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We are building a list of mentors to help us with our programmes. This form is for collecting more information on what you're interested in and how you could support us. We'll be in touch as soon as relevant opportunities come up
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Data protection statement: Data collection by The White Room will be used to enlist schools, mentors and industry organisations to participate with project deliverables. This data will be stored by The White Room on their domain and submitted to GMCA Work & Skills Performance Management team via Huddle. It will be shared with official project partners Hive Learning Network and InnovateHer. GMCA will administrate Huddle access. This data on The White Room’s and collaborating partners estates will be manually deleted within one month of the end of the programme (i.e. by the 31st January 2021) by The White Room. As delivery of activities with schools are undertaken, The White Room will collate data on this against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure targets are met. Do you agree to data being held by the partners, as described? *
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