BEYourStart Virtual Product or Physical Business Accelerator
We run a 60 day virtual accelerator on a rolling basis to assist companies and founders with implementing and vetting their ideas.

To qualify, you must have a product that you have already created a prototype for or a product you are currently selling, or have a physical location you are about to open or that has been opened already.

Commitments include participation in at least 2-4 weekly phone calls (15-30 minutes each) with your mentor and regular email or text communication inform us of your updates at least 4 of the 7 days each week. Depending on your location, BEYourStart team members will be available on-site on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis to work with teams on an as-needed basis.

Due to the virtual nature of this program, you will need to possess the discipline to manage your time well and to meet your own goals and objectives as set forth if accepted into the program. The convenience of the virtual format with limited real-time interactions allows for those working or going to school to be able to fully participate without the worries of commuting or sitting in a classroom.
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