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Welcome! I'd love to get started on working for you in completing some content creation for you to utilize on your site! Please note that by completing this form, it is only an inquiry to my available services and not a completed contract.
After review, I will contact you via email to give you an hourly estimate and finalize any details and contract.
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The hourly rate for my services are $40/hour *
After review of the form, you will be sent a free estimate of hours needed to complete the tasks. This form is not a committal by either party. A separate contract will be signed and agreed upon before work is begun.
Would You Like Exclusivity Rights? ($60/hr)
Every piece of content I write is unique and NEVER duplicated or copied. I do my best to match your tone and style of previous posts to help ensure this. However, same keywords may be requested by clients over time. If this happens, similar keywords (pending content plan) may match (but actual writing and content will not). If you would like to secure the keyword that you request as unique to you, I charge an exclusivity rate. This ensures that no other clients can request this same keyword. (Further details will be determined via the final contract). Would you like exclucivity rights for your main keyword?
An installment of half the quoted fee is required upfront to secure your slot and timeframe. The remaining balance is due at a maximum of 30 days after completed project. Payment is required via Paypal or Stripe *
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