General Tax Questionnaire
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Did you pay anyone $1,900 or more to work at your home during the year?
Do you have any foreign income or foreign bank accounts?
Do you have any sources of income that are not included on your tax documents (1099s, W2s, etc.)?
Did you make gifts of over $14,000 to any individual during the year?
Do you have children under 19 (or under 24 if a dependent student) with investment income?
Are any of your dependents not citizens or residents of the US?
Did you incur any casualty, theft, or other sudden loss over the past year?
Do you expect a significant in your income, dependents, or taxes for the next year? If so, please explain.
Did you make any federal estimate tax payments for 2015? If so, please list payment amounts and dates paid.
Did you make any state estimate tax payments for 2015? If so, please list state, payment amounts and dates paid.
Was everyone in your family covered by insurance in 2015? If not, please explain who wasn't covered and dates not covered.
Did you purchase or sell a home in 2015?
Did you receive premium health insurance credits through the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Do you want your refund (if any) direct deposited into the same account as you used last year? If not, please upload cancelled check or other proof of account.
Did you make any large purchases that required sales tax payments (such as a new car)? If so, please provide sales tax paid and item description.
Did you purchase any energy efficient equipment (home improvements, hybrid car, etc.) If so, please list item description and amount paid.
If you are a schoolteacher, please enter the amount that you paid for classroom supplies.
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