NewGen Peacebuilders- Metro-Charlotte, Spring 2018 Application for Participation
Program Overview
NewGen Peacebuilders is a global youth peace education program that emphasizes the role, value and impact of young people ages 14-24 in achieving a peaceful world. The program engages high school and university students in tangible efforts to create peace.

NewGen Peacebuilders trains and equips high school and university students to: 1) Truly understand drivers of conflict and peace; 2) Imagine innovative solutions that create change; 3) Take action to address an issue impacting quality of life in a community or communities. The result is empowered young people who are equipped to actively resolve conflict and build bridges for the rest of their lives.

SPONSORSHIP: Rotary District 7680 is a lead sponsor of NewGen Peacebuilders: Metro-Charlotte, Spring 2018. Their support provides full scholarships to cover costs for students who are invited to participate. Students who complete the program become certified NewGen Peacebuilders and qualify for recommendations for awards, scholarships and more opportunities, including connections with alumni in multiple countries.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: The NewGen Peacebuilders- Metro-Charlotte, Spring 2018 program will accept up to 75 students (grades 10-12 in 2017-18 academic year) from a diverse set of high schools in the Charlotte-metro area. Up to six students will be selected from each participating school. Students participate in this extra-curricular program with support and encouragement of key school advisors and parents/guardians. Two of the workshop days take place on Friday. Participants receive an excused absence from school. In some cases, NewGen Peacebuilders qualifies participants for community service/academic credit from some teachers/schools.

Youth peace education is not just a strategy for the future. Today’s young people have unprecedented awareness of global issues, access to information and technology, and energy for questioning traditional methods of problem solving. NewGen Peacebuilders equips young people to be informed agents of peace right now.

The NewGen Peacebuilders team looks forward to reviewing your application!

NewGen Peacebuilders Overview Video (5 mins)
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