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Event Timing: October/November, 2018
Event Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
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Micro Galleries is a free global arts initiative that roves the world taking art to areas of "creative need." Using art as a tool for positive change, Micro Galleries reclaims disused, forgotten, ignored spaces and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. Bringing together international and local artists, Micro Galleries aims to demonstrate that art is for everyone and can have a positive impact on a community; that art does not have to only be presented in galleries and theatres, but can break out of these spaces and ingrain itself into a community; that a community can have ownership and involvement in the creation and appreciation of art work and that art can change how people perceive social issues or their environment in a positive way – even if it simply changes someone’s day for the better; that street art isn’t just graffiti and vandalism but a way to reactivate spaces in a community and change a town into a fun, exciting, curious and wonderful canvas of works. So, be curious, look twice, crouch down, stand on your tip-toes, squint, get up close, and peep into the cracks and crevices of the streets looking for new ideas, new perspectives and how artists can change the world, and your town… in small and creative ways.

Paint, wheatpaste, spray, installation, new media, projection art, video art, sound art, live performance, workshops, talks, tours, residencies. A micro festival with a macro punch.

We have a global team however, we always partner with a lead local organsiation and work with a local team of creative leaders to realise this project, in partnership together.

There is a small fee for the partner organisation and Micro Galleries has a small amount of funding to realise this project with a special someone...

If this sounds like it could be you - read on! We will be in touch with everyone who provides an Expression of Interest with more detailed information about the scope, role and expectations.

Expressions of interest close 17 November,2017

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