Application Form For Joining UCLA-NLP
Dear prospective students,

If you're interested in joining our lab, please fill in the following form (feel free to skip some questions). I will go over your applications and contact you if you fit our lab. You don't have to send me an additional email, as the form will automatically generate one. Unfortunately, due to a large number of requests, I won't be able to give individual feedback.

- For prospective PhD students, I often start contacting students for a phone interview around Feburary. If you have submitted an official application, you don't need to fill in this form unless you have additional information you want to provide.

- For prospective summer interns, please apply through the UCLA-CSST summer program ( if applicable. Otherwise, please send me your request by 3/31. I can only take summer intern students.

- For prospective UCLA undergraduates, the best way to start is to take CSM146 and my NLP CS269 seminar course. Feel free to drop by my office hours even if you're not currently taking these courses.

- For prospective UCLA master's students, also feel free to drop by my office. If you're interested in doing a capstone project with me, please contact me well in advance.

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(For MS thesis and capstone project only) Do you have a proposed research topic? If so, please describe briefly.
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