Thank you very much for signing-up as a potential volunteer. Offering one’s services to supporting the flourishing of the Dharma is a very precious method for accumulating merits.

Please fill in this form so that we get some idea of what kind of activities you could support us with.

This form is available in English only. We are kindly asking for your understanding that in order to make co-operation easier, volunteers are required to be able to communicate with us in English.

After having submitted this form, we will put you on our list of potential volunteers and we will contact you if any projects or tasks come up that match your skills and time capacities.

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Editing Video/Audio Subtitles. This includes optimizing the timing of auto-generated English subtitles & correcting the language. The goal is that the video fits with the text & that the English subtitles are correct. (Please note: For this your level of English has to be very high.)
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