank), Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sociology
Justin Horein
Pam Mache
Mai Neng Vang
Ianae Rodriguez
Kerry Kretchmar
Ivonne Hernandez
Emily Frerichs
Ainsley Nelson
Alejandra Juarez
Meagan Abbott
Mai Neng Vang, Graduate Student, EPS
Anais Picarelli
Caitlin Mackesey
Danaan Yo
Sheri WIlliams Pannell, MFA '09
Leah S. Horowitz, Assistant Professor, Nelson Institute
Ahna Skop, PhD Associate Prof of Genetics
Amy Whillock, alum 2013
Ruby Harrison, BS 2012
Katherine Kerwin
Johanna D. Torres
Johanna Torres
Christina Locke, PhD 2014
Maria Sanchez
Mary Jondrow, MFA 1984
Maryann Rehani
Angel Castillo
Mari Jo Buhle
Kirsten Crowhurst, 2011
Alyson Williams
Amber Heffernan
Huckleberry Rahr
Ana Ng
Stephanie Enerson, BA 2010
Alondra Quechol
Erica Rubinstein
Keith Kinion
Renata Jaeger
Sara McKinnon, Department of Communication Arts
Rachel Oftedahl '97
Amina Iro
Jocelyn Yale, BSN 2011
Maria E. Torres-Soto
Rebecca Tatistcheff
Jacob Sanders
Emily Polatsek
Troy Dassler
Ronald Wallacem
Alex LeMay, 2010
Chloe Green
Ronald Wallace, Professor Emeritus
E Her
Reginald Thedford
Douachong Lee, BS '08, MS '10
Jacki Lazorik
Natasha Cornejo
Alan A. Barnicle (MA 2016, PhD Candidate)
Tracy Frank
Lucy Zhao
Alyssa Elliott, 2010
Bianca Tomasini
Connie Showalter, B.S. 2000
Audra Hernandez, Research Scientist-Astronomy
Michael Weber class of 1973
Brandee Easter
David Lanser
Katelyn Hertel
Katherine Curtis, Assiciate Professor of Community & Environmnetal Sociology
Holly Holbrooks, MD- UWSMPH alum
Sarah Barga Pollasch, BS 2000
Mary Matteson Hardin, UW SOE Class of 2009 BS Education
Jenny Strugnell
Eric Schumacher
Kristen Hessenberger Klobucar BS '88
Jennifer Ashdown
Danielle Fortin
Ashley Krueger -Graphic Designer
Forest Kilmer-Johnson
Ingrid Moreno
Heidi Van Landingham
Kyle Russell
Mary Layoun, Professor of Comparative Literature, CLFS
AJ Daughtry Krill
Bobbie Briggs
Kristin Haider
Yenny Juarez Reyes
Rea Solomon
Tim Hawks
Rebekah Willett, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies
Maddie Kelly
Christopher Mohar, B.S. 2006, Visiting Faculty 2010-11
Chris Stensrud, alum
Rachel Rye Butler, BA 2009
Landon Jones
Meghan Cohen
Isaac Jensen, Luther College
Jesse Van Tol, 2016 Alumnus
Cassidy Hartzog
Megan Gnazzo, Graduate Student
Lindsay Simonson
Erin Bosch
Teresa Speciale, PhD Candidate, Educational Policy Studies
Leslie Stone, 2013
Julia Reynolds
Kelsey Christianson
Sarah Kluesner, MS Social Work 2003
Clark Hudmon
Marisa Skelley
Alyssandra C. Chavez
Jayson Tran '86 Alum, Badger parent '13-'17
Amal Ayesh
Matt Reines
Hongyi Sun '16
Katherina Wierschke, BA 2013
Ali Bloomgarden
Arun Kolar, Still Here
Chiara De Santi, Ph.D. (alumna)
Keegan McCluskey
Stacey Marion
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Ph.D. 2014
Sierra Mueller-Owens
Pauline Rouse
Achehleke Fonkem
Eder Valle
Kara Candito
Alison Volk
Rebecca Raj
Lisa Aarli
Alexander Savage
Christin Gates
Rachel Zidon
Ana Dyreson, M.S. '07, PhD x'17
Christo Raines
Judith Mitchell, Professor of English
Adeline J. Wells
Dominique Williams, JD, 2011
Otehlia Cassidy
Martin Howard, BBA 2006
Amanda Schick, MS 2012
Andrew Adams, J.D. candidate, 2018
Fatima Bashir
Sean Hubbard, MSW Candidate; Social Work TA
Jean E Gendreau
Jenny Giang, MD Candidate
Olivia Rico-McKeen
Brandon Garcia
Héctor A. Gutierrez,
Deja Mason
Margaret Meyer
Fatima Nizamuddin
Natasha Lutes
Amihan S Huesmann, UW staff and 2004 PhD (Physics)
Adilene Hurtado
Sara Erdahl
Ella L R Norris
Kerry Zaleski
Emily Nelis
Lana Cottingham
Mehak Qureshi
Kayla Ylagan
Amy Kruger
Julie Benkoske, UW Class of 2011
Anna Muenchrath, PhD Candidate, English
Thomas Meures
Victoria Lynn Guerrero
Yunuen Alvarado, DACAmented
Ami Blasberg
Amy Walden, BS 1982
Jake Blanc, Ph.D. student, History
Daniel Corral, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis Ph.D. Student
Jinqi Wang
Srivi Ramasubramanian
Isabel Pike, PhD student, Sociology
Angela Calvin Riedemann, PhD student
Eunhee Park
Nicholas Schaefer
Bao Lee, MS Counseling-Almuni 2016
Jessa Valentine, PhD, 2015
Billy Welsh
Wing Yi Chan
Kathleen McCarthy
Katharine Strelka
Andrea Cammilleri, MA '06, Educ staff
Kiara Moyett
Lauryn Siebold
Lee Johnson, M.S. C&I 17
Ismael Muñoz
Amy Schneider
Brianna Leitzelar, MS, MA
Audra Hernandez, Research Scientist-Astronomy
Soraya Ronco
J. Petersen, B.S. 1997
Melissa Herriges
Jennifer Morgan
Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen, PhD Student, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Monica Chou
Amanda Schick,
Yu-Li Wang, PhD student, History Dept.
Kate Nosbusch
Khai Galias
Josie Borgen
Melanie Scharrer, MD, Psychiatry Resident
Tomomi Kinukawa, PhD, 2001
Maria Kamenetsky, PhD student, Population Health Sciences Dept.
Rose Gear, MBA 2015
Kelly Simms
Jamie Perez, Class of 2013
Cecilia Gehred
Jay Lema
Dahlia Gonzalez
Jacquelyn Dalton, PhD Rehabilitation Psychology Alim 2007
Josiah Henn
Bree Romero, Graduate Student, History
Vera Pfeiffer, PhD student
Andromeda C. Freeman
Adriana Poterash
Samantha Egelhoff, Class of 2007
Amanda Jane Hoffman, Agroecology M.Sc. Candidate
Teri LeSage
Emily Brunjes Colo, Alumnus
Pamela Herd, Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology
Erick Guajardo
Kelly Morrow, Class of 2003
Julie Horvath
Brendan Hodis, BS 2006
Doug Cieslak UWEC Alumni
Miles Kietzer
Wesley Lorenz - Nuclear Engineering
Lana Mahgoub, PhD student
Robert M. Strong, Professor at UWEC
Sydney McConnell-Durkin, Class of 2012
Tony Barba
Amanda Spalter, PhD 15 Ed Psych, SOE staff
Lori Guderyon, Alumnus 1977 & 2001
Amanda Spalter, PhD 15 Ed Psych, SOE staff
Leia Ferrari, BA, 2011
Emily Skorik
Brett Nachman
Chazz Bracey
Grace E Skarda
Emily Brunjes Colo, Alumnus
Bintou Suso
Melissa Li, Class of 2011
Maureen D. Rickman, Ph.D
Kathleen Downes
Natalie Sterling
Leland Pan, MSW student and teaching assistant
Olga Ringelstetter, Instructor Medical terminology in Spanish
Susan Nossal, Director, Physics Learning Center & Scientist
Mason Fox
Jamie Herb
Sydney Nguyen
Dain Anderson
Savion Castro
Yaseen Ali Iqbal
Megan Phillips, UW-Madison Student
Jessica Gingold
Sydney Bertun - 2017
Megan Drury, MSW Student
Shane Wealti
Hannah Oberman-Breindel (MFA 2013)
Lulis del Castillo, Ph. D, University of South Carolina
Maria Castillo
Aran Lenon
Alida Cardós Whaley, First Wave Alum, BA 2011
Ryann Morrison
Linda (Beer) Kloosterboer (BS 1980, MS 1982)
Sarah Lentes
Subu Ramachandran PhD Class 2008
Iris Alpire
Christy Morrow
Vincent Yeung
Kirsten Hartmann
Cari Hauge, UW Alum 2011
Josue Coronado
Kayla Johnsin
Emily Brunjes Colo, Alumnus
Da'Quan Palmer
Monica Hall
Christina Logterman
Jubin Pakdel
Brandon Steiner
Alexander Cramer ('11)
Bea Jimenez
Angela Botelho, MA 1965
Lavilla Capener (alum '06 and staff member)
Pa Done Yang '16
Adrienne Hagen (MA 2012, PhD 2016)
Lyndsey Thompson
James Casey
Charles Stone, UW Alumnus 2012
Jeung Bok Holmquist
Karen Garcia-Olmos
Emily Brunjes Colo, Alumnus
