The Unseen World by Liz Moore: Puzzle solution submission
Step one: Watch this video:

Step two: Get your hands on a paperback

Step three: Solve the puzzle

Step four: Fill out the Google form below

Step five: Wait to see if you've won a prize!

Deadline: July 15

**For readers in the UK, here's a version of the puzzle that uses the Windmill Books UK paperback edition:

1. The first word of the prologue
2. Exclamation mark
3. The first letter of the third word of my bio, which appears on the very first page
4. The third word in Giordi's "grammatical mix-up" on p. 21
5. The first letter in the second word of the description of Heft on the very last page
6. The fourth word on p. 164

Thank you for playing--and more importantly, for reading!


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