Client Satisfaction Survey
Your legal case was recently closed by Neighborhood Legal Services Association. Please help us evaluate and improve our services by answering a few questions about your experience with our telephone advice system. Answers will not affect your ability to use future services, and you only need to fill out the ones you feel able to comment upon. THANK YOU.
1. Was the intake worker or receptionist respectful?
2. Do you believe the intake worker/receptionist listened to you?
3. Do you believe that the intake worker/receptionist understood your legal issue?
4. Were you told when you could expect a call from an attorney?
5. Did an attorney call you back in a timely manner?
6. Was the attorney respectful?
7. Did the attorney help you understand your legal issue and your rights?
8. Did the attorney send you a letter with the legal advice?
9. Did you read the letter that we sent to you?
10. Did our legal advice help you?
11. If our letter sent you to our website for more help, did you look at the website
12. If you went to our website, did you use a home computer?
13. If you went to our website, did you use your smart phone?
14. If we offered text messaging, would that have been helpful to you?
15. Would you use these services again?
16. Would you recommend these services to others?
17. Can we share your comments about our services?
18. Would you be willing to share your story with others and knowing that you could only be identified by your initials?
19. If yes to #18, please provide your name and either a phone number, cell phone and/or email address so we can contact you.
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20. Please describe what impact the advice had on you ?
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21. If you marked NO to any of the above questions, please tell us why?
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22. How or what could we do better?
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23. How would you rate your overall experience with our services?
24. If Not Satisfactory or Highly Dissatisfactory, why?
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25. Please use this space for ANY OTHER COMMENTS which you would like to share including your name if you want to share that.
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