Angelito Tenorio
Maggie Smith, MSW Student
Emily Brunjes Colo, Alumnus
Katie Phillips
Mario D. George BA Harvard College
Sydney Rosengarten, UW-Madison Student
Abby Hernandez
Katie Murtha
Maggie Grabow Koszewski
Betsy Ezell
Amanda Morrow
Adam Greitzer
Hoyon Mephokee, UW-Madison Student
Kevin Cook
Tara Meyers
Sebastian Gruber Baruth, UW-Madison Student
Abigail Briseno
Dr. Stephen W. Burns - Madison College
Sarah Edbauer, MS, ELPA (2016)
Brittany Post
Diego Villegas, ASM Freshman Representative
Sarah Kervin
Jan Van Tol ('09)
E.B. Frankel, IPiB Graduate Student
Dylan Weir MFA, Poetry
Michael Kaelin
Chee Lor
Jennie Seidewand
Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran
Anthony Gomez
Jiaxi Wu
Heather Reimer '10
Eduardo Herrera
Jakob Gingrich
Lindzey Kobiske, alum and Madison resident
Eric J. Fleming, alum '07
Mara Mergens
Jessica Indresano, BS in Communications, BS in Gender and Women's Studies
Hailey Molina
Ean Quick
Katia Colin
Asia Johnson
Brianna Burnette, alum '14
Eduardo Martínez
Anna Reiser, '13
Christina V. Cedillo
Erika Perez
Rachel Hart, PhD candidate
Kaija Goodman
Vee Yeo, 2015 Alum
Jenna Weidner, MPA alumnus
Alondra Gutierrez
Omar Santana - Dairy Science, PhD Student
Sofie Madden (BS 2014)
Kathryn Moeller
Greg DeZell
Ann-Britt Keillor
Ivan Rosado-Mendez
Ashley Kerst, MLS 1991
Sean Ortega
Egle Malinauskaite
Leslie Nguyen
Sophia Carman, BA '12
Christina Spiewak, graduate student
Jennifer Kish, BS '16
Danny Camargo
Fabio Alpire
Adam Schwartz – Alumnus '15
Eric Willey
Dominique Chestand (2012 Alum)
Maritza Pallo, '15
sofia corelli
Todd Dennis (BS Mech Engr 2008)
Kristen Sparks, BA '07
Michelle Darian
Anna Sumi
Alberto Torres
Lucero Ramos
Erica Halverson, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Diego Armando Bueno
Joe Koziol (BBA 2009)
Kristina Marie Fullerton, Ph.D. student, Sociology Department
Ruth Robarts
Tim Dalby
Lydia Zepeda
Kristin Dalby
Kristina Maki
Mary Ploeser
Charlene Taymor
Aleia McCord
Renee Hirschberg
Emily Lynch
Sarah Delisle, Alum (2006)
Adam Quandt
Sam Kindler
Ian Baird
Kristina Maki
Erica Anderson (BS 2016)
Liza Burkin, BA, 2011
Isabel Bravo
Miranda Zahn, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology
Sara Andrews (MLIS 2011)
Jordan Listenbee (Alum), 2012
Elyse De Laittre, BA, 2012
Maura Johnson
Priscilla Monsivais
Patricia Martinez
Conor McGinnis
Christopher Kiser, 2014
Shuning Liu
Ken Muñoz
Brenda S. Morris
Brenna Conway
Alisha McKay, JD 2013
Claire Zhuang
Dain Anderson
Sowah Lassey
Ashley Painter
Ethan McLeod
Amanda Crim, UW-Madison alumnus, Madison resident
Stephanie Olarte, PhD, Educational Psychology
Kristina Maki
Sara Jeglum, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology
Lorna Knapp
Gillian Drier
Jessica DeKuiper, Cross College Advising Services, M.A. 2006
Quinn Mongeon
Sam Ferdig
Matt Watters
Kelly Orth
Eugenia Contreras Zamora ( MS NEEP,2016)
Clare Schober
Spenser Zwart BS, 2010
Rebecca Romagnoli
Ryan Goble.
Valerie Tafoya
Zig Hampel
Mac Wang Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate
Yang He
Puddy Maly
Stephanie M Campbell, PhD candidate, School Psychology
Katelyn Svoboda
Elvia Jiménez Ceballos
Cornell Zbikowski
Rachael Bird
Virginia Pendleton, 2012
Jasmine Carbajal, class 2011
Cary Harschlip (BA, 2006)
Bryan Unger
Gillian Drier
Monica Lucht MD, 2004
Kristopher Purzycki
Wing Yi Chan
Angela Guarin, PhD student, Social Work
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis
Arlene Bjugstad
Michael Richter, MS Candidate, Secondary Ed.
Aaron Stumpf
Nicole Toepfer UW - Madison BS '06, MS '11
Louis Goodhart, 2016
Michael C. Thornton, professor Afro-American Studies, Asian American Studies and Sociology
Kate Moran
Lauren Wojcik
Christopher Dragga
Lauren Wielgus, MS 2015
Brontë Wieland, 2014
Paige Miller, 2014
Abigail Young
Dan Uttech
Jessica Diallo, BS, 2013
Maritza Hernande
Nimanthi Rajasingham
Jieyao Wang
Pa Foua Thao - UW-Madison Alumna 2008
Audra (Schrader) Prebish, alumni
Leslie Dinauer (87)
Jen Nieblas
Kendra Alexander, Assistant Professor, School of Human Ecology
Melody Waring, doctoral student and instructor in
Ken Flanagan
Hope L. Rutten, UW Alumnus 1999
Alice Ecker BS '05, MS '07
Crystal Willer
Chris Quandt
Molly Costanzo
Sara Wisdom
Eliza Scholl
Emily Lichko
Elizabeth Sawyer
Elizabeth (Swanson) Butler, BS 2012
Rachel Myers
Lauren Poyer, Graduate Student in German, Nordic, and Slavic
Ed Wallace '10
Karyn Clark Chacon, BA 1989
Jessica Snyder
Joslin Musick
Raquel Santistevan
Kirthana Prabhakar
Sarah Friedland
Matthew Guffey
Karen Nielsen
Alison Reinhoffer
Shade Y. Adu
Katie Zaman, PhD Student, Sociology
Alexandra Barringer, HDFS
Jason Batman
Elena Espana-Regan
Ashley Hebgen
Louis Chapdelaine
Brianna Rock
Nelly Quintanilla
Matthew Ebert
James Duff
Gretchen Ellis, MA 2012
Abagail Catania
Nathaniel Woods
Kevin Ghorbani
Erin dietz
David Havas, PhD 2010
Konstantinos Horaites
Adria Brooks, PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, TAA Co-President
Shad Fanta BA '95, MA '11
Amanda Held, BS 2014
Lauren Szafranski
Tim Cavnar
Alyssa Olson UW-Superior B.S. 2012
Ryann miller
Athena Foster, Class of 2006, Former UW Employee, Madison resident
Valeria Navarro Rosenblatt (PhD 2016)
Chris Stephens, Concerned Citizen
Kangli Li
Steven Deller
Jason Milhone
Maritza Valle
Will Cushman, MS candidate, Life Sciences Communication
Zach Dietzler
Kelly Truong
Renee Margulius
Xiaotong Lun
Dayna Long
Joshua Isaacs, PhD candidate, Physics
Mizuhiro Suzuki
Tarsha Herelle
Claire Shaller Bjork
Catherine Fick, DVM 2015
Heather Reimer '10
William Ruchotzke, PhD Student, Physics
Yovannee flores
Tammy Davies, UW Housing Resident
Christopher Olson, MMSD Teacher
Nick Monaco (alumnus 2012)
Karla Davison
Dain Anderson
Karla Davison
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Suárez
Shania Santana
Pedro Garcia
Elizabeth Anna Kozik, MFA Candidate, Design Studies
quinlan scott
Joshua Deutschmann
Jacob Breaker
Jen O'Leary Makovec '06
Glen Water, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies
Danielle Washington, UW Employee
Shira Hirsch
Meredith Penthorn
Rebecca Lyons
Renee Gregory
Meredith Nesbitt
Meghan Golden
Emma Hiatt Wilson, PhD 2014, Rehabilitation Psychology
Leslie Beauchamp, ELPA alum
Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz
Spencer Bernhardt
Juan Carlos Medina, PhD Student, Educational policy Studies
Benjamin Faber
Katherine (Kat) Griffith (MS Ag Econ 1990)
Kathryn Ruth Robarts
Vanessa Sanchez- Alum, PEOPLE Scholar, Madison Teacher
Brett Close
Billie Leff
Allison Chang
Brad Barham
Jan Van Tol ('09)
Jeanette Froehle
Jennifer Woods (MS Cell & Molecular Biology 2005)
Diane Mayerfeld
Jennifer Bezrutczyk
Arash Bahrami
Courtney Ramirez
Audra (Schrader) Prebish, alumni
Joshua Rexroade
Holly Griffin
Mai Yia Xiong
Gilbert Nwaopara
Katy Prantil, PhD Candidate, Italian
Leslie Abadie, Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of History
