We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Gender Justice Awards!

We love any opportunity to come together to celebrate the dedication, talent, and brilliance of our communities, and the Gender Justice Awards is definitely one of our favorites!

The 2019 Gender Justice Awards will showcase the activism of Trans, Gender Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, and Allied activists, artists, writers, and community members who have made incredible strides for trans, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people in the Pacific Northwest.

The Gender Justice Awards are a community nominated awards program. Decisions about who receives awards are finalized by the awards committee, which includes past recipients and members of GJL's staff and board of directors. The Gender Justice Awards are an opportunity for us to come together to celebrate the dedication, talent, and brilliance of our communities.

Prioritizing Underrepresented Groups
Gender Justice League seeks to elevate the profile and voices of communities members who are not as often celebrated even within trans communities. This means that our awards committee will be looking to elevate people of color, youth and elders, those with disabilities visible and invisible, immigrants and refugees, low-income/working class activists, and feminine spectrum people, women, and girls. We especially would like to see nominations of people from these groups.

Because the Gender Justice Awards is a community nominated awards program, we need YOU to nominate awesome community leaders and members, peoples' whose work you've have witnessed and believe should be recognized!

Who should you nominate?

We are looking for individuals with a strong commitment to community, organizing, or representation of trans and gender non-conforming people. This form is intended to collect information to help our nominations committee make a decision about who should receive recognition this year. Remember: we will continue to recognize people in the years to come!
Past Year's Award Categories
Our awards change every year to meet the needs of our community. Here is a short list of past awards that we have given - we invite you to use this list to get you thinking about who you would like to nominate. There will be a space where you may enter your own award title if you wish!

Is focused on elevating the profile of an activist under the age of 24 and recognizes the hard work of young people who are active in their school and/or local communities. The ideal candidates will have demonstrated leadership or success in a project or community effort that has shifted or started a conversation about gender justice.

Artists, writers, and performers inspire and challenge us. They reflect and humanize us to broader audiences. They call us to action with thought provoking pieces and performances. This award will focus on a celebration of the spoken, written, visual, and performed manifestations of gender justice. This award is ideal for people who have done outstanding spoken word, provocative paintings, dramatic plays or performances, or made a huge impact in the arts community as an out trans artist, writer, or performer.

Gender justice is a multi-front struggle that incorporates work done by many organizations, business, and groups. This award may be given to trans owned businesses who are giving back to their community, collectives of artists or activists making an impact, or businesses who have dedicated themselves to support gender justice. This award will not be given to organizations who harm other marginalized communities as we seek an intersectional approach to businesses, organizations, or groups.

Trans communities have long been disproportionately impacted by HIV and AIDS while being simultaneously largely ignored in prevention, testing, and education efforts. Trans communities have complex relationships to health care. This award recognizes the leadership of medical, mental health, social service, or community based providers and activists who have made a huge impact on health care justice for trans communities. This may be an individual provider, a health educator, a policy maker, or community organization innovating services for trans people.

Public policy has long been used to oppress trans, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people. This award seeks to recognize individuals who are building political power for trans communities or shape the way public policies impact trans communities. This award may be given to an elected official, a community activist, or coalition building political power for trans communities.

Allyship is a verb, not a noun, and nominees for this award know this. Ideal candidates for this award have demonstrated humble ongoing actions in support of trans and gender justice. Either activist operating in other movements advocating for the inclusion of trans voices or longstanding impactful activists who have made significant strides within gender justice for trans movements. The Allyship awards will only be awarded to non-trans identified individuals.

Too many dedicated, brilliant and talented activists push themselves until they burn out. This award is designed to recognize those who have stuck with it, taken care of themselves, and prioritized a well-rounded social justice and life balance. The Longevity and Self Care Award ideally will go to someone who strives to show up for themselves as well as others. This might include the meeting member who brings snacks for everyone, the person who eats at every meeting during a mealtime, or the person who places parenting or family first. This might be the person who has been a stalwart figure in your community – who isn’t always at the front of the room.

The Zeitgeist award honors a community member whose work answers the current call to action within trans communities and sets the tone for the movement.

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