DIAL Feedback Forum
This form is an anonymous way to communication with the GSA Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison. As such, please refrain from using specific names or other identifying information in your response.

With this form, you can:
1) Propose an agenda item relating to diversity, discrimination or harassment for an upcoming GSA general council meeting: Proposed items will be considered by the executive council but may not be incorporated to finalized agenda
*To be considered for upcoming meetings, agenda item proposals must be received by 8 AM on the Wednesday of the week before the general council meeting.

3) Provide other feedback for the DIAL officer including suggestions for the type of programming you'd like to see in the future, proposing a specific programming idea, or any other general feedback for the DIAL officer.
*Remember, this form is anonymous. Please do not provide any names or identifying information about yourself or other UCR employees. This information is used for GSA purposes only.

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