BRIST Project Focus Group Questions (UK)

Welcome to these focus group questions which is part of the BRIST project!

BRIST (Building a Research Infrastructure for School Teachers) is part of an European Union funded project to create free resources for teachers to support them in their professional work.  For full details, you can visit our website:

One of our resources is a Mobile App.

The aim of these focus group questions is to engage with you about a Mobile App we are building that will support teachers as they reflect on their practice as teachers. We'd really value your feedback on our design plans which have been informed by a massive look at the literature (see here for our summary) and a series of focus groups we have carried out across Poland, Spain, the UK, Greece and Ireland.


What will happen to the data?

All data will be anonymised with places, persons, names of institutions and any other identifiers all being allocated pseudonyms. All data will be held securely in the  University of Hull  cloud computing service, which is password secured. All data will be destroyed by August 31st 2024. You are free to withdraw from the research at any time, up to the point of when all the data is about to be analysed (which will be on the 14th December 2020), without adverse consequences and any information gathered up to that time, will be destroyed. The data will be amalgamated with data from other sources and used to help us create a Mobile App for teachers. This may be presented at conferences or appear in academic journals or books. We will inform you of the results of the research and would be pleased to come back and debrief via online conferencing.

Code of Conduct

Please note that we are strictly governed by ethical codes of conduct, which are informed by guidelines set out by the British Educational Research Association Of paramount importance for us as researchers, is to be honest, accountable and to offer you professional courtesy and fairness in the work that we do.


This project has been granted ethical approval to collect data in this format from the University of Hull Ethics Committee, September 2020

Further Information

If you need any further information or have any queries or concerns at any time, please contact the Lead Researcher: Dr Sarah-Louise Jones,, Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education (FACE), University of Hull, UK

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