Brookhaven Resident Survey on MARTA Development
High Density Development and MARTA…. We want your opinion!

Whether you are for, against, or somewhere in the middle your voice should be heard. Your survey feedback is important so that your City Leaders know how you feel about this 50 year decision. This survey will ask for your name and street for verification purposes at the end to verify that you are a resident of Brookhaven. An email address is required and will allow us to provide you with a summary of responses at the end of the survey. We will not include any identifiable information in the summary and you can opt out of any further communications if you so choose.
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey!
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1) I believe that Brookhaven is on the right track with development overall.
2) Overall I am _________ the higher density developments being proposed in Brookhaven in the Dresden / Peachtree area (MARTA Station area)
3) Specific to the Peachtree Road side of the tracks, do you prefer a building as specified in the Comprehensive Plan and Overlay that will not exceed 100ft or 8 stories in height and must have multiple types of materials such as brick and stone?
4) If you prefer a glass building on Peachtree are you in favor of a 25% increase in height to allow an 8 story 125ft building (10 story equivalent).
5) How important is it for "Street Trees" to be a part of the Peachtree Road frontage on any new developments - as in a 5' ft buffer with trees between the sidewalk and street
Very Important
No trees should be planted
6) Should the parking for the Office Building be under the building with Peachtree entrance / exit or on the other side of the tracks with entrance and exit Dresden and Apple Valley only?
7) On the Apple Valley side of the development, the two buildings flanking the open space will be 6 stories. Do you feel that this height is appropriate for the location?
8) Which if any of the following components of the development would you like to see be tweaked / changed? (check all that apply)
9) Regarding the components in the previous question(#8) - what would you like the city and MARTA to know?
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10) If you could design the MARTA Station Development - describe what you would like to see.
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11) The traffic studies show that some intersection traffic will improve and some will be worse (left turn from Peachtree to Dresden). What if any suggestions do you have that you would like to share with the city?
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12) Sewers are currently a responsibility of the County and the city has minimal say in what can / can't be handled with current capacity. Knowing this are you concerned with current development taking place or do you think that it will all work out?
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13) One way the sewer and infrastructure expansions can be paid for is with tax abatements for these developments - which would likely result in tax increases for citizens of Brookhaven. Is this an acceptable plan to allow the current development boom to continue?
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