Catherine Lindskog, Alumna
Maureen Forte
Natalie Lira, Assistant Professor, UIUC
Rosita González
Sunny Schomaker, BA, 2008; MFS, 2010; PhD, 2015
Sydney Loechler
Rebecca Wanta, BSW
Maria Archie
Jeff Captain (BS Biochemistry 2003)
Kristi Nelson
Emma Callaci, undergrad
Ramzi Fawaz, Department of English
Torrin Bechtel
Carrie Ann Welsh, alum
Fatima Saher Mohammed
Carol Oberdorfer, BA 1968
Kate Manegold
Salma Salama
Alexander Hanhart, mathematics
Maria Sundaram, BS, 2009
Sherie Sondel
Julie Plotkin
Johnathan Martinez
Elizabeth (Swanson) Butler, BS 2012
Libby Hallanger-Bernstein
Kelsey Roy
Renee Lajcak
Ryan Plesh, BS 2012
Shad Fanta BA '95, MA '11
Lorena Lopez,
Chloe Kirk
Andrew Dutcher
Jen Brandt
Cara Sauder
Alexander King ('16)
carolyn gantner
Lydia Socorro Alvarez
Jack Tamar class of 2020
James Homsey
Linnea Guerin, BA 2015
Linn Posey-Maddox, Assistant Professor of Educational Policy Studies
Jorge Inzunza, Dual Language Teacher
Eulàlia P. Abril, alumna
Ronald Jetty
Jen Brandt
Sara Erdahl
Rick Burnson, Faculty Associate, Emeritus, Department of English
Francis U.C. Kiney
Tisha M. Rajendra, Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Robin Conkey
Robert F. Freeland
Kay Maffitt
Ryan Maxwell, Whitefish Bay WI
Alessandra Vaccaro, Alumna 2011
Kristin Charipar
Erika Jones, MPA 2011
Evelyn Cuellar
June Paul, Graduate Student School of Social Work
Elizabeth Falck
Laura Hamman
Alberto Vargas
Dylan Crye
Melissa Mayer, BBA 2001
Cristina Fernandez
Karen Barnett, BA 2010
Amber Pollack-Berti, PhD and UW alum
Olivia Anderson
Jenny Saffran, Professor, Psychology & Waisman Center
Angela Botelho, MA 1965
Maggie Danielson
Kendra Nervik
John Heinen
Renee Margulius
Isabella Kilibarda
Lauren Parnell Marino, PhD Student, Development Studies
Andrea B. Lupas
So Yeon Bae
Kristen Reynolds
Angela Botelho, MA 1965
Leslie Dinauer (87)
Angela Botelho, MA 1965
Tracy Iftikar
Laura Bru, MA '08
Andrea Fresen
Jesus Nanez
Kevin Rowe, DO, Alumni 2008
Ashley S. Karlin, Ph.D. (Alumna 2004)
Sarah MacCallum, Alumna 2011
Julie A. Bock, UW Alumni-BA1986, MSSW 1988
Vu A. Bui, BA 2001
Lyton Guallpa-Naula
Carol Troyer-Shank, UW School of Ed, retired MMSD teacher
Maria Pineros
Evan Eifler, alum and graduate student
Benjamin Cain, BS 2004 Physics & Mathematics
Pamella D. Becerra
Barbara Rudolph, Senior Scientist, UW- Madison
Marilee Backstrand '73
Sara Ansell, Community Outreach Specialist, UW School of Human Ecology
Amanda Carrizales, Powers-Knapp Scholar, BSW
Shameka N Powell, PhD (2015)
John Barth
Carlos Ramirez
Juan Carlos Medina, PhD Student, Educational policy Studies
Valerie Kozel
Joel Feingold, University of Wisconsin alumnus, 2007
Angela Botelho, MA 1965
Jenny Pressman, JD 1989
Dominique Bradley- ELPA PhD Candidate
Joy Kwon
Katrina Venhuizen, BAC 2007
Kelly Luskey, developer of the UW-Madison Employee Learning Program, CLS, OHRD
Kathryn Ciancia
Kelly Grandon
Sonja Ingebritsen, pastor, Community of Hope UCC
Britta Lundberg, PhD, '14
Myra Marx Ferree, Professor
Hannah Keeser
Janaé Shuang Hu, First Wave scholar
Kate Dunaway
Merry Farrier, Graduate Student Educational Policy Studies
Kori Brown
Ivan Babanovski, Graduate Student, English
Isael Rubio-Salazar
Cynthia Pina
David McHugh, Alum 2008
Pei-Pei Heikkinen
Mary Biskupic
Melissa Aguirre
Laurie ODonnell, UW alum
Bruce Thomadsen
Megan Jain
Natalie Mena, alumna '15, Graduate Student
Aaron Batker Pritzker, Graduate Student, Physics
Jeremy Beloungy
Kara Zuleger
Kayla Smith 17'
Nathalie Guevara
Catherine Pineda
Isaac Trussoni
Ivonne Milagros Mejía
Jenna Mylin
Pachia Xiong
Ryan Prestangen
Emilio Araujo
Jena Olson, BA 2004 and UW employee 2004-2008
Emma Claire Humphries, MS Economics 1989
Kelly Holmes
Karen Clarke BA Art History 2001
Jan Van Tol ('09)
Kynala Phillips
Karen García Escorcia, PhD Student
Vanessa Rios, PhD student, School of Social Work
Michelle Zacarias
Arie Hylkema
Mariama Bester
Austin Gladden
Josefina Flores Morales
Emma Santoianni
Haley Going
Xi Chen '19
Emma Bahnson
Javier Alaniz
Jón Bragi Pálsson
Javier Alaniz
Mar'Quaan Logan class of 2019, First Wave Scholar
Emilia Tjernström, Assistant professor of Public Affairs & Agricultural and Applied Economics
Ari Rosenthal
Candice Schneider
Sidra Dillard, MS Student, Counseling Psychology
Vorada Savengseuksa, '09, Nutritional Sciences
George Akpan
Rebecca Neal
Brianna Rock
Robin Worth
Patrick Bass
Sohad Murrar (Psychology)
Angela Byars Winstom
Peyton Going
Larina Lebenstedt
Kevin James Baker, Graduate Student, Physics
Todd Sekuler
Joseph Salmons
Sky Chandler, MA
Lindsay Weymouth
Chisato Nii
Johanna Hatch
Jerri McCallum-Schwartz
Brigid Transon (BS 2016)
Douglas Smith, MSW 2016
Amanda Eggen, Research Director, Cancer Health Disparities Initiative
Jacquelyn Gill (MS 2008, PhD 2012)
Spencer Wood, PhD 2006
Rachel Carroll, English
Jessica Simanek
Kathy Mazur
Kris Going
Ava Duren
Thomas Van Camp
Amber Brown
Mark Plane
Laura Perry
Joshua L. Brazee
Brennon Strnad
Donna O'Kane
Maelvi Nunez
Jodi Klink
Kim Moreland
Lailah Shima
Catherine Marotta
Bhaati Holtzman
Matthew Tibbits
Becca Tuholski, Assoc Research Spec, UWPHI
Ann O'Brien
Sue Conway
Patricia Johnson
Rachel Witt, MD (BS 2010)
Ashley Parr
Erin Formby
Susan Kees Johnson
Alisa Pykett, graduate student
Kathryn Prottengeier
Esther HsuBorger
Rebecca Rozek
Joseph Casa
José Laboy, MS Pharmacology 1996
Dominique Bourg Hacker
Phoebe Jordan, PhD student, Educational Psychology
Samantha pha
Jocelyn Kuhn
Nicolette Pawlowski, PhD Student in EPS
Jeremy Beloungy
Mo O'Connor
Jeremy Beloungy
James J. Pancrazio, Professor of Spanish
Jan Stempel (MBA 1995)
Mary E. Fitzpatrick, College of Engineering academic staff
Niwaeli Kimambo, graduate student
Stephanie Starr
Leah Pope, PhD candidate, TA, PA, and GA, English
Drew Greenhalgh
James J. Pancrazio, Professor of Spanish
Aaron Vieth
Jennifer Brown (MS 2002)
Rukiya Swan, Proud Parent of UW Student
Leslie Dinauer (87)
Joselyn Diaz-Valdes
Andrew Jacobs, GDEC faculty
Yer Taylor
Ashley Goethals
James Gleckner, PhD Student, Ed Policy Studies
Rebecca Stillman
Albert Chen
Fanny Moffette, PhD Student, Applied Econ
Joshua Karpel, Graduate Student, Physics
Kevin Davies
Jacob Hollister
Rosario Dominguez
Jenny Saffran, Professor, Psychology & Waisman Center
Brian Nunez - College of Engineering
Anna Floch Arcello PhD Candidate, Composition & Rhetoric
Jenny Saffran, Professor, Psychology & Waisman Center
Sarah Edlund, PhD Student, Anthropology
Maggie Nowicki
Susana Ramirez
Emily Wilson ('15)
Daniel Crow, PhD, 2016
Shannon Juniper Neimeko, Associate Counselor, University Health Services
Vivian Washington
Tyson Pankey, PhD student, Counseling Psychology
Yi-Ping Shih, MS 2011
Molly Noble
Katherine Vernezze
Laurie Holub
Luis Gonzalez
Jessica Regan
Hao Yuan
Jeannette Estruth
Charlee King
Brenda Gayle Plummer, Professor of Afro-American Studies and History
Leigh Arora, Advisor, CeO
Bethany Glinsmann
LeAnna Rice
Bryan O. Rojas-Araúz M.S.
