Greentown Launch Mentorship Application
NOTE: Interviews for new mentor candidates are currently on pause due to overwhelming interest. However, we encourage you to submit your application for consideration when interviews resume.


Greentown Launch is Greentown Labs' flagship in-house accelerator program. It helps startups pursue partnerships with established corporations, understanding that corporate partnerships are one of the most impactful ways for climatetech startups to scale.

This mentorship opportunity is to provide impactful ongoing support both virtually and in-person to startups participating in Greentown Launch programs.

We're looking for mentors with expertise across startup creation, growth, and corporate partnerships, and diverse perspectives and experiences. Employees of current Greentown member companies are not eligible to serve as mentors; instead, these individuals can reach out to the Greentown Community team for ways to provide support and guidance to their fellow member companies. Employees of Greentown alumni companies (former member companies who have graduated from Greentown Labs) may apply.

Please note that we receive many applications and are unable to follow up individually with each applicant. This does not change the fact that we deeply appreciate your interest in giving back to our community.
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Thank you very much for applying! Interviews with our program team happen on a rolling basis. Unfortunately we are not able to interview each candidate, but we very much appreciate your support of the Greentown community.
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