AnthrOhio 2019 Event Submissions
Welcome to the AnthrOhio 2019 Event Submission Form! If you are interested in hosting or scheduling an event at AnthrOhio, please fill out all of the information below and we will do out best to include your event/panel into our schedule.
Contact Information
Contact Information will remain confidential with AnthrOhio Staff and be used to keep in contact between Programming and Event Hosts
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Panel / Event Information
The following Information should be entered as you want it to appear in the Schedule for the Website and Convention book.
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Please list all panelists and event hosts in the order they will appear on Schedule. Badge or Furry name please.
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Please write a short 3-4 sentence description of what will happen at the panel to be listed on schedule
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Category: *
Please Select the Category that you event best fits in with.
Does this event contain Mature Content? *
If there is any adult or mature content that is not suitable for minors under 18 years old, select Yes.
Event Space and Equipment Requirements
Please fill in the information below in regards to any special requirements needed to run your event
Time Required *
Please select the amount of time you would like for your event
Preferred Day and Time
Please check all of the times that you will be available to run this event
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Afternoon (1:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
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Late Night (after 9:00 PM)
Room Layout *
Please select whichever room layout is best suited for your event. For example, most events will use the Standard layout, but a Social Event may be better suited for Grouped layout and a Performance Event may be better suited for a Stage layout.
Estimated Number of Event Attendees *
Please list the anticipated number of people to attend your event. If possible, use the number of attendees from your event previously, otherwise please make a best guest. On average a full room is 50 to 70 people in most event space.
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Special Notes
Please list any additional information here that was not entered above. Some things to consider may include additional equipment or time needed to hold your event, which days of the convention you may not be there, preferred method of contact, or anything that you feel would be important to programming to know before you host the event.
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