Fee Waiver Request - UM Job Fair 2017
IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Do NOT register for the career fair event itself at this time! We will complete the entire registration process for you once your waiver is approved and notify you accordingly in no more than 7 business days of your application. We will NOT be able to process your waiver if you have already registered for the fair.

Applications for fee waivers will be reviewed on a weekly basis starting on January 6, 2017. THE FINAL DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR A FEE WAIVER IS FEBRUARY 14TH at midnight.

In order to receive a waiver, you must be registered in one of the U of M job posting systems. Which of the following U of M systems do you use? *
If you have not created an account in GoldPASS or The Edge, please do so now (goldpass.umn.edu or carlsonschool.umn.edu/the-edge)
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