Summer Co-op Academy
Established in 2015, CoFED Summer Co-op Academy (SCA) is a cooperative business boot camp and team-building space that promotes education for transformation and liberation. It is a weeklong, game-changing experience for folx 18-30 seeking to learn more about food co-ops, community-centered food systems, and gain critical skills in cooperative development and collective liberation. Students graduate from SCA ready to take their social justice visions to the next level, with new tools, connections, and questions to lead with love.

The next Summer Co-op Academy will take place July 27- August 2 at a location TBA. We accept applications from teams of 2-3 folx and have limited spots for up to 6 teams. Your team should apply if:

1. 2-3 members can attend the full program
2. Everyone is age 18 or older

Summer Co-op Academy is Education for Transformation and Liberation
“Education should enable young people to function productively and meaningfully in society and give them the tools to change society.”

“Education should enable children to possess their own lives instead of living at the mercy of others.” —Charlie Cobb Jr.

We look forward to reading your application!
Before we get started, if you haven't already, please read our application guide here:
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