Tech Stars: Robotics -- Complete Registration
PEC Digital Inclusion Presents:
Tech Stars: Robotics
an after school program for students in grades 5-8 interested in programing and electronics.

SPACE IS LIMITED -- Call 267-777-5816
Apply online at
3:30-5pm Mondays - 3939 Warren St

Please complete this form to be considered for acceptance to Tech Stars. If accepted, you may be required to complete other application components including a medical release form, transportation permission slip, media release form, report card release form, behavior agreement, and parent agreement.

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Although the survey section is all optional, we strongly encourage applicants to provide the information requested. It helps us to report to our funders to continue to provide free programs.
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Writing Code
Working With Robots
Making Web Pages
Other programming languages
Graphic Design
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Please note: Your child may be included in photographs of program activities used for promotional and other purposes by PEC. PEC is not responsible for Tech Stars students outside the stated hours of the program. Students must be picked up by parents or leave the Families First building at the programs conclusion. *
(Parent) I have read and acknowledge the above statement. My child may be photographed. I will arrange transportation for my child and or they have permission to leave the Families First building unsupervised.
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