Transcript Request
This form is ONLY to be filled out by CURRENT Glencoe High School students and CLASS OF 2021 Graduates. An official copy of your transcript will be sent to the College/University/Organization and address you indicate on this form. If you indicate this is for personal use, a copy of your transcript will be sent to the address you provide. You can also provide an email address in the address field if you need a .pdf of your transcript sent. ALL OTHER GLENCOE GRADUATES need to request a transcript online through the Hillsboro School District Records Management Department. Please contact Mrs. Lanthrum at if you have any questions.
I understand this transcript request form is ONLY FOR ONE College/University/Organization. If you have more than one College/University/Organization you need your transcript sent to, please fill out ONE FORM FOR EACH College/University/Organization. (You may also separately request an unofficial copy of your transcript for personal use.) *
First and Last Name (correct spelling please) *
Student ID # *
E-mail address in case you need to be contacted by Glencoe staff (one you ALWAYS check) *
Current Grade Level *
EXACT name of College/University or Organization this is to be sent to. (If this request is for a personal copy, please write "send to home"). *
EXACT street address of the Admissions Office at this College/University, or EXACT street address of this Organization (example: 123 Main Street). Please provide your home street address if this copy is for personal use. If you need a .pdf of your transcript, please list an EXACT email address to send it to. *
CITY, STATE, and ZIP CODE of College/University/Organization/Home *
Date transcript needs to be sent by? *
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