Orange County Food Council Membership Application
Please review the Council Member Expectations before submitting your application.

General Expectations
1. Support the council’s mission, purpose, goals, policies, and programs.
2. Serve actively on the Council and workgroups.
3. Provide input and feedback to the Council.
4. Attend activities and events sponsored by the Council and be a representative of the Council.

1. Prepare for and participate in Council and workgroup meetings including organizational activities.
2. Ask timely and relevant questions at Council and workgroup meetings.
3. Express personal conscience and convictions while supporting the majority decision on issues decided upon by Council.
4. Participate in voting procedures within the Council.

Attendance and Participation
1. Make every effort to attend Council meetings, missing no more than two meetings in a 12-month period (Council meets monthly).
2. Suggest agenda items for the Council and workgroup meetings to ensure that the mission and goals are met.
3. Share information with the Council on policy, events, and opportunities for Council participation in the community.
4. Provide up-to-date contact information for Council use.

The Council will be a 100% volunteer organization. The Council will be responsible for all administrative tasks, determining meeting structure, communication methods, goals and objectives, and workgroups.

Stakeholder Group Representation -Please rank the top 3 stakeholder groups that you represent.
We are striving for a Council that is representative across race, age, gender, economic status, and geography. If you would like to provide the information, you will help us select a Council that is representative of the community. All information will be treated with respect and kept confidential.
Age (years)
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Race (select one or more)
What is your household income (before taxes are taken out)?
Why do you want to serve on the Orange County Food Council?
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What experience/ perspective would you bring?
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What networks/ groups are you connected with that could potentially help us with outreach and advocacy?
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Membership on the Council will require regular meeting attendance of the full Council (plan on 10-12 times per year) AND participation in at least one workgroup that may meet more frequently AND out-of-meeting work, including email, community meetings, research. Do you agree to make this time commitment?
What is your full name?
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Where in Orange County do you live or work?
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