Petition to Oppose McKinley Village

As residents of East Sacramento and Midtown Sacramento neighborhoods, we are united in voicing our opposition to the proposed McKinley Village development. Following extensive conversations with the developers, neighborhood organizations, and in speaking with our neighbors we are convinced that this project does not fit within the character of existing neighborhoods and threatens to impact traffic, cause congestion and threaten safe pedestrian and bicycle access to Theodore Judah Elementary School. As proposed, this is a private, isolated community project that would negatively impact adjacent neighborhoods, schools, roads and residents.

We, the undersigned, petition the Sacramento City Council to review and oppose the current proposal for McKinley Village for the following reasons:

• As currently proposed, the McKinley Village project threatens to alter fundamentally the quality of life and character of the neighborhoods of East Sacramento.

• The proposed McKinley Village possesses all the negative aspects of a tract home and pop-up development and lacks the qualities of a city community such as immediate access to urban amenities.

• The proposed McKinley Village will exist as an isolated car-based community that lacks urban-style access to public transportation, shopping and entertainment.

• The only community connection will be increased car traffic on existing neighborhood roadways.

• The proposed McKinley Village location would expose future residents to poor air quality, noise pollution and potential flood risk.

• The proposed McKinley Village is not infill. It is an expansion of East Sacramento and not an East Sacramento style neighborhood.

• The proposed construction of 328 new homes will result in additional burdens on neighborhood schools, particularly Theodore Judah Elementary School and Sutter Middle School and may alter the current school boundaries.

• Well thought out infill projects should fit seamlessly into existing communities and result in a better and more dynamic city, such as the Stonebridge's Sutter Park neighborhood. Access points at 28th Street, Alhambra Blvd and Lanatt Street would provide for a more seamless community.

Thank you for your consideration of these concerns. We look forward to further dialogue regarding the project proposal.

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