Pink Elephant Farm Herd Share
A Cow Herdshare is the only way to distribute raw milk in KY. I appreciate your commitment to regular pickups and for partnering with this little farm in such an intentional way!
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Which items would you be interested in getting weekly?
All prices are shown assuming an on-farm pickup.
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Raw Whole Milk, $6/half gallon
Raw Whole Milk, $12/gallon
Heirloom Yogurt, $10/quart
Raw KefIr, $8/quart
Cream, $10/pint
Organic Chicken eggs, $8/dozen (from Rootbound farm)
Organic Duck eggs, $5/ half dozen
Which Day is Best for Your Pickup? *
6964 Ballardsville Rd. Smithfield, KY 40068
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We request that you prepay at the beginning of each month.  If you don't think that will work, we are happy to work with you as we know everyone's situation is different. Just use the "Other" field to suggest a suitable payment plan.
Do you only want our products if we can deliver to your home?
$10 delivery fee. Please add your address in the "Other" box.
Alternatively, if you're interested in trying to partner up with someone in your part of town and share pickups (alternate driving), please let me know where you live and I try to do some match-making!
We have limited availability and will follow up with you to confirm your request. Please check each statement below to let us know you have read them and agree. *
I understand that the dairy is unpasteurized and if I want to order any, I agree to join the Herd Share and pay a one-time $30 fee.
I understand that there may be variations in the availability of items due to weather, seasonality, animal needs and temperaments.
I understand that I'm expected to return all of my jars & lids clean every week, otherwise there will be a fee for each missing jar.
I understand that unless I provide at least one week advance notice of a vacation break, I will be responsible for paying each week milk is available.
Please remind me, how did you learn about us?
Any other thoughts, questions or requests?
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