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Don't want to share mail address? no problem, just use a fake address.
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Your SC profile must be “visible to everyone” during the application process. You may change this to “visible to friends and crew” once you become a member. if the name is not spelled correctly, we will not be able to find you and will not send you an invitation. We prefer you provide the link to your socialclub profile.
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Crew TEAM rules: New members MUST do a Crew invite request at our website ( and join us here at Discord to be approved, then you get the @TEAM crew recruit role and an TEAM crew invite. You can become a full @TEAM crew member after a unspecified period of time when we decide you fit in our crew. Don't keep asking when we decide. if not approved, you could go to the role @Random. Thats the role for those who want to hangout here but are not in the TEAM crew.Friendly and TEAM members crew killing is NOT DONE!!! after warning comes a kick/ban.No "WANT MY KILL" back mentality shizzle. It still can happen accidentally, that's not an issue. Shake hand's, send a "sorry mate" message walk on. Keep crew tag active. If not active might cause you get kicked from the crew because we don't like crew hoppers.We mostly focus on making money, doing crew events and just playing a bunch of other things. We are also promoting new crew recruits that join and seem to fit the crew.The most important rule is no crew killing or verbally harassing other players (especially crew members)The only requirements are to follow the rules and be active.

All communication regarding your application will be done via Discord, so make sure that it is input correctly.
Your crew request will be taken into consideration. We will contact you. Please be patience. However, sometimes things go wrong or you have made a typo somewhere or you dit not leave your mail address so we can't contact you. So hold your patience please about 24 hours and then start yelling at us. Questions? ask us at Discord
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