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If you are inquiring about a Tax Exempt purchase, you will want to start here. After filling out the information in the Quote Generator, a quote will be emailed to you that you can use to create a Purchase Order from your organization. You'll be able to pay via whatever means you prefer, but we do require a Purchase Order in place so we can coordinate all of the elements on our end. Please fill out this form to create a quote if you're looking to purchase a kit through tax exempt funds. This does NOT place an order, it only generates a quote to help you get the PO process going.

Please note that Quotes are for U.S. Orders Only.

Our W-9 is located here:

Our Sole Source Letter is here:

All orders are currently taking about one week to process and ship.

Use this to complete any necessary information on your end. If you need any further information, please use the contact

Breakout Inc.
Po Box 280 - 696 Old Bethpage Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
646.881.4082 (voice)

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***NOTE - Each full Breakout EDU kit comes with full platform access for a single user and costs $150USD
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***The School Bundle is 6 Breakout EDU kits with full platform access for a special of $800 USD.
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*Each kit already comes with access. Use this field only for access beyond the number of kits purchased. If you don't need any additional licenses, please put a 0 (zero).
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