Steven Pomeroy, BA 2010
Thomas Owenby, Ph.D. Student, Curriculum & Instruction
Erica Cummings
Anne Pearce
Maggie Hutchison
Matt Aumann ('12)
Wendy Hoang
Eddie Edelson
Joshua Graham
Molly Kring
Nevine El Nossery, French and Italian, and African Cultural Studies
Michael Shank, Professor emeritus, History of Science
Ruth E. Rosenberg, Alumnus (1997)
David Bresnahan
Ivette Cruz
Shor Salkas ('07)
Jan Miyasaki
Alexandra Burki
Danielle Schmidt
Allison R. Dahlke ('05)
Emily Wilson ('15)
Shawna Kollath
John McCullagh, PhD, Post Doctoral Resident, University Health Services
Margaret Hannah, Academic Staff and MS 1983
Carol J. Patterson
Richard Hannah, UWEX staff, retired
Chris Fuglestad
Ariel Sorenson
Devin Garofalo, PhD Candidate in English
Tricia Fry
Ben Thompson
Randy Gentile
Bella Newman
Leah Braverman ('09)
Olivia Cottrell
Britt Tevis (JD, '12; PhD '16)
Ashley T. Redjinski
Iseult Gillespie, PhD Candidate in English
Barbara Hill, Alum, staff
Stephanie G. Johnson
Jennifer E. Sampson
Nancy Younan
Eleazar Wawa (Class of 2018)
Vikram Tamboli
Peter J. Barbian, MD ('95)
Amir Mohamadi
Aissa Olivarez (JD, '16)
Simon Guma
Sonia Utterbabk
Anne Eichmeyer (BSW, '08; MSW '09)
Joanna Gurstelle
Josh Williams
Kate Wersan
Caitlyn Schuchhardt
Manuel Herrero-Puertas, PhD '16
Emily Fischer ('05)
Elizabeth McNamee
Ana Lincoln, Ph.D. candidate, English
Sumudu Atapattu, Law/Human Rights Program/Nelson Institute
Nkoyo Edoho-Eket, PhD Candidate in Asian Languages and Cultures
Florence Vatan
Helen M. Kinsella, Political Science
Boaventura Santos, UW-Madison Law School
Zach Marshall, Ph.D. candidate, English
Dace Zeps, Staff
Jessica Behling, class of 2015, JD candidate 2018
Carissa Heinrichs
Jose Bien Hernandez
Tyree Bolden
Michael Kruse
Trevor Wirth
Saad Arain
Ernesto Livorni
Melissa Steckbauer ('08)
Emily Swartz
Daniel Jin
Caesar Orellano
Angela Richardson, BA '93, MFA '15
Catherine Dixon Reigel
Laura Bachmann (JD '16)
Gabrielle Tielman-Fenelus,
Valerie Lam
Bridget Gilmore
Martha E. Gaines - Law School
Dr. Tanya Figueroa (BS 08, MS 09)
Xue Xiong
Jenna Lichter, Alum
Christopher Eduardo Castillo
Adrianna McKenzie
Morgan Rae (BA '15)
Andrew Greenwood
Carolyn Sauer
Yasmin Schamiloglu
Nate Olson, BA '05
Ann Josie Golembiewski , BS 2006, MPH 2014
Jaime Madden
Cynthia Farid, SJD candidate, Law
Katie Paulson-Smith, PhD Student, Political Science
Douglas Haynes, BA '96, Associate Professor of English at UW Oshkosh
Daniel Pell
Stephanie Graham, Department of Counseling Psychology
Ritt Deitz (Director, PFMP ; MA 90/PhD 94)
Claudia Schabes
Marisa Gonzalez
Mike Haen
Denae Brown
Caroline Cromer
Kathleen Rause, School of Business
Rachel Jacobs
Lizmeth Sandoval
Vlad Dima
Jai Paguirigan 2008 MA alum
Emily Clements
Calvin de Vogel
Rachel Silver
Amulya Rao
Ellen Sapega
Elizabeth Duxbury (2015 BS Alum)
Shannon Thao
Angela Tomiak
Amanda Pratt, PhD Student, English
Emily Reynolds, 2012 alum
Meghan Kelly
Alexandra Gallagher
Mark Sidel, Professor, Law School
Maryanne Schiffman - JSchool
Jim Cleary, Professor School of Medicine
Steven Mijajlovic - College of Engineering
Samuel Martinez, 2009 Alum
Alexis Petersen, BA, 2005
Megan Pitts, UW-MSW Grad 2016
Caitlin Holzem
Michelle Saney, JD Candidate 2018
Adam Bush-Emmart, J.D. Candidate
Kim Chung
Jacqueline Orner
Natasha K. Araya-Schraner, 2010 UW & 2016 UW Law alum
Dana Holle
Eric Martin
Kurt S. Kuehn
Katie Melchior, PFMP Candidate
Philip Billow
Charity Schmidt
Derria Byrd
Emmeline Lee
David Natvig, PhD Candidate German, Nordic, & Slavic
Tori Peters, PhD student, English
Zachary Walden Chappell
Andrea Palm
Christina Xiong
Heather Shimon (BA 99, MA-LIS 13)
Gypsy Fleischman
Rachel Falk
Taylor Hart, JD '16
Betty Kramer, Professor, Social Work
Ben Hair, PhD candidate
S. Asra Husain
Sarah Hall
Margrethe Hippensteel
Amber Brionez
Carrie Bero
Sofia Ascorbe, J.D. Candidate, '17
Kate Hanson, JD Candidate '18
Kenneth Dizon
Caitlin Yocco-Locascio, PhD Candidate, French
Emily Johnson
Taylor Cole Miller, PhD ABD Communication Arts
Alisha Esselstein, JD '18
Elizabeth Reynolds
Beau Bettiga, J.D. Candidate, 2019
Veronica Sustic, JD '16
Michael Smith
Alyssa Watts, BA '10, current MSW student
Elena McGrath, UW-Madison (PhD History, 2016), Fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies University of London
Brooke Tashner
Rebecca Comfort, B.S. 2014
Vanessa Fletes-Fregoso
Kirsten Maxwell
Michael Hall, UW Law School
Angela Serrano
Molly Schuller
Eileen Dorfman, J.D. 2015
Emily Shetler
Gwen Costa Jacobsohn, Primary Care Research Fellow
Jesus Del Toro
Nan Enstad, History faculty
Malia Jones, Applied Population Laboratory
Claire Luby
Gloria Castillo, M.S. 2016
Kim Kohlhaas
Amy Margulies, MS, LPC, SAC, Senior Counselor, UHS
Mitra Sharafi, UW Law School/Legal Studies/History
Sarah Stoehr
Megan Saucke
Joan H Bongers Martinez
Erica Goodman
Yesenia Perez
David Long, M.S. 1999, Applied Population Laboratory
Eva Payne, B.A. 2006
Africa Lozano, M.S
Molly Kloehn, LCSW
Anna Klar
Shaba Martinez, B.S. 2009 Alum
Shireen Mathews
Joe Fiorelli (2007)
Samantha Litty, PhD Candidate German, Nordic, & Slavic
Eugene Newman
Trevor T Murray
Rachel Ann Brooks
Julia Sun
Ann Elise Trafford
Erin Bartenstein
Bianca Perez
Thuy Dan Tran, UW Alumna 2015
Matthew V Basler
Esmeralda M Rodriguez, PhD Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction
Molly Cohen, J.D. Candidate 2017
Elsa Davids
Montserrat Calixto Contreras, B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Fall 2016
Tracy Mores, Transfer Transition Program, MA 2007
Marjory Givens, UWPHI
Emily Tarver
Josh Davidson, UW-Madison Alum, MSW 2012
Jill Casid
Cara Whelan - Class of 2017
Alejandro Desince, Columbia College '18
Sarah Herman
Joe Dewitt, Alumna 2013
Alexandra Mechler-Hickson, B.S. Candidate, Chemistry and Spanish, Fall 2016
Nikhita Chawla
Dora I Fabian
Anupama Bhattacharya
James P. Leary, emeritus professor, Folklore & Scandinavian Studies
Sue Black, Class 1959
Amritha Jayashankar
Priyanka Sharma, alumna (Class of 2014)
Laura Lee Oviedo
Mickey Nguyen
Virginia Kincaid, Ph.D. Candidate, UW-Madison Biochemistry
Ben Hanley
Manuela Francavilla, alumna
Alexis Steinbach
Gillian Cooper, Masters Student URPL
Neda Almassi
Elise Drott
Christina Greene, Associate Prof./Graduate Director Afro-American Studies Dept.
