Disabled Students' Campaign Family Scheme - 'Children'
Please fill this in so we can build your family! You will be invited to a DSC social together and are free to decide what kind of commitment you want to make!

You don't need to have been involved in the Disabled Students' Campaign before at all, and don't need to be formally diagnosed or "registered" disabled. For more info on what "counts", see our infographic here: https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk/does-it-count-infographic/2019/

The information submitted here will be used only to link up families. The initial linking email will contain some of the details you submit, but only if it was used to link you up. E.g. if you click "LGBTQ+" and your family are all not LGBTQ+, we won't out you to them. The only person who will see all the data is Rensa Gaunt (DSC Class Act rep), and she will delete all the data once all the families have been put together.

If you would like to be a part of the family scheme but are not comfortable using this form for any reason, please contact CUSU DSO Jess O'Brien and sign up through them here: https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk/contacts/
Preferred name + surname (and Facebook name if applicable) *
Pronouns (e.g. she/ her, he/him, they/them)
CRSID (university email) or personal email *
College *
Year *
Subject *
What would you prefer to be linked up by? *
Based on your response to question 6, please give us some information about yourself to help us match you up! This is self-ID: you don't need to be diagnosed or otherwise 'prove' yourself :-) to be linked by specific disability please give details under 'other'!
If you already know someone you would like to be in your family, please give their name and CRSID (email) and have them do the same in their form! (If there is someone you desperately want to NOT be placed with please write: NOT "name") If you cannot be around people with certain conditions for medical/ anxiety reasons, please also specify here and we will try to make it work!
Any access needs you want to be included in the initial email to your family:
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