COVID-19 Volunteer Information
This form will be used to provide information to community service organizations on available volunteers in the Johnson community. We will provide the information collected in this list to community organizations who need assistance.
Please remember, that the most helpful thing you can do is to limit the spread of the virus. That means staying home when possible, avoiding crowds, washing your hands, and practicing good respiratory hygiene.
Phone Number
Email Address
Address (or Neighborhood)
Would you like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities that involve being outside, such as distributing groceries or delivering food and leaving it outside the doors of people on quarantine?
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Would you be willing to share basic human needs like food, water, medical supplies, hygiene products, shelter, etc.? Please indicate what you think you have to share. (It's ok if you don't know at the moment or if you don't have extra resources on hand.)
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Do you have special skills or particular resources you would like us to know about?
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