Siri Carpenter 1995
Anna Feltham, Masters Student, URPL
Garret Hall
Lauren Atonio
Erin Sherman- J.D. Candidate
Holly Howe
Gretta Strand
Rena Newman
Amanda J. Hardie
Mary Kate Gavigan
Sarah Perez
Katherine Bowie, Professor, Anthropology
Jennifer Sloan, BA, 2005
Kayla Falk, BA 2012
Renee Kramer
Abel Arango
Grace Kube
Katherine Jiang
Alma Sida Ontiveros
Anna Campbell, MFA 2006
Rozalynn Klaas
Lauren Prazuch
Deidre A. Robinson, Wisconsin School of Business
Liana Streckenbach
Ezra Knickelbine - Class of 2014
Molly Stacy, J.D 2016
Janelle Ramsel, JD 2016
Ann Groenier Delwiche BA 1968
Larry Nesper
Alma Bartholow
Miriam Eniolorunda JD '16
Pukitta Chunsuttiwat
Kathryn O'Connell
Käri Rongstad, BA 2009, Teacher Certification 2012
Yakshi Ocampo
Keelin O'Neil - alumni
Erica Schultz
Nora Feldman, BA, 2016
Michelle Concepcion
Anna L. Grilley
Alondra Vazquez Rodriguez
Nawa dolker
Yun Smith
Samad Qawi
Jazmin Zamorano
Sophia Diers
Charlene Ngandu
David Martinez-Salas
Rachel A. Schwartz
Claire Wendland
Claire DeRosa
Joseph Hartmann
Kelly Fisher
Kallista Bley
Fenaba Addo
Madelyn Sundquist
Grace Padgett
Megan Kapke
Carlos Ortega
Paigit Souvannnasone
Colten H. Parr
Ryan Holley, PhD student
Blake Rader
Katie Jepsen
Ella Sklaw
David Zimmerman
Hannah Hageman
Samantha Meyer (2010, 2016 alumni)
Kevin Bannerman Hutchful
Krista Brown
Abigail Lewis
Raphaella Hurd
Manvine Bharj
Nancy Schanke '76
Ariel Gomez
Maame Brewoo
Erin Jordan
Brandon Alvarez-Carrera
Jennifer MacLure, PhD Candidate in English
Siv Earley
Phil Hart
Neil Simpkins, Department of English
Mary Pat Rowan UW Graduate BS'65 MS '77
Jessica Vosters
Kelsey Lubick
Krista Eastman
Matt Rezin
Tiago da Silva Ribeiro, PhD Student, Zoology
Arianna Netzky, BS, 2014
James Macario Ryan
Sarah Tirnanic
Christopher Kleinhenz
Amy Clay, PhD Student
Alexa DeBoth, BS 2016
Anita Campo
Jackie Murray
Elizabeth F. Berger
Wisconsin University Union (WUU) Executive Board
Yuni Jeong, Ph.D. candidate, URPL
Mary Anderson BA'02
Donna Shrader
Luke A. Vogel
Caitlin Henning, CALS '14
Brianna Vandyke
Taylor Harvey
Sharon Lewandowski, alumnus
Sarah Almquist
Katherine Rott, BS '13, MS '16
Dominic Marlow
Allan D. Allweiss
Sabrina Gunter, Scripps College '18
Pheechai Xiong
Ian Pope
Emily Semmelman Baseman, Class of '09
Rogelio Becerra-Ramirez, CALS '13
Dana Rasmussen
Luis Pérez-Olguin
Emily Overkamp
Rachel Vierstra
May Wojt
Luis Pérez-Olguin
Linda Gomez
Henrique Nardi, Lecturer
Wilder Deitz BA x17
Maxwell Kornetzke
Holli Wojt
Ksenija Bilbija
Haley Nippert ('17)
Akaila Cabell, BA 2011, MD 2017
Camille Robert
Nicole Lehr
Hugo Moreno Rivas
Paul Airs
Isis de Carvalho Stelmo
Mariam Coker, ASM Vice Chair
Manraj Sekhon
Claire A. Olsen
Katy Nichols
Doen Lee
Kuan-Jung Chiu
Willa Shampo
Anthony Williams '12
Ronnie Rathgaber
Gonzalo Perez Jr.
Cristhabel Martinez
Sarah Fanning
Diana Paez
Aaron Kufner
Megan McFadden
Katie Aragon
Natasha Simon
Sofia Gonzalez
Sarah Gavac, PhD candidate, psychology
Nikhita Chawla
Haley Schultz
Lindsey Houghton
Nicole Nelson, Assistant Professor, History of Science
Mitchell Deitz
Eric Nost
Jonathan Kaspari
Stephanie Formolo
Mitchell R Campbell, PhD candidate, Psychology
Emily Kohn
Norma Gallegos Valles
Sarah Shaw
Minerva S Chávez, alumni (MS 2009, PhD 2011)
Angela Ingrassia, '17
Laura Moquin
Marian Halls
Sara Mattavelli, Ph.D. Candidate
Brittany Bovard Sabnis, MS 2013
Soraya Vaezi, Undergraduate
Alyssa Levy-Hussen, UHS, Counselor
Faith Portier Ph.D. 2013
Lee Rensimer, PhD candidate, Educational Policy Studies
Ellen Marks, Doctoral Intern, UHS
Richard Udell, Undergraduate in Geology
Jessica Drout
Hannah Graham, PhD Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction
Anna Grelson PhD student
Jordan White
Teju Olaniyan
Erica Rooney
Mollie Hockersmith
Deborah Hoffman, Ph.D. 1980
Lisa Rogers BS 1984
Laura Muller, SPT
Francis Eanes, PhD, Environment & Resources
Sarah Olson
Mindi Thompson
Nikhita Chawla
Jane Remfert
Rachel Grob
Majestica Lor
Elisha Ikhumhen
Stacy Kegel
Abigail Horner
Ron Arm
Johanna Hatch
Luka Simmons
Alex Junichirō
Haeyoon Chang, alumni (BS '12)
Nathaniel Kornetzke
Jesse C. Anderson, BA '53, Emeritus Academic Staff
Miriam Paiz
Daniel Feder-Johnson
Kate Merz, PhD Candidate, English
Dana-María Baldwin
Fernando Mandujano, Gates Millennium Scholar 2014
John McFagan
Pahoua Xiong, Class of 2011
Jason Klein
Sarah Betzler, Alumna, MS 2016
Meltem Cengel
Melissa M. Ertl '15
Esau Chavez
Mary Bridget Samson
Rory Shiraishi
Paul P Hartlaub, MD, MSPH, alumnus (1979)
Gillian McBride
Alissa Blair, WCER
Jason-Eugenio Quantro-Plaga
Amber Krueger
Anne Aley
Grace Gustafson-Casteris
Jacob Merkin
Juan Catano Undergraduate In Neurobiology and Psychology,
Stella Lehane
Matthew Kennedy Cullen
Laura Patterson, J.D. Candidate '17
Linda Wang
Alyn McCarty, Postdoc
Michael Bellecourt, Ph.D candidate, Department of Biochemistry
Carl M. Sack, Dissertator, Department of Geography
Kevin Nguyen
Susan Gevelber, '87
Erica O. Turner
Melinda Davis
Carolina Henao
Meghan Kely
Laura Lawler PhD student
Janis Avalos, UW Alumna 2014
John Traeger
Bryan Baxter, BS 2006
Jason Nolen
William Voinot-Baron, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology
Umer Dar
Sara Saleh
Willa Brucaya
Clara Kincaid
Max R. Salick (Alum, Ph.D. 2014)
Sodie Yang
Samantha Meyer (2010, 2016 alumni)
Crystal Gallarzo
Amy Schwab, 00'
Grace Morrison, Graduate Student, Gender & Women's Studies
Nathan Germain
Sara Fahrenholz Rolen BS '05
Jacob Kruse
Haley McNiff
Mary Kirkpatrick
Spring Greeney, PhD student, History
Johanna Hatch
Maria Loy
Rebecca Summer
Nick Dalla Santa
Sarah Quinn, UW alumni
Ricardo Rangel
Jessica Alanis
Kaitlyn Young, PhD Student, Educational Psychology
Emily Reardon- MSW student
Akarath Soukhaphon
Mike Clark, '09
Claire Jablonsky
Ashley Maitland
Amber Cook
Prasangi Atapattu
Hannah Matheny
Shoshanna Rome, MS - Alumni
Jenna Dart, UW Alumna 2015
Eric Post
Kimberly Oamek, Doctoral Student, Curriculum & Instruction
Paras Bansal
Tim Polom
Claire Rossmiller
Christine Richards- MSW student
Cindy Franco
Tiffany Sneed
Adam Behrman, grad student, History of Science
Solly Parenti, Grad Student, Math
Nancy Kendall, Associate Professor, Educational Policy Studies
Paulina García Del Moral
Shilpa Cyriac
Marianna Rivera, UW- Madison Alumna 2015
Yasmin Rodriguez-Escutia
Kiersten Warning, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Olayinka Olagbegi-Adegbite
Ariana Thao
Austin Potrue
Xavier Schultze
Mae Edwards
Joie Ross
Isaac Dopp
Erica Hess, MFA Candidate, Design Studies
Kathryn McCleary
Sara Lipton-Carey, '02
Desiree Taylor
Mary Anderson BA'02
Soren Hauge, UW alumnus, Ph.D. '98
Joshua Glass
Karen Clarke BA Art History 2001
Jill Faterioun
Carter Calderon
Dane Stickney
David Greenwood-Sanchez, PhD student, Political Science
Angela Sutton
Rachel Alter
Kaitlan Moe
Ariel La
Sylvia Eugenia Ruiz
Gabrielle Diekhoff
Henry Schmit
Mary Traudt, BS 2015
Elisa Kaplan, BA 2001
Kayla Falk, BA 2012
Olivia Sanderfoot
Celeste Carroll
Megan McDonald
Guilhem Ribeill, PhD 2016
Annabelle Eggert
Kristin Van Spankeren, 2014
Michael Muszynski
Lilian Blind
Kayla Harris
Elana Orbuch
Maggie Hughes
Jelani Rivera
MaryRuth Kotelnicki, BS 05; MS 08; BioHouse Program Coordinator
Sara Waters
Paula Ribeiro da Cruz
Emily Behrend
Lizzy Roehl
Eloisa Negrete Garcia
Jorge Alonso Santana
Leslie D. Shear
David Hollander, J.D. Candidate '17
Kelsey Stanczak
Zawadi Carroll
Mun Yuk Chin
Evan Fernandez
Nikhita Chawla
Julie Goodrich, BA 2015
Laura Casaregola
Kaitlyn Jackson
Sterling Just
Mary Luu
David A Waters, '78, '83
Chris Moore, J.D.
