Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover Predators Feedback Form
Thanks for helping us test our newest proposed project! Your feedback will be vital to us as we improve this site and promote it as an official Zooniverse project.
How easy or difficult did you find the task?
Did the help text adequately explain how to use the interface to complete the required tasks?
What do you think the project’s goals are, based on what you’ve read?
It’s important volunteers have a clear idea of why they’re being asked to participate.
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What additional information or capability would you find helpful or interesting?
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How did you work through the classification interface? What steps did you take when viewing each image?
Was anything harder than it should have been? Did you find anything too repetitive?
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Did you find the additional information on other pages useful?
E.g. the 'Research' page or external links
In your opinion, is this project suitable for the Zooniverse?
For example, think about possible ethical or legal concerns
If you answered 'No' to the previous question, please tell us why.
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Do you have any other comments on the project?
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If we decide to launch this project publicly, do you think you will take part?
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