Wiki Loves Monuments - Reflection
In 2019, Wiki Loves Monuments we will celebrate its 10th edition. As we will be celebrating this lustrum, we would like to use this opportunity to reflect on the years behind us and learn how we can improve Wiki Loves Monuments.

We have created a short survey to ask you to help us learn about the areas that we can do better within our mission: to freely document and raise awareness about the monuments, increase contributions to Wikimedia projects, and bolster local Wikimedia communities. We still want to do all of this through an annual, federated, global, low-barrier photo competition, please keep that in mind as the frame we'd like to operate under. While your thoughts and recommendations about any aspect of Wiki Loves Monuments are welcome, we will be paying extra attention to recommendations that can help the contest become more global: to help us empower more people from more diverse demographics to join the project, as organizers, jurors, participants, and beyond.

Thank you for your time in advance.

Wiki Loves Monuments International Team

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What is Wiki Loves Monuments really good at achieving?
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What are the areas where Wiki Loves Monuments needs improvement?
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For each of the areas you listed in the previous question, tell us specifically how we can improve the contest?
While having a list of areas to improve is great, we also need your input as how you think those areas can be improved. This is important as the environment we operate in is complex, and not always we can find solutions for the improvements suggested.
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If you have suggested a change in Wiki Loves Monuments, please let us know if you are willing to volunteer to work with the international team to make it happen. For doing so, please add your username along with the subject you want to help us with.
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