Bradley Meilinger
Dylan Rath, '07
Mary Kay Richards
Regina Stieber
Jennifer Sendak
Rachel Elfant, BS 2014
Emily Hinton
Ann Brummitt '83
Jenna (Sportiello) Jimenez Garcia, BA '14
Aimee Chan, 2015 alumna
Erin Kitchell
Dani Barker
Sheniyah McKoy
Andrés Matías-Ortiz, 09
Armando Ibarra
Christopher D. Russell (JD-MIPA, '16)
Ruth Trumble
Matt Hooley
Elizabeth L. Miller, '80
Alicia Suguitan
David Ignacio
Megan Bjella
Anne Moser
Diana Cruz, Graduate, PFMP
Sarah Almquist
Kate MacCrimmon
Juan Carlos Díaz-Vélez
Ralph Tavares
Lizzeth Nettesheim
Elisa Kaplan, BA 2001
Alison Wells, UW Alumnus
Keith Steffen
Kramer Gillin
Laurel Stutz
Alexander Heaton, BA History '13
Maggie Calkins
David Gardner, BA '15
Shira Hand
Kit Hand
Jake Carlson
Yuri Miyamoto, Associate Professor, Psychology
Greg Quinn
Abhinav Subramanian
Stephanie Robert, School of Social Work
Sylvie Bisangwa '10
Sarah Chodorow
Adalia Hernandez Abrego
Emily Theiler
Ida Balderrama-Trudell, MS '09, Asst. Director Posse Program
Hemant Shah, Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Berto Aguayo
Qing Liu
Garry Zettersten, brother of graduate student, Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany)
Jennifer Otting, Graduate Student in Education Policy Studies
Susan Dinauer
Iseli Hernandez, PhD student, psychology
Alyssa Geldernick
Jerome Flowers '09
Travis Fox
Julia Kinsey '14
L Hobbes LeGault, PhD student, alumna, CS faculty associate
Kelsey Dodson
Cristina Bahaveolos
Lee Scrivener, PhD student, Sociology
Benjamin Yeske
Gina Kim (Alumnus and lifelong Madison resident)
Jenni Landowski
Lydia Wells
Trey Sato
Julia Hartjes
KyungMann Kim
Alexa Lebowitz
Kerry Strader
Helen Matsumoto
Nicolle Etchart, Graduate Student, Geography
Maria Lee
Falon Deimler, PhD student, SoHE
Andy Stoiber
Mitch Biermann, MD-PhD Student
Elliot Vaughan
Meg Wise
Marcos Navarro
Craig Simenson, BA '03
Eric Verbeten '13
Megan Dowdle
Liz Miller, PhD Candidate, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology
Kimberly Madison, BA '03
Gail Gustavson '15
Shifra Rothenberg
Litzy Rodriguez
Charles Carlin, Department of Geography
Huamei Han
Hannah Kuecker
Rachel Gross
Vanessa Lauber, PhD Candidate, English
Bailey Albrecht
Natalie Sobierajski
Erin Robbins
Lisa Rausch
Elissa Efrat Koppel, Community and Environmental Sociology Undergraduate Major '19
Nate Ela, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Mikayla Lofton, BA 2015
Callie Kutasi
Rose Corley Geer
Emily Hutcheson
Morgan Baker ('14)
Kelly Laskowski, Undergraduate Student, Early Childhood/ESL
Nadia Al-Tabbaa learning sciences
Sarah Almquist
Ali Khan
Erica Ferguson
Sara Thomas
Samantha Nesovanovic
Jessica Wieczorek
Ivan Enzo Cabrera
Ela Kakde, URPL PhD Candidate
Mike Cullinane
Maggi Schrader, BA 2007
Shannon Bashor, ATS
Delaney Heffner
Alice Sullivan
Nisrine Taamallah
Jennifer Vogt-Erickson, MS '01
Zoe Josephson
Jaylen Windham
Kate Diamond
Rosemary Rogers
Gwendolyn Leachman, UW Law School
Camilo Machuca, Astronomy PhD Student
Melissa Luck, BS 1991
Ainsley Rowe Anderson, alumna
Rosemary Rogers
Ainsley Rowe Anderson, alumna
Brendan Loula, 2015 Alum
Nora Waters
Jake Fleming, Graduate Student, Geography
Jihye Martin
Craig Anderson, C&I PhD student
Samira Salem, Community Member
Stephany Vargas - Early Childhood/ESL Undergraduate
Jacob Rich
Janet Beth Schmaltz, volunteer UW WID
Catherine Day, PhD Candidate Geography
Aviraj Bharya
Caitlin Scarano, UWM PhD student
Danny Walzer
Celeste Carroll
Alex Kohlhaas
Mark Ramthun
Courtney Taborn, 2015 Alum
Claire Hietpas
Gretchen Christensen
Vaishnavi Tripuraneni, PhD student
Jolie Dion-Gottfried
Najoua Jouini
Eve Ferguson
Rebecca Reese, BS 2012
Troy Reeves
Karen Menendez Coller PhD Executive Director Centro Hispano of Dane County
Sarah Austin, MPA 2015
Faatima Khan, Alumna
Bianca Rodriguez, Centro Hispano of Dane County and UW Health Sports Medicine Intern
Asma Easa, UW-Madison alum (BA, 2011; MS, MIPA, 2016)
Christina Thuli
LeeAnn Bera, MD 2013
Araceli Alonso, UW GWS
Hayley Archer, UW Law Student
Leslie Shear, Clinical associate professor, UW Law School
Tania Rivera
Tanya Cutsforth
Michal Engelman
Jacqueline Suarez Sacramento Centro Hispano of Dane County
Carl A Johnson, Facility Manager UWCCC
Lauren Deakman, Director of Youth Programs Centro Hispano of Dane County
Alina Üffing
Melissa Behling
Karime Perez Jaime
Barbara Westfall, UW-Madison Alum 1993, Former Ass't. Professor of Art UW-Platteville
Kristin Evans, UW Alumnus 2007
Benjamin Aerts, BS 2014
Emily Hickey, PhD candidate, HDFS
Jessica Liu (Alumnus, BS 2013)
Fletcher Richmond III
Martha Maurer
Andrea Crumrine
Sarah Kuelbs, BA 2016
Christopher Cox
Philip Deming
Mianisha Finney, Visiting Faculty
Brad Postle, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
Mohan Ji
Alison Wineke, BS 2013
Laura Berrey, 2014 alum
David Menendez
Vanessa Zepeda
Doug Walker BA '11
Elise Hopman, PhD student, Psychology
Bronwen Risse-Connolly
Olivia Viets
Brynn Winters
Jamie Gratrix
Tonya Brito, UW Law School
Lori L Nelson
Matthew Donoghue, BS 2012
Becky Rupel, BSLA 2012
Tracy Hubbard
Kate Koberle
Richard Baker
Elise Nagy
Wil Gehl, '15
Amanda Young
Ben Saffran (Alum 2012)
Ruth Cassidy
Shannyn Kitchen, PhD Student, Department of Anthropology
Addie Hopes
Fangfei Duan, Alumna
Emily Van Dam
Michael Gillen, Ph.D.
Jerome Camal, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Max Elbaum, 1969 Alum
Yasmine Flodin-Ali, UW Alum 2014
Taylor Smull
Aviva Wolf-Jacobs
Quinn Buchanan (UW-Madison alum)
Jesus Salas, UW-System Regent, Emeritus
Taylor Polenske
B.J. Ramsay Evening/Weekend Supervisor, UW Law Library
Miguel Emiliano Salas
Emily Torres
Laurel Iber, alum '10
Rista Plate, graduate student & alumna 2010
Kelsey Cleland
Beth Denzel (BA, 2015)
SaeHee Chun
HeeSang Kim
SahngHyun Chun
Catherine Marler, Professor of Psychology and Zoology
Sukja Jo
Hunter Verhulst
Mara Matovich
Olivia Bernauer, 2014 alum
Kaitlin Dunn Knudson
Elizabeth Haynes, Ph.D.
