EOPS & CalWORKs Remote Counseling Appointment Request
In order to schedule a remote counseling appointment, I agree to the following:

1. I must show my SDCCD photo ID or a government issued ID to the counselor at the beginning of the counseling session. If I do not have a photo ID (which is preferred), then a two question authentication process will be required prior to releasing any academic information in the remote counseling environment.

2. I hereby grant permission for San Diego Miramar College EOPS & CalWORKs Counselors to share academic information about myself during a live remote counseling appointment via Zoom. When requesting a remote appointment and while communicating with the counselor, I must authentically represent myself in all aspects. I further understand it is my responsibility to be in a confidential setting during the appointment.

3. I understand that due to confidentiality purposes, Counseling Sessions should not be recorded. Recording counseling sessions is in violation of District Policies.
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*Please note that you must be active EOPS student to have your appointment scheduled. If you had not met with our counselors this previous semester for any of the 3 required appointments you will have to reapply as a New EOPS Student for the Fall 2020 semester. You can find our application on our website here https://www.sdmiramar.edu/campus/eops *
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Miramar EOPS/CalWORKs remote hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm, Fridays 8am-3pm: When are you available to meet for a Zoom appointment? Please select all options that apply. Note that all appointments may be scheduled for 1 hour or longer depending on appointment reason. *
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