Reponse 03 Preorder Form
Hello! Want to preorder the third issue of Response? Fill out the form below!

Why preorder? It saves you shipping! Blurb is great, but their one-off shipping costs are ridiculous. You'll still receive your issues in a similar timeframe (though maybe slower -- the USPS is still a little bit on the struggle bus, also I ship via media mail), and you'll also help us keep a slightly larger proportion of the profits so we can continue to make the journal and buy our contributors and editors dinner (we can't technically "pay" them so we send them money so as to "buy them dinner" as thanks).

Preorder copies are $15/each. This price includes shipping. Preorders will close on Monday, April 26

If you have any questions, just shoot us an email at response [at]

Also, we need your email address to confirm the order. We won't sign you up for anything. We may send you a link to sign up for a mailing list in the confirmation email, but maybe not. We still need to actually set up a mailing list.
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