Henry Schipper, 73
Katie Camacho
Joni Baker '16 and graduate student
Theodore M. Kuster (BA 1987)
Calder Johnson-Westfall
Matt Reiter
Meg Healy, BA '15
Daniel Richard
Royce Buehler, MA 1967
Raquel Tapia
John Curtin, Professor, Dept of Psychology
Joseph Wielgosz, PhD Candidate Psychology
Connor Killian
McKayla Tyrrell Kratowicz
Johnson Vang
McKayla Tyrrell Kratowicz
Amy Sampson
Ceci Westbrook, graduate student
Taylor Konkle - C&E Sociology Undergrad
Maggie Sampe, M.S.
Katie Martinez
Avery Salerno
Maggie Ludwig (BSN 2013)
Amir Mashal, Graduate Student
Callan Cooper, DVM 2019
Ellen LeClere
Stephen Greenberg graduated 1972
David Roloff, BA '71
Alison Stuebe
Justin Mohar, 2004
Victoria Clemens, Alum 2014
Emily Wurst
Ken Mate BA 67
Jenny Tasse
Zach Lottes
Tracy Peterson
Meredith Mount
Annie Loevinger Leitzke, BS BME '10, Madison Resident
Kaitlin Hardin
Deborah L. Kerr, PhD Alum 2011
Sylvie Tyska
Allison Foy, PhD Student
Abbey Philo
Jordan Cole, 2012 Alum
Lauren Cole
Jolie Dion-Gottfried
Brittany Bartel, MSW
Bridgett Vanderhoof, PhD Student in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies
Maddie Mathews
Elyse Eastman, BS '13
Jing Wu, PharmD/MPH
Bridgett Vanderhoof, PhD Student in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies
Abby Lindemann
Martha Alibali, Professor, Psychology
Donna Peterson
Tricia Mooney-Fogarty, MSW student
Cory Sprinkel, undergraduate, House Fellow, LGBT Campus Center staff member
Joaquin Villaruz, BS '16
Anne Li
Katie Roster
Alexis Musial
Henry Solotaroff-Webber
Joe Souder
Justin McKetney, PhD candidate
Allyson J. Bennett, Associate Professor of Psychology
Brittany Johnson, MFA candidate, African American Studies
Daniel Ares-Lopez, PhD student
Donna Magdalina, alumni
Salli Martyniak
Liesel Klopp, Class of 2016
Alexander Brown
Justin Vandenbroucke, Assistant Professor, Physics
Noah Pollack
Michael Averbach
Deborah A Burns
Rayla Freeman
Katelyn Harris Lange (BA, 2011)
Robleh Omar
Jele Madalina
Holly Henriksen, BS '15
Louise Zhang, Class of 2011
Melissa Donaldson
Karin Silet , Associate Lecturer, Counseling Psychology
Janelle Winter
Julie Chase
Estefany Gonzaga
Laura Drake
Natalie Bush-Emmary
Katherine Mead
Marjie Crosby class of 1972
Emily Dix, Graduate Student, Psychology
Abigail Degner, Class of 2009
Jeremy Shapiro, 2011 Alum
Anne Reynolds
Alessandra Seiter
Angela Willits
Emily Schauf
Elise Taft, BS '01
Lauren Goodspeed, Graduate Student
Becky Chen
Mikayla Lyons
Gabby Bate
Sarah Gendron: alum and Assoc. Professor of French
Erik Agard
Katie Mcmullen
Ion Meyn
Whitney Nelson, BSW student
Taylor Wilson, MSW Student
Sarah Dimick, PhD Student, English Literature
Mekea Duffy
Tyler Sato
Carrie Pratt, Alumni
Kristin Cannon, Graduate Student, Social Work
Maria de Arteaga
Laura Burns '09
Margaret Richardson, Program Associate EPD
James Eastman, BSW '17
Isaac Sternitzky
Drew Thompson
Allison Scheller
Wyatt Paltzer
Greg Wiercioch
Jane M. Ford Bennett, UW Law School
Christopher H. Pearson Alum '96
Gretchen Stutz, Graduate Student, Social Work
Larry D. Brown, Jr.
Julie Kirsch, PhD Student, Psychology
Julia Mosconi
Ben Power
Dillon Laaker - PhD in Political Science
Bryan McManus
Glen Licon
Alexandra Harvey, SVM Class of 2019
Regina Wagner
Danielle Delaney, PhD candidate, Political Science
Rebecca Alcock
Barbara Westfall, M.F.A. 1993. Former Assistant Professor of Art UW-Platteville
Anna Meier, Ph.D. student, Political Science
Cody Crunkilton, Graduate Student, Political Science
Susannah Tahk, Associate Dean & Associate Professor, Law School
Jeremy Bulman, Graduate Student, Social Work
Sherry Alcock
Frances Leonard, BSW
Anna Oltman, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science
Zach Warner, PhD candidate in Political Science
Barbara Fogarty
Pilar Ossorio
Melissa Sorg
Sarah Gendron: alum and Assoc. Professor of French
Kyle Bunkers
Amanda Straszewski
Gerald Lenoir
Kevin Barrett, graduate student, botany
Angela Bublitz
Alex McAlvay, Ph.D. candidate, Botany
Kristin Michels, PhD Student
Chloe Pak Drummond, PhD Candidate, Botany
Sujeong Shim, PhD student, Political Science
Sarah Bouchat, PhD candidate in Political Science
Maria Camila Angulo, Ph.D. Student, Political Science
Lisa Schomaker, Master's student, Botany
Zachary Michels, Postdoc, Geoscience
Hannah Chapman, PhD Candidate, Political Science
R. Alta Charo, Professor of Law & Bioethics
Dan Klopp
Manali Sheth, PhD '14, assistant professor at Iowa State University
Marsha M. Mansfield
Keith Findley
Nathaniel Rieger PhD Candidate, Psychology
David S. Schwartz, Foley & Lardner-Bascom Professor of Law
Claire Hornacek
Seth Robbins
Kelsey Huisman, Ph.D. student, Botany
Nicholas B. Schmuhl, BFA '04, MS '10, PhD '14
Andy Goldstein
Erin Christmas, B.A. Class of 2011
Abby Juzwik
Courtney Motschman, UW-Madison Alumna
Shelly Strom,
Brian Leitzke, BS '07, MS '12, PhD Candidate - Psychology
Tanya Novotnak, PhD student, School Psychology
Dianne Maglaque
Laura Smith
Megan Conley
Aurelio Espino Social Work Student
Alexandra Wells, Department of Landscape Architecture
Connor Cashel
Emma Harvey
Amy Vatne Bintliff, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology, K-12 Educator
Rachel Bitman-Heinrichs, MA
Michelle Zuehlke, Graduate Student, Social Work
Sydney Grace Ellis
Julia Rennert
Mario Bruzzone, Ph.D. candidate, Geography
Kaitlyn Hopfensperger
Elizabeth Howaniec
Margaret Abel
Edward Hubbard, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Paul Kelleher
William Kolb, PhD. 2001
Stacy Anderson, Ph.D. student, Botany
SK Tay
M. Bruce King, ELPA
Jan Miernowski, Professor of French
Morgan Sparks
Laney Markman
Will Omohundro
Nick Hillman, ELPA
Xueli Wang, ELPA
Rich Halverson
Claudia Persico, ELPA
Genevieve Jacobs
Kari Temkin
Katherine Treankler
Ernesto Cruz (custodial)
Sara Lessans
Laurel Iber, alum '10
Marjorie reed
Brittany Peterson
Kelley Conway, Communication Arts
Rianna Bailey
Louisa Forrest
Jacqueline Henning
Alberto Orellana-Campos, PhD student, Journalism & Mass Communication
Aliko Songolo, Professor of French and African Cultural Studies
Jackie Werner, MSW Student
Kayla Maule, International Student Advisor
Morgan Sullivan, MSW Student
Justin Hager, B.A. '09 and current Special Projects Coordinator for the Division of Continuing Studies
Theo Taylor
Madeline Friedman
Elizabeth Mertz
Sarah Davis, UW Law School
Megan MacLean
Jessica Teniente de Gomez, UW-Madison alum
Alix Brandt
Heinz Klug
Laila Crowe
Aidan Mazur
Brianna Bulski
Dee Grimsrud, MLIS '94
Do Tromp, PhD candidate
Damon Sajnani, Professor of African Cultural Studies
Melody Sain, Ph.D. student, Botany
Steph Tai, UW Law School
Bret Schluederberg
Nora Dunkirk, Botany
Brandon Grill
Emma Peters
Samuel A. Hurley, alumnus, B.S. 2008, M.S. 2010, Ph.D. (2014)
David Hilder, professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Anthony Rinaldi
Shawn Tandon, MSW student
Lilian Meza, BA 1997
Laurel Friedrich UW Alum 1966
Gay Seidman
Ullrich Langer
Maddie Colbert
Elton J Crim Jr.
