Vermont-NEA Micro-Credentials
Personalized Professional Learning Through Micro-Credentials

Micro-credentials are a competency-based digital form of certification. They can be issued for formal and informal professional learning experiences that support educators developing skills and acquiring knowledge to improve professional practice that supports student success. Educators identify a competency they want to develop, submit evidence that they have mastered the competency, and receive a digital badge once the evidence is approved. NEA Micro-credentials are created by educator specialists in the micro-credential area, who score all the micro-credentials.

Vermont-NEA is offering both independent and facilitated Micro-Credentials. Educators may earn Castleton University Credit for a completed micro-credential.

To explore the micro-credentials offered, go to Creating an account is free for Vermont-NEA members, and any completed micro-credentials will earn 15 professional learning hours for license renewal.

Micro-Credential Topics (Stacks) Include:

Arts Integration
Assessment Literacy
Bully Free Schools
Classroom Management
Core Teaching Standards (Learner and Learning, Understanding Content, Instructional Practice, Professional Responsibility)
Community School Improvement Science
Cooperating Teacher
Education Support Professionals: Professional Growth Continuum
English Language Learners
Every Student Succeeds Act
Exceptional Learner
Five Core Propositions (National Board Preparation)
Leadership in Organizing
Supporting LGBTQ Students
Teacher Leadership: Overarching Competencies
Teacher Leadership: Diversity Equity and Cultural Competence Pathway
Teacher Leadership: Association Pathway
Teacher Leadership: Instructional Pathway
Teacher Leadership: Policy Pathway
Technology Integration

Under each "stack" are multiple micro-credentials. Visit for the complete description of each micro-credential.
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