8th Grade Course Requests for 2020-2021
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Core Courses

All students are required to take the following Core classes. These classes will be assigned for them.

English Language Arts (Year-Long)

Math (Year-Long)

Science (Year-Long)

Social Studies (Year-Long)

PE (Semester-Long)
YEAR LONG -- 8th Grade Encore Elective Descriptions
8th Grade AVID
**Teacher signature required.** AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students are selected to enroll in the elective after an application process. AVID is designed for students in the academic middle who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. Students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college attainable. The AVID program at JSMS provides enrichment in a progression from 6th through 8th grade for students who wish to remain two or three years, but no prior enrollment is required. Students may enroll in AVID at any point during their stay at JSMS.

8th Grade Band
This is a yearlong course for those students who have begun learning an instrument prior to 7th grade. It is designed to provide continuing practice and review of music essentials that will prepare them for advanced band. Group performances may be required outside of school hours. Student attendance at public performance is mandatory.

8th Grade Choir
This class is meant for intermediate vocal music students who wish to continue to grow their singing technique in preparation for advanced choir arrangements. Group performances may be required outside of school hours.

8th Grade String Orchestra
This year-long course is designed to provide students who play a violin, viola, cello or string bass an opportunity to refine prior playing skills and learn new skills in a performance ensemble. Students may need to purchase a music book for this class, and they will learn to perform as part of a group. Group performances may be required outside of school hours.
YEAR-LONG Encore Electives - Select ONE of these options *
SEMESTER AND QUARTER-LONG Encore Elective Descriptions
8th Grade Drama
This course is an expansion of Intro to Drama, however prior enrollment in Intro to Drama is not required. This class is designed to challenge students by exploring areas such as monologue, character interpretation/development, and improvisation. Set design and stage presence may also be explored.

8th Grade Leadership
This course examines the principals of citizenship, leadership, and student government within the school and community. Students in this class will be involved with planning student activities and assemblies, and assume leadership roles within the school.

Intro to Computer Science (PLTW)
Collaborate to create mobile apps that make a difference in people's lives. Solve real people's needs and
wants with your creativity. With a gentle introduction to programming, you will learn how to make
computers work together to put your designs into practice. Students will develop these skills in App
Inventor and the Python programming language.

Automation & Robotics (PLTW)
Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.

Sculpture/Ceramics $15 lab fee
Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design as they create works of 3-dimensinal
art utilizing the processes associated with paper, wire, paper mache, clay, etc. With clay, we will focus on
hand built construction of pottery by covering the pinch method, coil method, and slab method as well as
learn about different types of glazing techniques, and how the firing process works.

Advanced Wood Technology
Prerequisite: Wood Technology. This class will cover advanced woodworking processes.
Students will utilize all woodshop machinery including the table saw and panel saw. Projects will include:
furniture production and design; CO2 car competitions. Instruction will focus on fine woodworking
techniques, problem solving and quality craftsmanship. Students may sign up for both Wood Technology
and Advanced Wood Technology, as a progression. Their admittance into Advanced Wood Technology
2nd semester will be dependent upon their grade in Wood Technology 1st semester.

8th Grade Weights/Conditioning
This is an advanced physical education elective that is designed to facilitate overall body strength and condition. Proper lifting and safety techniques will be a focus as students strive for a high level of physical fitness. Students will be expected to set and pursue goals for self-improvement.

Wood Technology
The class provides general skills instruction for hands-on operation of wood working machinery including band saw, belt sander, biscuit jointer, drill press, edge jointer, jig saw, lathe, miter saw, radial arm saw, surface planer, and various hand tools. Instruction will include both text readings and review with extensive instruction and demonstrations provided by the teacher. Projects include a variety of household items that can include lather turnings as barbecue handles, baseball bats, bowls or candlesticks. Other projects like benches, birdhouses, clocks, chairs, chopping boards, coat racks, planters, shelves, table units, and wooden toys may be offered or chosen by students. Activities will include students designing each project, making a multi-view plan, developing a materials listing and pricing sheet, wood selection, mark-up, cutting, gluing, assembly and finishing procedures. Class focus is on safe working procedures with quality and craftsmanship encourages on all projects.

Teacher/Library Assistant
**Teacher and office approval required**. The opportunity exists for qualified students to assist with clerical tasks and errands in a number of areas in the school, including teachers’ classrooms and the library. Interested students must fill out an application from the counseling office to be considered.

Office Assistant
**Office approval and GPA of 2.5 or better required for 8th graders**. Current teacher recommendation required for 7th graders. In this class, students will have the opportunity to learn skills that will assist them in the future job market. Course responsibilities may include answering telephones, assisting students and staff, filing, delivering passes, greeting visitors, and more. Students are expected to be responsible self-starters in this class, and must be able to voluntarily fill any downtime with schoolwork. Students’ attitude and work must be high quality, as they will be representing John Sedgwick behavior to students and visitors alike. Interested students must fill out an application from the counseling office to be considered.
Please RANK your Encore choices 1-5 below
Below are your Encore options. Due to the limited amount of room in each Encore class, you may not receive your first choice. The computer will generate your schedule based upon your ranked Encore class requests.

** Math or ELA Support classes are assigned for students who have not met state or district grade level standards. If assigned, these classes would take the place of an Encore elective.

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Academic Support Courses
Academic Support courses are assigned for students who have not met state or district grade level standards. Academic Support courses take the place of an Encore elective.

Language Arts Support
It is the goal at John Sedgwick Middle School that all students be effective readers and writers who read and write at grade level. Students will be identified using STAR and SBA testing data, district reading assessments, and teacher/parent recommendations. Students will practice strategies to become more fluent, confident readers and writers. Language Arts Support takes the slot of one Encore elective, and may be taken for multiple quarters or semesters.

Math Support
It is the goal at John Sedgwick Middle School that all students be proficient in math. Students will be identified using SBA testing data, math baseline tests, and teacher recommendations. Students will learn strategies to improve math skills along with becoming more effective math problem solvers. Instruction will support student progress in the regular math class and will involve pre-teaching and re-teaching regular math course concepts targeted to each student’s identified needs. Math Support takes the slot of one encore elective, and may be taken for multiple quarters or semesters.
I would like to receive an application and be considered for one of the following options. Respectful Citizenship and Responsibility for Learning Work Habits scores must be a 3 or higher.
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