Do you want to be a part of the training course "If you believe in integration/share your cookie" in Berlin, Germany?
Excellent! Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you better :)

First, here is some useful information about the training course:
- When: From 10. - 19. January 2020
- Where: Berlin, Germany
- Deadline for application: 20 October 2019
- Travel expenses covered (up to 275 €)
- Entry fee: 30 €

For additional information, please contact
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Do you have any experience as a youth worker, trainer or educator? What is your involvement in this field? Do you have experience working with people from marginalized groups as migrants and refugees, LGBTIQ, Roma etc.? *
Feel free to give us an example or an anecdote about your activities.
Do you have some experience with or previous knowledge about the topic of interreligious dialogue, or with the Loesje methods? *
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