Cabot Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coaching Application
Are you interested in becoming a coach for a Youth Sports team? The role of a youth sports coach can be very rewarding and challenging at times. Coaches play an important role in the lives of children by providing positive reinforcement of individual and team success.

The Cabot Parks and Recreation counts on volunteers to coach teams in our leagues. We are always looking for new coaches and appreciate the time and effort put forth by our volunteers. Coaches are expected to follow the Cabot Parks and Recreation Youth Sports Coaches Code of Conduct.

Completing an application DOES NOT mean that you are registering your child for a league. To register your child for one of our leagues, scroll down to view the leagues currently offered.
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We do allow coaches to coach more than one team. If you want to coach more than one team this season, be sure to select the correct sport / age or grade divisions from the lists below.
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Please provide the NAME(S) of the FAMILY MEMBER and PLAYER(S)/DIVISION that should be placed onto your team.
Note: You are not registering this person(s), you are only providing the name of the individual(s). This people will need to register for our league separately from this coaching application. (EX. 1. John Doe 2. John Smith 3. Suzy Smith)
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Code of Conduct
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