Acklington, Shilbottle & Warkworth Benefice Church Survey
Welcome to the Acklington, Shilbottle and Warkworth Benefice church survey. We are inviting both members of the church community and wider community to participate. Your contribution will help us identify how you interacted with your local parish church before and during lockdown and how you might do so in the future.
Part 1 Church Attendance
1. Before the lockdown did you go to church
2. Do you attend your parish church
3. Do you usually go to church
4. Do you go to church for (tick all that apply)
5. What else do you get from church that is not on the list?
Part 2 Church During Lockdown
6. What have you missed most about church during lockdown?
7. Do you have internet access?
Clear selection
8. Do you use Facebook?
Clear selection
9. What other forms of social media do you use?
10. From the resources produced for the Benefice, indicate how useful those you have used have been.
Very useful
Partly useful
Not useful
Prayer during the day & night leaflet
Emails pointing to online resources
The church Facebook page
Orders of service - Communion SUNDAYS
Orders of service - Communion WEEKDAYS
Messy Church
Prayer Pause (W'worth/Shilbottle Schools)
Zoom Friday morning prayer
Church magazine
WhyPay? conference call
Zoom/WhyPay? - Communion
Clear selection
11. What problems if any have you experienced?
12a. Have you accessed material from
12b. Please describe what you have accessed and in what format.
13. What lessons do you think we could learn from them?
Part 3 As Lockdown Eases
14. Will you remain shielding?
Clear selection
15. Should we continue to send regular emails and links to resources online? (You can subscribe to our mailing list via the website or Facebook page.)
Clear selection
16. What improvements would you like to see on a) the website and b) our Facebook pages? How might we best make use of YouTube?
17. If we were able to livestream services would you join in?
Clear selection
18. If you do not have internet access, would you welcome the opportunity to participate in services and other activities over the telephone at no cost to you?
Clear selection
19. If we need to schedule additional services to allow people to attend whilst complying with social distancing should we offer (please tick all that apply)
20. Would home visiting by a member of our team via Zoom or Facetime or Skype interest you?
Clear selection
21. If you do not have internet access would you welcome a telephone call instead?
Clear selection
22. What do you think are the ways in which the church can practically support the community in the future?
Information about you. We would welcome some basic information about those who have responded to our survey.
23. What is your gender?
Clear selection
24. What is your age?
Clear selection
25. In which parish in the Benefice do you live primarily?
Any other comments or suggestions?
Thank you for your help.
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