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Hello, and thank you for connecting with us!

We welcome your participation and help with our programs as we work to enrich the lives of both veterans and homeless dogs. It is our goal to provide you with training, challenge, and comfortable, rewarding interaction as we work together to reduce shelter dog euthanasia and canine homelessness.

We are open to any veteran who is:
Interested in participating
Willing to learn and to fill out our paperwork
Kind to dogs
Able to reach the location of their dog partner on time (sessions will be scheduled by you and your mentor)
Respectful of our volunteers
Who Saved Whom deeply appreciates your service, and strives to positively impact both your life and the lives of canines that have ended up in the rescue community here in Southeast Tennessee.  We are beginning in Bradley County, and will branch out as we are ready.  

Our programs will continue to grow as we do, and as we have more resources.  Our initial phase includes using our community partnerships with local Animal Adoption Centers, Animal Rescues, and local Animal Fosters to identify good candidates for our program, then mentoring Veteran Partners as they teach basic obedience to these dogs.  Once you have learned well, we hope you will consider mentoring new Veteran Partners so that we can grow, and help more and more homeless dogs.  

It is our hope that you will accept the challenge to help us reduce shelter dog euthanasia, and the recidivism rate of these dogs because each potential adopter will know that the dog that you trained knows commands A, B, C, and D.

As part of this obedience training, we fully support you choosing to take your dog partner to activities such as meet-ups and hikes with other Veteran Partners and their Canine Partners for both socialization and exercise.  Each moment outside of the Adoption Center increases their chances of being adopted because it temporarily eliminates the incredible stress of being kenneled with other unknown dogs.

Once your Canine Partner has completed our program and successfully passed an evaluation, it will be considered a graduate, and will receive a patriotic bandanna and be advertised to potential adopters as having been veteran trained in basic obedience.

After you take this first step today, and we have received your necessary information, we will begin conversations on Facebook with our Mentors for direct communication.  To outline, we will provide you with training information, you will attend an orientation, we will connect you with a mentor to walk alongside you, you will set up a training schedule together, and training will commence.

Please answer the following questions for us, and we'll soon begin the process of getting you plugged in, oriented, and matched with your mentor/mentors.  

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How was/has been your transition to civilian life?  Tell us as much as you like. *
What are your thoughts on your military experience? *
Even though the military world is very different from the civilian world, can you say a bit about how you HAVE been able to successfully reintegrate?   *
What would you like civilians to know about you? *
How should correction be given by someone who doesn't understand military culture? *
Have you had pets in your life? *
What interests you most in our Veteran Program? *
Once we begin the mentoring process, we expect Volunteer Veterans to complete the program, give their best, and be dependable.  Thoughts? *
We will need to reach you via phone and text.  Other than work hours, are there other times we should expect you to be less available? *
We want to know if our program offers you any relief if you do experience it.  How would you rate the level of any intrusive thoughts you experience that are likely as a result of your military service?  1 means "None"........ 10 means "Constant and incredibly bothersome".  Thank you for being open with us. We appreciate it very much. *
Constant and incredibly bothersome
How would you rate your current daily experience as a veteran living in a “civilian world”?  10 being ideal and 1 meaning you wish it were easier. *
I really wish it were easier
Are you potentially interested in fostering your dog, which would mean keeping the dog in your home while training it?  We would do a home inspection, and you would sign up directly with the organization where your foster is currently being housed and cared for. *
What do you want us to know that we haven't asked? *
What times do you believe you will most likely be most available for "working" with Who Saved Whom?  We understand that this might change, but we'd like to get your best idea.  Thanks!
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