MCQ Quiz- Mathematics- Coordinate Geometry: Straight Lines- Test III
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A line L intersects the three sides BC, CA, AB of a triangle ABC at P,Q,R respectively. Find the value of (BP * CQ * AR) / (PC * QA * RB)
The equation of the base of an equilateral triangle is 3x + 4y = 9 and its vertex is given by the point (1,2). Find the length of each side of the triangle.
All lines represented by the equation (2 cos A + 3 sin A)x + (3 cos A - 5 sin A)y - (5 cos A - 2 sin A) = 0; pass through a fixed point which is the point of intersection of the two lines ...
The ends of the base of an isosceles triangle are (2k,0) and (0,k). The equation of one side is x = 2k. What is the equation of the base?
For the isosceles triangle in Question 4, what are the coordinates of the vertex?
For the isosceles triangle in Question 4, what is the equation of the remaining side?
What is the perpendicular distance of the line (x/3 + y/4 = 1) from the Origin?
The coordinates of the mid-points of the sides of a triangle are (3,4), (7,3) and (1,2). Is it true that the line 2x + y - 5 = 0 is a side of the triangle ?
A(3,0) and B(6,0) are two fixed points and U(v,w) is a variable point such that AU and BU meet the Y-Axis at C and D respectively and AD meets OU at V. Is it true that CV will always pass through (2,0) for any position of U on the plane ?
If the coordinates of three points. P,Q, R satisfy the relationship xy = k ^ 2, then the orthocenter of the triangle PQR will also satisfy this relationship. This statement is:
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