Dream Keeper
Please use this form to send me your dreams. This form will stay active and I will periodically check it for responses. Use as much detail as you can even if it seems weird or strange when written out. Feel free to speculate about what your dreams might mean or what connections your dreaming mind made within the dream.

Don't worry about creating a narrative, even if they are written out as a series of disconnected scenes, anything works.

The PURPOSE: The purpose of this form is to collect dreams in the service of creating a fictional story that uses very real imagery from dreams. I am writing a book that leans heavily on my own understanding of/and imagery from dreaming in my personal life. Please include your name and email if you would like, but don't feel pressured to. I am seeking mostly a general understanding of the dreaming of others.

All information will be kept private and your name will not be attached to any specific commentary or imagery in the book. However, any names given will be added to the acknowledgements of the book upon publication regardless of usage or not.

By submitting to this form you give permission for me to use any, all, and maybe none of what you submit. Little to nothing will be used to form or create a plot as those things have already been created, the information gathered here will be used to POPULATE AND INFORM THE WORLD BUILDING.

If the scope of this form is not enough for you to talk about your dreams (individually or collectively) feel free to leave your email and a note in the form somewhere and I will send you an email so we can talk at length. Thank you for participating in my research!

If you keep a dream journal and are willing to share please also let me know!
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Optional questions for science
The following questions are optional. I would like to understand some of the standards around dreaming. This list may change as I come to understand more. There are no wrong answers! if your answer is a good 50/50 between one or the other just click 3!
I remember very few of my dreams
I remember most of my dreams
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I don't write my dreams down
I always write my dreams down
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Observer vs. Participant
I am always an observer (not a participant in the actions or activies)
I am always a participant (not a third party observer)
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You or Someone Else?
I am always myself in my dreams
I am always someone else in my dreams
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I know the places in my dreams
I don't know the places in my dreams
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Same place?
The same places appear frequently in my dreams
The places are always different in my dreams
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My dreams carry some meaning to me after the fact
My dreams carry no meaning after the fact
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Is there anything interesting about your dreams that happen or don't happen on a consistent basis that you would like to note?
Do the optional questions answered apply in general or specifically to the dream described in the above text?
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