Apocalypse Arc Suggestions!
Hey all, here is the thing with the words and the meanings! Please remember, not every suggestion will be followed, and we may end up with translations that are not on this list because of trying to reword to fit both the accuracy of lines and everyone’s preferences. However, every answer will be taken into account, every trend will be noticed and considered, and Nozomi is doing their best to satisfy the fandom as much as they can!
1. Episode 25 - Touga’s line, “That wasn’t a fair proposal, Mr. Chairman.”
In previous translations it, has been something more like, “That was an indecent proposal Mr. Chairman.” We are asking for clarification of the accuracy of this line, but what do y’all prefer? The one that’s there currently, “fair proposal”, or the “indecent proposal” version?
Which version do you prefer?
2. Episode 25 - Akio’s line, “What must it think as it shines in the sky…?”
He’s talking about the Venus/Lucifer comparison, and how the star can’t shine when the sun is up. In fan translations, the line has always been more like “What must it think when it does shine?” Again, we are asking for clarification on the accuracy, but the difference here is that the second line invokes more of his envy than the first.
What do you all like better?
3. Episode 25 onward - The Akio Car Summoning Speech.
There are a few problems with this one, but the major issue is that we’re trying to find a way to reword “the sound that races through the End of the World” to make it more evident that it is a border they are talking about and not an apocalypse.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how we should word this?
Your answer
4. Episode 25 onward - The Akio Car Summoning Speech.
what do you all think about not capitalizing End of the World in there to accent the border imagery? The line would then read something like “the sound that races through the end of the world”. This one may get vetoed for consistency issues, but I’m asking what you think anyway
Caps or no caps?
5. Episode 25 onward - The Akio Car Summoning Speech.
Touga’s last line currently reads, “Come! Come with us! Follow us to the world you seek!” This is a bit inaccurate– more directly translated, the line reads “Come… Join us! The world you desire beckons!“ And, you guys, either way it’s like hella awkward. In past translation, it has been things like “Then come, journey with us, to the world which you desire!“ and “Now, allow us to invite you to the world you desire!” What is your preference, guys? One of these lines, or a combination of them? How can we make this sound less awkward?
Which one is least awkward? Please make suggestions if you have an idea that might help!
6. Episode 25 - Akio’s discussion with Touga
The line at the end of his discussion with Touga is “Be kind to your friends.” Touga has just said Saionji is his only friend, so this doesn’t make a lot of sense. What do you think, should it be reworded, or is it fine as-is, or just drop the “s” to make it “friend?”
7. Episode 26 - Utena’s line about Akio being tolerant
The line translates directly as “Akio seems so tolerant about everything.“ She’s talking about how he’s accepted her into the “family” so easily, but tolerant is a weird word to use for that. Also, it means something more like “broad-minded.” Another suggestion has been “open-minded.” Does anyone have a preference for any of these, or a suggestion?
Does anyone have a preference for any of these, or a suggestion?
8. Episode 26 - Nanami’s line calling Akio a “Daddy Long Legs”
This isn’t a question so much as an explanation. This is a reference to a novel called “Daddy Long-Legs”, a story about a poor orphan girl who is sent to college by a mysterious benefactor (that she calls “Daddy Long-Legs”) who only asks that she “writes him letters” in return. There are some pretty direct parallels to Utena in it! The line in question is directly translated as “That’s right. He just might be a ‘Daddy Long Legs’ sort of person for all we know.”
Is that good as-is? Does it make it clear that it’s a reference? Can you think of a better way to put it?
Your answer
9. Episode 26 - Nanami's Seitokai meeting
This is a confirmation of a mistranslation. Nanami’s line is currently translated as “ Sounds like you don’t trust End of the World “ when the actual translation is more like “That’s a motion of no-confidence towards the Ends of the World, isn’t it?“ She actually does raise a motion of no-confidence, and this will be fixed.
10. Episode 28 - Angel Androgynous
In the duel song, the suggestion was “Dios Croix” should actually be translated as “Dioscuri” here. I don’t really have much more information on this for the moment, as I don’t know where the forum post explaining it was. I know in our translation in Audiology it's Dioskuroi but this is not something I know much about and when presenting it to Nozomi I'd like to have reasons to back up the change.
Can someone explain this or find a forum post etc. so I know what's going on with this?
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11. Episode 37 - Akio says “you seem girlish tonight” to Utena
Is this awkward? It does lead into Anthy’s “in the end, all girls are like the Rose Bride” and the suggestion for a change was “you really seem like a girl tonight” on the basis that Akio probably wouldn’t use the word girlish.
What do y’all think, change it, or not? Suggestions welcome!
12. All duel songs
The suggestion is that they should all be given another look for translation errors. I’m gonna say it right out here– I know that if possible, Nozomi will do so, but they are on a schedule and the dialogue takes precedence. I have seen people say that none of the translations of the duel songs are accurate anywhere on the net, and I agree that probably there are a lot of problems, but in the time limit it may not be possible to do a full retranslation of all the songs, and that’s pretty much what it would take. Seazer’s lyrics are fucking dense.
Anything you guys can point out would be helpful and definitely welcome!
Your answer
What, no suggestion to make Juri even gayer?
guys I am so disappointed in you
Here's a totally metal Internal Clock cover as a reward for answering questions, recommended by *cough* a friend. Thanks, guys!
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