National Scouting Historian Summit 2019 - Waitlist Registration Form
As of February 5, 2019, Adult Registration for the Historian Summit is FULL. Adult Waitlist registration is now open and we anticipate an unknown number of members on the waitlist to be upgraded to registrant between now and the beginning of June.

Youth Registration remains open. If you are a youth (under 21), you may leave this page by clicking the link below for youth registration on the Philmont Training Center web page:
( There, you will be able to sign up directly by following the instructions.

We are accepting Adult Waitlist Registrations for those interested individuals who would like to join our program. Please fill out the form below to be added. Waitlist registrants’ will be assigned a priority number. The sooner you register on the form below, the better your priority number will be. So don’t wait.

No deposit is required to register on the Adult wait list at this time. You will be notified if and when your waitlist registration can be upgraded to full registrant, at which time you will need to place your deposit and pay the full registration fee of $550 to the Philmont Training Center. Further instructions will be provided to you at that time.
To learn more, please visit the Summit’s website at

For questions, contact the National Scouting Historian Summit Team via our website at

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