Michele LaVigne
Karina Rodriguez
Jon Evans, UW Alum 2003
Sarah Hallas
Jele Magdalina
Samuel England, Dept. of African Cultural Studies
Ron Pomper, Graduate Student, Psychology Department
Roberto Ferrusquia
Helen C. Van Valkenberg-Research Laboratory Manager- Retired
Ewa Miernowska
J Ratner-Rosenhagen
Malaika Baxa
Connie Wu
Kate Salamh
Lisa Bailey, UW-Madison alumnus 2002
Diego Villarreal
Peter Timbie, Professor of Physics
Catherine Kitto
Annie Manacher
Ciara Bridges
Nathaniel Olin, UW Alum 2016
Vanessa Vaziri, UW-Madison alumnus 2014
Marianne Bloch, Prof Emerita, Dept Curriculum and Instruction, Gender and Women's Studies, UW-Madison
Emily Ptak-Pressman
Alejandro Estrelles
Olivia Little
Shirley Abbelard
Vickie Rowe, UW-Madison Alumnus B.S.Psychology 2008
Claudia Ortiz
David S. Johnson '11
Mary Jo Sanford. Alum 99
Jorge Santos, Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
José Luis Enríquez Chiñas, PhD candidate in political science
Amy Nordin
Joclyn Tiedt
Anna Ziemer
Joan Davis Alum 72
Kaitlyn Sims, Graduate Student, AAE
Michael Peterson, Art and ITS
Abdul R Khan - PhD Candidate Development Studies
Natalie Eilbert, Postdoctoral Writing Fellow
Robert Antonio Marick
Neil Kodesh
Kevin Gerike BS '12
Joseph Patteson, PhD Candidate in Spanish
Alexandra Mueller, BSW student
Diego Zorita Arroyo
Thu Nguyen
Rene Welch, PhD candidate in Statistics
Joseph R. Tatar II, Ph.D.; Alumnus 2005
Christopher Spahr
Jared Huling
Jeea Choi
Rebecca Cuningham
Pixu Shi
Kyle Tran Myhre '05
Audrey Hansa BFA Class of 2018
Katya Szabados
Kristen Mejia
Adam Gabriel Rangel
Diane Bezucha (2007)
Amanda Sciullo, Graduate Student, Art
Tang Yang
Emily Alcock
Eric Wang
Elizabeth Anderson
Ye Zheng
Jamie Holzhuter '05
Elizabeth Geglia- Alumnus class of 2007
Jack Kear
Eric S. Hoyt, BA Economics 2010
Susie Levy (2007)
Jessica Halpern-Finnerty, alum 2009
Lucerito Gomez, UW Madison Student
Lindsay Anderson, MS Geology and MS WRM,
María Paula González Niño, UW-Madison alumna
Carly Meyer
Joe Maldonado, Chancellor's and Powers-Knapp Scholarship Program, DDEEA
Jodie Honigman
Lourdes Godinez
Madison C. Johnson
Robert Turner, Alum 2015
Claudia Barahona, Class of 2008, BA Sociology/Social Welfare
Ben Sigerson, '07
Annie Hoffman BA 2007
Dana Burchfield Routhier, BA English 2003
Megan Felling, alum 2008
Dali Durazo
Christina DeMars
Marcio E. Sierra - Alumnus 2002
Jeffrey C. Lunnen, MS
Kate Flick
Eliza Bingham
Pamela Rioles
Danielle Varga, '07
Roni Baron '07
William Raimbach
Allison Kahlke
Megan Holler 2009 alum
Mario Carrillo
Angela Kilsdonk, '07
Bridget Manion
Joselin De La Cruz
Esmeralda De La Cruz
Jamie Clayton '06
Delaney Mielke
Raúl Gutiérrez
Alberto Rojas
Javier DeLuna
Jason Nu
Mary Perdomo
Amy Kucin, Short-term Lecturer, School of Social Work
Adriana Konrad
DeMarco A. Bowen
Caitlyn Pisarski, BSW '08
Sarah Webster
Jessica Hatrick
Lennea Rylander, MSW Student
Rebecca Wolfson '06
Angela Delaney
Ashok Kumar, '08
Vanessa Ione Machen, 2007
Dana Daniele '08
Erika Bullock
Martín Cisneros
Saida Chacón-MS Environment and Resources
Pamela Rioles
Carly Knoche
Julie H Johnson
Angelica Ramos
Eva Schulte, UW alum, 1995
Hilary Nguyen, 2007
Adeola A Solaru
Elizabeth Larson '16
Felix Savino, UW Alum 1987
Tracey Abitz
Alfredo Carranza
Evan McNamara
Nouhoum Traore
Ana Esquivel
Janet R. Barrett, UW alum, 1990
Anna Barter, UW alum 2012
Jen Macken '03
Leo Cintora
Claudia Contreras
Julio Cintora
Brenda Cintora
Luke Delwiche '97
Mary Noles, University Staff
Anne Pringle
Joy E Block, UW PhD student, History
Claudia Contreras
Abra Vigna, PostDoc SoHE
Megan Degeneffe - 2009
Lucille Marshall
Jennifer Brier (BA-History 1992)
Megan Degeneffe - 2009
Alyssa Riederman '16
Susana Paiz
Bailey O'Malley
Maria Ortiz
Francisco Marrufo
Susan Hofer
Keefe Keeley
Arely Romero
Robyn Rauman
Danielle Regine Louria Hahn Chaet 2005
Joanna Finstad
Arely Romero
Nicole Piscopo
Jessica Chavez, Ph.D. (B.A. 2007)
Michaela Johnne '16 alum
Sara DeLong
Fabiola Camacho
Francisco Escobar
Jonathan Alvizo
Autumn Kent
Manuel Ortiz
Ashley Norton
Anna Stamborski '16 Alum
Paula Mohan
Trisha King, 2011 alumna
Beatriz Puntos
Michelle Martin
Judith Detert-Moriarty
Amy Kesling
Edson Tamvana Makuluni
Maikou Yang
Bryce Mathson
Cherd Thao
Ellen Weismer
Lauren Dillard
Annie Dutcher
Erick Sheftic, MD
David Coppini
Tiffany M. Jones
Melanie Schmuhl '08
Charlotte Asherman
Steven Miguel Rosa
Michelle A. Smith
Megan McConville
Deanna Scheller
Kelly Collingwood
Susan Friedman, Institute for Research in the Humanities; English; Gender and Women's Studies
Denise M. Della Rossa Ph.D. '02
Henry John Drewal
Polly Yu
Nancy Dolphin
Anais Reyes
Jacquelin Arroyo
Jorge Sánchez
Minerva Abrajan
Anne Stiles, Kingdon Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities
Minerva Abrajan
Jorge Sánchez
Melody Harrison Hanson
Selena Handler
Morgan Sinnard
Ellen Comiskey, UW alum- BS '84, MD '89
Michael Comiskey, UW alum BBA '85
Elicia Rodriguez (Alum-BA '04)
Nicole Bowman,PhD, Research/Evaluation, WCER
Utibe Bickham-Wright, PhD '16
Mai Vang
Chelsea Olson- BA'14
Stefanie Trinkl
Teresa Rock, BS '15, SPT
Carole Kerwin Vincent
Julia Reich
Pravleen Bajwa, PhD student, UW Alumna '12
Jonathan Senchyne, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Studies
Janiece Piolet
Kristy Kelly
Sunyoung Shin
Gianna Hernandez
Carlos Zarate
Tony Jennaro, MS 2016
Pray Marie
Carrie Golden
Ben Ruffolo
Rita German
Luke Urbain
David Gavin Luter
Liliana Teniente
Kate Larson
Excell Williams
Tenzin Lhamo
Carmen Bartley
Rachel Cohen-Deano
Sarah Ann Thomas
Katie Stubbendick Hayden
Karen Floeckher
Jennifer S Logan
Ellen Samuels, Associate Professor
Maritza Gomez
Brady Behrend
Antonio Morales-Lopez
Russell Roman, First Wave Scholar, UW Staff
Kate Schultz UW Alum BA '93
Royce Novak, PhD Candidate, History
Ashley Reinke
Goodson Vue
L. R. Rand
Shannon Longworth
Kevin Ali
Gabriel Rouse
Grace Waring
Laura Moss Gottlieb, UW Alumna
Bradley Sandiford
Mya Berry
Charlotte Goetzka
Anastasia Kois
Cailin Ahnen
Tenzin Sopa
Lachrista Greco
Kelly Thorngate (JD/MIPA '12)
Evan Pelke
Tenzin Chokyi
Peter Gottlieb
Willa Brenneis
Julia Schrader
Luc Fjelstad
Andrew Jarvis
Ashley Wollack
Sabrina Stangler
Elias Lyman
Caetano Araujo
Juliana Montero
Alexander J Solano
Angeline Mboutngam
Lauren O'Brien
Isabella Dozier
Julia Schrader
Lauren O'Brien
Justin Rabbach, Class of 2009
Angela Jiang
Marisol Campos
Brenda Salvo
Molly Clark-Barol
Roger Hinkle - class of 1968
B. Bradford Brown, Professor
Arielle Mora Hurtado
Selena Marie James
Justine Jones
Brooke Klassy
Chelsea Mitamura, graduate student
Jill Olig
Nicole Margenau, employee
Nina Comiskey
Laura Drake
Angie Cunnington
Logan Jimenez
Barbara M Alvarado
Alex Monthie
Megan Heimerman
Nancy Ruggeri PhD '11
Julian Rodgers, Chancellor's Scholar, BA '10

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