USLA Fishing Derby: July 11-26, 2020
To Enter the Derby ...

Submit up to five (5) photos measuring fish you caught from July 11-26, 2020.

Read the Rules:

Adult Anglers:
Youth Anglers:

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out this form to submit an entry. At the end of the form, you'll be asked to submit the fish photo file via email to:

Enter as many fish as you wish right now - one form for each fish. Return to this form to add more fish later during the Derby Weeks. Remember, no more than five (5) entries, total, will be accepted from an individual participant.

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Fisherperson's Name *
Fisherperson's Age *
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IMPORTANT: Every entry you add below must show your fish next to a ruler to confirm its length.
Describe Your Fish Photo Entry Below.
Return to this same form again to enter up to 5 entries for the Derby. You will receive an automated email back confirming we have received each entry.
Photo File Name (eg MyName_SunfishNumber1.jpg) *
Species of this fish *
Approx. date caught *
Length (must be verified by measurement stick shown in your photo) *
Send your photo files (JPEG, PNG) as email attachments to:
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Click SUBMIT below to send this form. You will see a link to submit more fish entries now or later if you like.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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